“Okay, so you can be a distraction,” Loki says, doing everything he can not to stumble over his words. “We should get going, or we’ll be late.” 

He marches towards the main door ahead of her, a little too quickly. Darcy grabs her purse and follows him, but slows down at the sight of the two of them in the wall mirror by the door. 

“Loki, hang on,” she says, gently pulling him back to stand next to her in front of the mirror. She closes the space between them and slides her hand into his. He can smell her shampoo and feel her every curve. If he thought he was flustered earlier, it was nothing compared to this. 

She gazes at their reflections and smiles. “Now we are ready.” 

Inspired by the amazing Tasertricks fic, The Lies We Tell Ourselves, written by mischiefgoddesscomplex. It’s stuffed full of all the fake!married tropes a reader could ever want! Go check it out.

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A Very Tasertricks December
Day 16: Morning rituals
(Click for better quality.)

The coffee downstairs grows cold, but here in her arms it is warm.

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Nothing was going right. Loki cursed under his breath as he fixed his shirt for the third time. His date with Darcy - the beautiful and wonderful Darcy - was in five minutes and it seemed like all of his shirts had decided to become rumpled. The bouquet of flowers he’d picked out for her, fresh and lovely just an hour ago, lay on his dresser looking forlorn. He frowned. He was already nervous, he didn’t need all of this.

But there was no more time to fix everything. He grabbed the bouquet and rushed out, thanking the stars she only lived one apartment over. When he knocked on her door, she answered it right away. “Hello, Loki,” she said, smiling.

He momentarily forgot how to speak and pushed the bouquet towards her. “Um, for you,” he mumbled. Her smile brightened as she took the bouquet. Loki raised his eyebrows as the flowers that had been wilting a second ago brightened as well.

“Flowers! Thank you. I haven’t had a date bring me these in a long while,” she said. “Well, uh, I…I own a flower shop,” he finished lamely, mentally kicking himself. But then she laughed, and it was such a sweet sound that he found himself relaxing and smiling back at her.

And that was when the lights in the city went out.

In the darkness, he felt her hand searching for his, her fingers sliding gently into the spaces between his own. “Did the power go out?” she asked. He peered into the distance across the darkened city. “I think so,” he replied, holding her hand a little tighter. “It’s not just this building. Oh, this is no good. The power at the restaurant will be out too.”

“Then let’s not go there,” she said. “No?” he asked, puzzled. “Let’s stay here,” she continued. “It’s a lovely night with a full moon out, and you’ve already got a table and chairs in front of your shop downstairs. We could get hot dogs from Old Sam down the street, and I’ve got a bottle of wine just sitting on my table waiting to be shared.”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea,” he said, squeezing her hand gently. After she returned from her apartment with the wine and glasses, they made their way downstairs to the front of his shop. While he got the food, she set the table. When he returned, he disappeared into his shop for a second, and Darcy watched in amazement as a soft light started to glow from the flowers on display. 

“Did you light candles?” she asked, grinning. “Something like that,” he replied with a blush.

She handed him one of the empty glasses, which filled up with wine as he held it. They clinked glasses and enjoyed their unusual meal in the gentle moonlight. A calm, cooling breeze started to blow, finding its way through the street.

As more of the townspeople came out onto the sidewalk to enjoy the night, a song played on a kid’s portable radio drifted to their ears.

In the darkest night hour
I’ll search through the crowd
Your face is all that I see
I’ll give you everything
Baby, love me lights out

It may not have been the date he planned exactly, but as they leaned across the table to kiss, he realised that it was nothing short of magical.

Written for the Tasertricks Prompt Challenge. Apologies for being so late! I had so many artistic potato moments that I almost gave up on this one. Shoutout to pastatheory for keeping me going. Also shoutout to everyone who played a part in making this event a reality!

This is a continuation of sorts of my Flowershop tag fic, and also inspired by Kings episode 8 The Sabbath Queen. The song is XO by Beyoncé. Click on the picture for better quality.

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A Very Tasertricks December
Day 25: Gazing into each other’s eyes

Darcy doesn’t know how long they stand out there in the cold, under the starlight, the snow falling softly around them. It could have been an eternity and she would not have minded one bit: because Loki was with her, and together, the two of them are finally home.

Inspired by the beautiful fanfic Watch Them As They Fall, written by the wonderful mischiefgoddesscomplex. Definitely a must-read! Many thanks, Kat, for allowing me to draw this scene from the touching ending. 

Merry Christmas, Tasertricksters! I’m so grateful to be a part of this amazing community, thank you for all your support and friendship, best wishes to all of you!

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A Very Tasertricks December
Day 13: Eating ice cream

12 Days of Tasertricks
Day 1: Ugly sweaters

“Loki, are you blushing?” Darcy asked, grinning. The demigod had lost a bet earlier, and now they were out for ice cream with him wearing the ugliest sweater she could find. “I can’t help it, this sweater is so ugly!” he laughed, scooping up a bit of ice cream and holding it out for her to eat. 

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