She walked into the world, made of a not-substance
but undeniably there, carrying the mad rules of her home with her.
Her every step snarled the Wyrd’s threads, opening new possibilities.
Fate and nature tangled beneath her stride, liberating some
from law but killing others with the lack of it. After she passed
by, wood refused to burn; food provided no sustenance. Even the
Gentry suffered as their pacts broke. Their great games of survival
failed and they starved or even lost the rights to their names

The worlds burned with mad fire and the Gentry went to
war. The Rogue Sister brought hideous monsters to the field. She
birthed them from the matter of the material realm, but infused
them with the chaos of her home. The Others retreated after the
first battle to lick their wounds, and in the depths of Arcadia they
reforged their weapons and armor — that is to say, remade their
pacts. They remade casual promises into intricate laws, filled with
conditions and redundancies, and hammered razor sharp clauses
out of every war-constitution.

—  On the imprisonment of Lady Treachery
A clarification about my vampire post

After my first post talking about vampires, I got a comment from @greeneyedshit​ telling about her grandmother’s experience with vampires, that they dissapear with light and are veary heavy and that they are not elegant and rich.

Altho what they say is totally correct, what I wanted to clarify for everyone who saw my post and will see my future posts about vampires is that I am not talking about the spirit vampires, I am talking about the physical ones, the ones that walk besides us in everyday life without even knowing that they are not humans like us.

Like fae are physical too, you can touch them and see them and hear them, only that our eyes and ears are not developed enough to see them and we need their will to do anything like that, vampires (not the spirit vampires) are instead percieved to us like other humans, hiding who and what they truly are. Also of course, not all vampires are rich and elegant and that was not what I ment in my post, the fact is that the ones that come from a higher status are the ones that usually come out to lure their victims with charms and elegance.

I hope I clarified about who and what I mean to talk about. Astral vampires are not the same as vampires from the physical plane, I am personally talking about the physical ones.

Personally, to be completely honest, I have been not too many lifes ago a physical vampire myself. I used to live in Romania, I was born in the 1500 and I died in the 1800-1900. What I tell about that race is all personal knowlege and experience from my own life and of those who I knew in those times and that have now reincarnated with me as humans.

Thank you for your time, Be blessed!

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Beltane ideas you might not have thought of!

🌼 Tie colorful ribbons with wishes and blessings onto tree branches

🌼 Buy a bundt cake. Stick a long straw into the center and tie little ribbons onto it. BOOM, got yourself a very sexual may pole cake (OPTIONAL: drizzle with honey, sprinkle with edible glitter, and top it off with some edible flowers)

🌼 Pick up a pebble and make a wish on it, then toss it into a body of water!

🌼 Go outside and draw. This holiday is about creativity and creation, so go outside and make some art!

🌼 Visit a local fruit stand or farmer’s market and get some local fruits and veggies. Cook them up simply, and eat them outside (or just eat them raw)

🌼 Buy a single little pot and a little plant of your choice. Plant it in nutrient-rich soil, then decorate around it with a tiny quartz crystal, or any other decorative crystals or rocks you can find. Name the plant after a deity or spirit of nature, fertility, love, or healing. Now you have a magical Beltane plant! Leave it outside overnight and ask the local nature spirits/fae to bless it or at least infuse it with their energy.

🌼 Go on an early-morning walk around your neighborhood and look for litter to pick up. Nothing honors the nature spirits like keeping the environment clean!

Happy Beltane, everyone :)

🌻 springy witch ideas

for seasonal or spring witches, or ideas of offerings/devotion to agriculture/fertility/nature/spring deities ☀️

  • plant wildflowers
  • decorate alter with flowers, herbs, etc
  • use/wear crystals that are associated with fertility/happiness
  • wear green and yellow more
  • do magick at dawn
  • work with the elements of earth and water
  • perform spells that increase mental health or banish bad mental health
  • cleanse all witchy possessions of negative energy (spring cleaning)