Okay but Bangtan’s concept today looks like a real life X Games AU and I’m just so ಥ_ಥ!!! 

Taehyung as a slopestyle snowboarder, Hoseok as a motocross rider or a slopestyle mountain biker, Jeongguk the street league skateboarder (ofc???) and Yoongi as a skateboarder for the vert best trick, Jimin as a BMX rider, Namjoon as a downhill speed skater, and Seokjin as a wakeboarder. 

And together the 7 of them go grab burgers whenever they aren’t practicing,, SugaKookie riding in on their skateboards while JiHope show up on their bikes, and Taehyung shows up with those cute goggles on his head (he always has them on tbh) and sometimes keeps his snowboarding pants on. Then you have Namjoon rollerblading to the meetup, pulling Seokjin around with a rope around his waist while Seokjin maneuvers on a penny board. 

Ballet AU

A/N: Cross posted from twitter, expanded on a smidgen. This is literaryoblivion‘s fault. – Single dad!Dean, AU, 500 wc, G. 

Let’s think about Dean signing up his little girl for ballet. It’s all she talks about for a month straight, so he finally researches a bunch of studios before finding on that comes highly recommended by everyone and signing her up.

On her first day the studio tells him he can stay and watch or come back for her when she’s finished. He at least wants to meet the teacher, so he walks his baby girl to class where there’s an array of three and four year old’s swathed in pink. 

He doesn’t see the teacher anywhere, but he does spot a man with dark hair standing by the stereo. He’s barefoot, and dressed in loose sweat shorts, and a tank top, so Dean approaches him. 

“Hey,” Dean says, “my daughter’s new here. Do you know where I can meet the teacher?”

The man turns to him, eyes bright blue and face like a freaking angel. “You can meet him right here,” the man says. “I’m the teacher.”

For a moment Dean thinks it’s a joke. Greek gods don’t teach preschool ballet classes. But there’s no trace of laughter in the man’s eyes, only an easy smile that makes Dean melt a little on the inside. 

“Oh,” Dean says, if not breathlessly, and the man extends a hand.

“Mr. C,” he says. “Or Castiel if you prefer.”

Dean swallows hard, doesn’t miss the other man tracking the movement, and reaches blindly for his daughter.

“This is Charlotte,” Dean says, because he has to something, “and I’m Dean.”

The man smiles, with his mouth this time, and crouches to Charlotte’s level. “Hello, little bird.” He says gently, eyes twinkling. 

Charlotte looks up at Dean for reassurance - he’s taught her, dutifully, not to speak to anyone she doesn’t know. (Though he meant when he’s not around, but it’s good to know she’s listened.) - and he nods. 

“Hello,” she says back.

“You look very pretty,” the teacher, Castiel, tells her, and maybe Dean beams a little because he did that perfect bun all himself, thank you very much. “Are you ready to learn ballet?”

Charlotte nods enthusiastically. 

Castiel’s smile deepens. “We’re going to have a lot of fun,” he tells her, and then he’s sending her off to sit with the other girls and standing to meet Dean’s gaze again.

Dean offers him a weak smile, heart pounding and stomach a mess of butterflies. 

“Will you be staying to watch?” Castiel wonders, and Dean nods.

“Yeah,” he says, “yeah, I think I will.”

And he does stay, for the first class and every one after that. And maybe he spends half the time watching Castiel teach, but that’s just to make sure his daughter’s getting a proper ballet education, right?…

Games Luke Smut Part Eight

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A/N: This can either be the last part or I can do another, it’s up to you! :)

Games Masterpost

“You’ve been avoiding me,” A voice says. You look up from your coffee that sat on the diner table and sigh,

“How nice of you to notice,” You mumble, he slides in the booth across from you and smiles.


“Why have I been avoiding you?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Because I don’t want anything to do with you.”

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“Someone’s slipping through the hidden door
Snow White’s stitching up your circuit-board
No more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone
No more calling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden”

Took some pictures outside of my dad’s house, because listening to “Lungs” on repeat inside my head inspired me to wake up before the day got too hot.