faerie cross

Faery Symbols

Holey Stones

A stone with a naturally formed hole though it. When peered into with one eye closed, you may see through glamours and obtain faery sight. Carry as a connection to the fae, good luck, or as a protection stone.

The Faery Star

The seven points of the faery star represent earth, air, fire, water, above, below and within. It has been used for protection, dreams, opening portals to the faery world, and a symbol of faery land. Be careful what you mark with it as it is very powerful, and sacred to the fae.

The Faery Cross

Said to be faery tears that fell to the ground and crystallised into Staurolite at the news of Christ’s death in one version, and faery tears caused by the destruction of nature, and an omen that iron machines and weapons would be used against the earth in another version. Carry for protection, dreamwork, grounding and anxiety.

The Faery Triad

Oak, Mountain Ash and Hawthorn. Three sacred faery trees, these plants have strong magic qualities. When bound or grown together they form a powerful protection, and when separate they attract fae and may aid one in opening a door to faeryland. Carry as an amulet, or for faery blessings and connection with the fae. Plant by your home to invite fae and provide a strong ward.

08/09/17 ♪ happy national book lovers day! i’m an avid bibliophile/book reader, so i just wanted to share some recommendations! these are all just my personal opinions. please slip into my ask box/messages to talk if you’ve read any of these!! book lovers day post 1/3. 

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Simon Lewis Imagine: Toxic Love Can Be Solved With Ducks

Request: anon

Prompt: You feel heartbroken after finding out that Sebastian and the Faerie Queen hooked up, but Simon gets your mind off of him.

Pairing: Simon x Reader

Warning: N/A

Disclaimer: I do not own TMI.

A/N: I’m thinking of posting this request and signing off. I’m so happy that everyone has been so supportive with my decision to spread out requests, I’m not going to delay them, there are other reasons why I can’t write 24/7. Anyways, enjoy, loves!

Your lip trembled once more as the thought of Sebastian Morgenstern and the Faerie Queen crossed your mind again. You knew to love Sebastian was futile because he was horrible, but when he was Verlac, he seemed like he genuinely cared about you, as if you were really someone that was worth his time.

You saw now that it wasn’t true, you were a distraction for him. Sort of an ally, like the Faerie Queen was a political ally. You chewed on your lip and tried not to talk to anyone, maybe it would blow over. You knew that it was toxic to love Sebastian, but you did love him. And you still did.

You heard Simon sit next to you and turned to look at him. “Hey," you croaked, already trying to bite back against the tears.

"What’s wrong?” Simon asked, looking at you with concern. Simon was really the only one who actually paid the most attention to you. Sure, you were friends with everyone else, but he seemed like the only one to understand you.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” You whispered, wiping your eyes, but not facing him. You didn’t Simon freaking sweetheart Lewis to see your crying. It would only worsen your pain when he tried to comfort you.

You knew that Simon had a crush on you, and it only made it worse because you still had eyes for Sebastian. Simon respected your wishes and didn’t try to hug you or anything, just gave you space. “I know what’ll cheer you up.” You glanced at him. “We can go to the park. I’m thinking of stealing a duck to haunt Jace.”

“You’re cruel, Simon Lewis.” You sniffed, nearly laughing. Your mind started to veer from the dreaded Sebastian, you knew that Jace loathed ducks, but you couldn’t help but see Simon’s point. “May I ask why?”

“Last week, Jace pranked me, bad. So while I was busy trying to untie myself, I knew how to get back at him. You in, (y/l/n), or not?” He joked, giving you a nudge.

You smirked. “Let’s go wreak havoc, Lewis.” You suggested, with a grin of your own.


“Get the duck, (y/n)! You can do it, come on!” Simon cheered as you chased the duck in the pond. It was flapping its wings and quacking wildly. Thankfully, it was night or everyone would think that you’re committing duck abuse.

You grabbed it and sighed handing it to Simon, who placed it in his pack. You collapsed next to the pond entrance and was breathing hard. The wind made you shiver. You got up and walked to Simon. “Next time you need someone to catch a duck, count me out.” You panted.

Simon handed you his jacket and draped it over your shoulders. He kissed your cheek. “But you’re my duck hero, who else gets a duck that well?”

“Don’t push it, Lewis.” You winked.

“You feel any better?” Simon asked and you blinked dumbly. Then you put two and two together.

“You made me chase a duck, get wet, and nearly freeze to death-”

“Well you got my jacket?”

“Just to get my mind off of you know who?”

“Voldemort?” Simon suggested and you punched his arm. He finally let the poor duck go. You sighed and kissed his cheek. It was his turn to blush.

“Thanks, Simon. If you want another duck catching date, just call me? Although, you’re getting the duck next time.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


I had to check out the Harriet model after the momentous discovery @jinglefruit made with the introduction of his winged poodle, Cotton. Consequently, I spent most of my day yesterday designing an assortment of wings and created this trio of faerie poodle sisters. Say hello to Daphne the normal purple poodle, Darcy the normal blue poodle, and Dolly the peppy pink poodle.