faerie kei

Melding, melting in with tree nymphs and entlings in this weekend outfit. More than half of my wardrobe consists of browns and greens, I gots em all!
. . .

This past weekend was a muddled, water logged story! It rained all weekend, I even got to play my ocarina in the rain! I’m not great at it, but it’s something I’m definitely improving on.

I also saw the King Arthur movie, late but it was great, great cinema music.

Annnnnnd If anyone wants to know, i purchased this ocarina from eBay, it’s called a smoked straw fire ocarina!

Have a great day guys!


🍃 There were great adventures had this past weekend!

… … . . .

This past weekend my bf and I had the opportunity to visit The Wild Collection in Houston! It’s a vast hoard of fabulous taxidermy, gothic inspired decor, and Macabre objects for the spooks in all of us! 🕸🕷

The top left photo is their taxidermy unicorn, hehe. Although I think it more resembles a unifawn. 🦌

I loved every nook, cranny and setup in this little Magic store and it is a must for people who live in Houston and people simply visiting! They won’t disappoint!

We also had a chance to visit some antique shops here n there. The photo on the top right is from one. It’s a mantle with all kinds of goodies sitting atop it, from a set of antlers to a nice painting. 🏵

: : : : : :

My outfit this weekend was inspired by a boggy swamp somewhere in another world. Where moss treks up the pathways of corroded trunks, and mushrooms peek up to the canopy from the rich soils at your feet. 🐌✨