Faepril art challenge

After sending out the question about monthly themed art challenges, I thought “hey, Faepril” would totally work for April, and after searching found that @kimbeegalaxy came up with that same idea last year. So, let’s make it a thing this year, too!

Pick a goal - one image, one image per week, one image per weekday, one image per day, whatever suits you - and draw a fairy or other fae creature throughout April.

Tag it with “faepril” so that folks can find it. :D

It’s Faepril again! A month of drawing fairies and fae of all kinds!! ✨

Ocs? Faesonas? Fairy characters form books/tv/etc? Stories? Dressing up? All qualify! This is the second year of me starting this hashtag and while it’s still really small, I always look forward to seeing everyone’s work! Have lots fun with it!


While I was wandering under the ‘mermaid’ tag on Tumblr, I saw someone use #MerMay and decided to do it this month! But, I wanted to do something for April as well and came up with Faepril!

A month dedicated to all kinds of fae and fairies as you please! I plan to start today with three drawing! All are welcome to join me!

In your tags, just add ‘faepril’! I would love to see what you guys come up with!