faerie fery

Not going to lie, I kinda hate Sabbats. Part of this is due to Feri/Faery’s weird relationships with Sabbats. Like, you can plug the Lemniscate Deities into them, but that’s kinda meh imho. Other than that, it’s Beltane and Samhain; the let’s go visit the Fae and Dead Holiday One and Two. 

Beyond that, I’ve only really been exposed to Wiccanate outer court versions of the Sabbats as a mythological cycle. I’ve always thought I’d enjoy a more Robert Cochrane-esque take on things, but then again, who’s to know for sure. 

One of the sadder realisations of my witchy life was that, for me, many ‘different’ trads were effectively functioning like denominations of Christianity (from my perspective/needs) but based instead on an outer court knowledge of Wica. And while I’ve seen some trad craft-esque stuff, it veers right back into the it’s Lammas so let’s talk about the sacrificial grain god and his momma-sister-wife.

I was honestly expecting to see greater mythological variety. Perhaps one day I will. Well, here’s to Midsummer and what I do like: an annual reading of Thomas the Rhymer.