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Traits of Incarnated Faery’s (fairy’s) & Nature Spirits

Signs that your soul may be of faery or nature spirit origin…
-You didn’t fit in as a child and felt far different from other kids. You may have been advanced as a child in some way like talking, walking or reading much earlier than your peers.

-You have a strong feeling of wanting to go home, and have a feeling sense of what this “home” is like, even if you can’t put it into words.

-You’ve had strong psychic and paranormal experiences as a child, which continue into the present. Seeing spirits, seeing past the illusion, into the future or beyond the lines of time, and having prophetic dreams.

-You’re highly sensitive

-You have a deep inner wisdom, and you feel timeless… Maybe you’ve even had dreams or memories of off planet past lives and experiences in totally different dimensions and ways of existing.

-You have intense and vivid dreams that often take place in places and times which seem to be in another world. Some of these dreams are so vivid they seem more real than reality.

-You have a deep connection with nature, with plants, animals and the physical elements and you seem to be able to communicate with them on a level.

-You may even feel alienated by your parents and immediate family, like they just don’t get you, and you don’t get them. You may have even wondered at times if you were adopted.

-You’re very aware of energy and how the energy of others can affect you.

-You have natural psychic gifts and channeling, or energy healing abilities.

-A longing to fly, or to do a lot of traveling.

So what happens if two people who have promised their firstborn to separate witches have a child together? Do they both just pop up in the nursery and have a custody battle?

I need a book about a little girl whose parents had promised their firstborn to different witches and the only way that both ends of the deal were fulfilled was for them to have joint custody of the child.

O I forbid you, maidens a’,
That wear gowd on your hair,
To come or gae by Carterhaugh,
For young Tam Lin is there.

There’s nane that gaes by Carterhaugh
But they leave him a wad,
Either their rings, or green mantles,
Or else their maidenhead.

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she’s awa to Carterhaugh
As fast as she can hie.

When she came to Carterhaugh
Tam Lin was at the well,
And there she fand his steed standing,
But away was himsel.

She had na pu’d a double rose,
A rose but only twa,
Till upon then started young Tam Lin,
Says, Lady, thou’s pu nae mae.

Why pu’s thou the rose, Janet,
And why breaks thou the wand?
Or why comes thou to Carterhaugh
Withoutten my command?

“Carterhaugh, it is my own,
My daddy gave it me,
I’ll come and gang by Carterhaugh,
And ask nae leave at thee.”

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she is to her father’s ha,
As fast as she can hie.

Four and twenty ladies fair
Were playing at the ba,
And out then came the fair Janet,
The flower among them a’.

Four and twenty ladies fair
Were playing at the chess,
And out then came the fair Janet,
As green as onie glass.

Out then spake an auld grey knight,
Lay oer the castle wa,
And says, Alas, fair Janet, for thee,
But we’ll be blamed a’.

“Haud your tongue, ye auld fac’d knight,
Some ill death may ye die!
Father my bairn on whom I will,
I’ll father none on thee.”

Out then spak her father dear,
And he spak meek and mild,
“And ever alas, sweet Janet,” he says,
“I think thou gaest wi child.”

“If that I gae wi child, father,
Mysel maun bear the blame,
There’s neer a laird about your ha,
Shall get the bairn’s name.

“If my love were an earthly knight,
As he’s an elfin grey,
I wad na gie my ain true-love
For nae lord that ye hae.

“The steed that my true love rides on
Is lighter than the wind,
Wi siller he is shod before,
Wi burning gowd behind.”

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she’s awa to Carterhaugh
As fast as she can hie.

When she came to Carterhaugh,
Tam Lin was at the well,
And there she fand his steed standing,
But away was himsel.

She had na pu’d a double rose,
A rose but only twa,
Till up then started young Tam Lin,
Says, Lady, thou pu’s nae mae.

“Why pu’s thou the rose, Janet,
Amang the groves sae green,
And a’ to kill the bonny babe
That we gat us between?”

“O tell me, tell me, Tam Lin,” she says,
“For’s sake that died on tree,
If eer ye was in holy chapel,
Or christendom did see?”

“Roxbrugh he was my grandfather,
Took me with him to bide
And ance it fell upon a day
That wae did me betide.

“And ance it fell upon a day
A cauld day and a snell,
When we were frae the hunting come,
That frae my horse I fell,
The Queen o’ Fairies she caught me,
In yon green hill do dwell.

“And pleasant is the fairy land,
But, an eerie tale to tell,
Ay at the end of seven years,
We pay a tiend to hell,
I am sae fair and fu o flesh,
I’m feard it be mysel.

“But the night is Halloween, lady,
The morn is Hallowday,
Then win me, win me, an ye will,
For weel I wat ye may.

“Just at the mirk and midnight hour
The fairy folk will ride,
And they that wad their true-love win,
At Miles Cross they maun bide.”

“But how shall I thee ken, Tam Lin,
Or how my true-love know,
Amang sa mony unco knights,
The like I never saw?”

“O first let pass the black, lady,
And syne let pass the brown,
But quickly run to the milk-white steed,
Pu ye his rider down.

“For I’ll ride on the milk-white steed,
And ay nearest the town,
Because I was an earthly knight
They gie me that renown.

“My right hand will be gloved, lady,
My left hand will be bare,
Cockt up shall my bonnet be,
And kaimed down shall my hair,
And thae’s the takens I gie thee,
Nae doubt I will be there.

“They’ll turn me in your arms, lady,
Into an esk and adder,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
I am your bairn’s father.

“They’ll turn me to a bear sae grim,
And then a lion bold,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
And ye shall love your child.

“Again they’ll turn me in your arms
To a red het gand of airn,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
I’ll do you nae harm.

“And last they’ll turn me in your arms
Into the burning gleed,
Then throw me into well water,
O throw me in with speed

“And then I’ll be your ain true-love,
I’ll turn a naked knight,
Then cover me wi your green mantle,
And hide me out o sight.”

Gloomy, gloomy was the night,
And eerie was the way,
As fair Jenny in her green mantle
To Miles Cross she did gae.

At the mirk and midnight hour
She heard the bridles sing,
She was as glad at that
As any earthly thing.

First she let the black pass by,
And syne she let the brown,
But quickly she ran to the milk-white steed,
And pu’d the rider down.

Sae weel she minded what he did say,
And young Tam Lin did win,
Syne covered him wi her green mantle,
As blythe’s a bird in spring

Out then spak the Queen o Fairies,
Out of a bush o broom,
“Them that has gotten young Tam Lin
Has gotten a stately-groom.”

Out then spak the Queen o Fairies,
And an angry woman was she,
“Shame betide her ill-far’d face,
And an ill death may she die,
For she’s taen awa the bonniest knight
In a’ my companie.

“But had I kend, Tam Lin,” said she,
“What now this night I see,
I wad hae taen out thy twa grey een,
And put in twa een o tree.”

—  Tam Lin, traditional Ballad as recorded by James Child (1729)

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I read a thing and it's Probs not true just the internet being the internet /but/ somebody said that in welsh folklore corgis were the preferred method of transportation for fairies and I had a sudden imagine of Megatron straight-faced riding a corgi into battle and I can't breathe 😂

Megatron wants a battle corgi for the Aesthetic™ but they don’t really come in his size, so he gets Shockwave to help make him a Giant Corgi.  Her name is Morrigan.  


CoHF & LoS Spoilers (kinda)

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Another drawing of Kieran, this time I finally did it in color! :D

He’s much more beautiful in my imagination. I just don’t have the abilities to actually show it ;__; 

I love him so much it hurts ;__;

Kieran  © @cassandraclare

Art  © MakuTheSpaceArtist

Please do not repost and don’t delete credit!

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Can we get more of Tales from the Past?? I really need to know if Claire will EVER actually meet Jamie.

Tales From the Past | Part I, Part II, Part III

Three long years of renovations done on the estate, followed by six long years off to war, and finally, it was finally home: Lallybroch. The fabled home of my dunbonnet and his faerie witch was now my own. I spun in a circle, giddy with excitement and bubbling nerves. I had a home, a place to relax, to live, to grow, and never worry if there will be somewhere for me at the end of the day.

The grounds were vast and gorgeous fields of flowing grass, wildflowers, and dense Scottish forest. The air clear from the smog of the city and decay of war. Each day was a new day to discover something from the past. I started familiarizing myself with my new home with daily walks into the woods. My journal close by to document any and every plant I came across.

Exploring the land gave me a sense of being home, and somehow closer to the Dun Bonnet tale that had fascinated me since I was teenager. It was his home and land, and with it came the most surreal experiences, especially the days I spent exploring his cave. The small cave about a fifteen minute hike from the house had given me chills. There was a small carving of initials in the stone deep into the cave, a jagged J, C & B. The letters tried to mimic the ornate style that was written in the mid-to-late 18th century.  I couldn’t help but finger the small letters, wondering what or who the letters represented.


My head whipped toward the entrance of the cave. The wind must have been playing tricks on my mind.

“Mo nighean donn,”

I head the wind whisper words again just as my finger caressed the “J” in the sequence of letters. My skin had pebbled with gooseflesh, as though something were directly behind me. Each time I entered the cave this sensation occurred.

As the fall and winter months turned into the first brisk breezes of spring, the locals began creeping out of the woodwork to welcome me to the area as the seasons passed. Most were apprehensive and standoffish. I caught some of their hushed words on the rare occasion I went to town.

“What’s a young Sassenach lass doing living in the old Fraser-Murray estate?”

“Poor lass lost her only family in the war, wonder why she decided to move to the Highlands?”

“Scandalous! A woman of her age alone in a place like that! Why if her family knew they’d be rolling over in their graves.”

Sometimes, though, the words were of kindness and pity not malice and apprehension. I learned to take the good with the bad, ignoring the jibes at my upbringing and single status. I ignored them until one day the talk of a witch and folklores of old drifted from an open door. My interest piqued, I tentatively walked into the small shop. The shop was cloaked in a sickeningly sweet smell of floral perfume and baked goods. Postcards hung from a string in the window, while the interior was filled with the most delicate bits and baubles made from glass and ceramics.

“Och! Hello m’dear! And what brings ye to Madame Elsie’s today?”

“I’m terribly sorry to interrupt, but I heard something about a white lady?”

The old woman, presumably Elsie’s eyebrows shot into the curls of her hairline.

“Aye, and that’s no something to be spouting off about. Though since ye heard us speaking of it, it wouldnae hurt to ask why ye’re interested in the matter?”

“Oh! I’m a folklorist, or well, I used to be…before the war. My uncle and I traveled the world documenting the folklores of different cultures.” I felt my cheeks heat, “I really am sorry for intruding, it’s a second nature for me to always be listening for a story.”

The old woman smiled, “Never fear dear, please have a seat and we’ll tell you what we know of the White Lady.”

I pulled up a plum colored plush armchair and my notebook before sitting down between the two women.

“Do you mind if I write this down?”

“Of course not dear! Write whatever you wish. This story is common knowledge and I’m surprised this is the first you’ve heard of it on this day.”

“Elsie…”  The second woman warned.

“Relax Miriam,” Elsie said with a wave of her hand. “You know that the Crooks, the Baird’s and the Murray’s all tell this tale today.”

Miriam scoffed and went back to her tea.

“So m’dear, the tale of the White Lady that’s going on aboot the town today is an interesting one. Today is the day that the White Lady is said to be seen on this day every year. It’s the day she meets her love for the first time.”

“Is the White Lady a ghost?”

“Och! Aye! She is indeed, from the ‘45 rebellion and all! Ye can hear her screams and cries for the love she lost and the life she knew from the faerie hill up yonder.”

“Faerie hill?”

“Child! Surely ye ken the Faerie hill, Craig na Dun?”

I shook my head slowly. “Could you tell me how to get there? I’d love to see it.”

The two women exchanged a glance then nodded as one. “Aye, go down the road aboot a mile or so and turn left. The Faerie Hill is five miles from the fork in the road. Ye’ll ken it from the stones that stand upon it. They seem to glow from the sun and their ancient dead power. If ye see the screaming White Lady, be wary child. She’ll no take kindly to intruders.”

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what kind of fae do you think the paladins would be?

i like you, anon. technically these aren’t all fae, but they’re Celtic mythical beings, so without further ado here’s Voltron Faery AU bc I don’t have enough supernatural AU’s already…. (absolute sarcasm) but who am i kidding i love it.

Shiro: Gancanagh 

ok listen I really tried to resist the temptation to make poor Shiro this, but just like the gancanagh, it’s irresistible, because HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN LOL. Literally translating to “love talker,” the gancanagh is a powerful male faery which is a bit like an incubus, but uh…worse. Worse how, you ask? 

Well. The gancanagh is much prettier than an incubus, for starters, and able to listen in on all of a woman’s desires in order to match his form to her ideal. Found skulking around the countryside in upper-class finery, he enchants hapless maidens with sweet words, until they give in and touch him - and they are literally doomed by a single touch, because gancanagh skin contains a toxin that renders their victims absolutely addicted to them and completely bound to their wills until they discard them and drive them insane/to death from heartbreak. Before that happens, though, the gancanagh has his fun with the woman as much as he likes, which is usually a lot; often in scandalously public locales, where she behaves like a harlot towards him while he appears as an ordinary stranger, confusing and horrifying all who know her.

Keith: Changeling 

a faery child left in the place of a stolen human child. Often this was used to explain ‘strange’ babies with deformities, startling/different features, or learning disorders. Changelings were said to have dark eyes that betrayed their true age and wisdom, and were often considered malevolent, bringing bad luck into households, using their dark magic to bring misfortune upon the family. They were either very ugly or very beautiful and put humans ill at ease because of their apparent lack of emotion or interest in human affairs; they are aloof and ill-tempered. However, they often have musical talent and take up an instrument if they survive long enough in the human world to do so.

Lance: Merrow 

the Irish merfolk, bc ofc he is. They were said to be very benevolent, charming, modest and affectionate, capable of attachment and companionship with humans. It is believed that they wore caps or capes that would allow them to live underwater, and taking a cap/cape of a merrow would render them unable to return to the sea. Merrow, unlike regular mermaids, were also capable of “shedding” their skin to become more beautiful beings. They also like to sing.

Hunk: Faoladh 

the Irish werewolf! Irish werewolves are quite different from their English counterparts because they were not seen as cursed and could shift into wolf form at will, rather than at the mercy of the moon. They were generally benevolent and acted as the guardians and protectors of children, wounded men, and lost people. Faoladh also often served kings as their kind of personal guard in myths.

Pidge: Pooka 

Also called a púca, these are the chaotic neutral creatures of the Irish mythos world. They were known to rot fruit but also offer great advice. They are primarily shapeshifters, taking a variety of forms both scary as heck and very pretty. The forms they took were always said to be dark in color with golden eyes, and included horses, cats, ravens, rabbits, foxes, goats, and dogs. Púcas are partial to equine forms and have been known to entice riders onto their back for a wild but friendly romp, unlike the Kelpie, which just eats its riders after drowning them. They can take human form but always retain some animal characteristics i.e. rabbit ears or a cat tail. They have the power of human speech in every form.

Allura: Leanan sídhe

An exceptionally beautiful female faery who takes a human lover, often a struggling artist. She provides them with inspiration and talent and becomes the best muse they could ever ask for in exchange for their love and devotion to her. She leads them to achieve greatness, only to eventually drive them mad and into an early grave, however she is not considered a malevolent fae because artists are so self-destructive by nature as it is, and she is more of an empath than a villain. She wishes to experience emotional depth that she cannot find among other fae, and the artist wishes to find brilliance and meaning in their life, however short that life might be. 

Coran: Leprechaun 

I’m not sorry. Leprechauns are frequently drunk and the self-appointed guardians of ancient treasure. They tend to avoid greedy or foolish humans, but if caught, will try to bribe their way out of it with a gold coin which will turn to ash as soon as the leprechaun is freed. They also make shoes. Probably magical shoes?