My edit: Women of the House of Finwe + pre raphaelites paintings [2/2]

The paintings are:

  • Galadrìel Alatarìel : Ask me no more by Lawrence Alma Tadema;
  • Aredhel Ar-Feinel: A nymph into the forest by Charles Amable Leinor;
  • Idril Celebrìndal: Farewell by Edmund Blair Leighton;
  • Finduilas Faelivrin: My fair lady by Edmund Blair Leighton;
  • Celebrìan: Miranda by Thomas Francis Dicksee

The first part of my meme is here: http://feanoriel.tumblr.com/post/159011342510/my-edit-women-of-the-house-of-finwe-pre

Firstly, I wanted  to include in “the House of Finwe" also female figures like Amarie, the lover of Finrod, or Edhellos, the wife of Angrod, or Elenwe, the wife of Turgon (because I’ve included also in the House of Finwe Nerdanel, Anaire and Earwen, that are Finwe’s relatives only via marriage), but for par condicio, I’d to put also the wives of Curufin, Maglor and Caranthir … and these haven’t a name in all the versions of the legendarium. So, sadly I mustto exclude the wives of the sons of Feanor, like the wives of the sons of Fingolfin and Finarfin, even if I had also in my mind associated to them a pre raphaelite painting too.

Lótessë - Orodreth & Finduilas

04/23 - 05/22 | 五月,繁花似锦




纳国那种地方适合被小型鸟钻进去,满满一股旧时王谢堂前燕的感觉……该唱黑童谣吗?Nargotherond is falling down,falling down,falling down,Nargotherond is falling down,my fair papa ? 【←no

And as they waited one came through the trees, and they saw that he was a tall Man, armed, clad in black, with a long sword drawn; and they wondered, for the blade of the sword also was black, but the edges shone bright and cold. Woe was graven in his face, and when he beheld the ruin of Ivrin he cried aloud in grief, saying: ‘Ivrin, Faelivrin! Gwindor and Beleg! Here once I was healed. But now never shall I drink the draught of peace again.’

Then he went swiftly away towards the North, as one in pursuit, or on an errand of great haste, and they heard him cry Faelivrin, Finduilas! until his voice died away in the woods. But they knew not that Nargothrond had fallen, and this was Túrin son of Húrin, the Blacksword. Thus only for a moment, and never again, did the paths of those kinsmen, Túrin and Tuor, draw together.

—  Of Tuor and his coming to Gondolin,Unfinished Tales
Names in the House of Finarfin

First of all, if you haven’t read this post about elvish naming customs, you’ll probably want to, since the rest of this won’t make too much sense otherwise. Also, I’ve got the Feanorian version of this post here, and Findolfin’s version here. 

Second of all, which house Gil-Galad belongs to really depends on which version you prefer, since theres some question to his parentage.  For more information on all of that check out this post. I personally consider him part of the House of Finarfin which is why he is part of this post.



  • Father-name: Findarato (“Golden-Haired Champrion”), sindarized to “Finrod”.
  • Mother-name: Also Ingoldo (“the Noldo”).  Noldo is the singularized form of Noldor.
  • After-name/Epesse: Felagund (“Hewer of Caves”), given to him by the dwarves. Also Nom (“Wisdom”), given to him by Beor and his people.  


  • Father-name: Angarato (“Iron Champion”), sindaraized to “Angrod”.
  • Mother-name: unknown
  • After-name/Epesse: Angamaite (“Iron-handed”).


  • Father-name: Ambarato (“Champion of Doom”).
  • Mother-name: Aikanaro (“Fell Fire”), sindaraized to “Aegnor”.


  • Father-name: Artanis (“Noble Woman”).
  • Mother-name: Nerwen (“Man-Maiden”)
  • After-name/Epesse: Alatariel (“Maiden Crowned with Radiant Garland”), given to her by Celeborn, and sindarized to “Galadriel”.


  • Father-name/Mother-name: It’s sort of unclear because Tolkien’s notes of Orodreth are a mess, but we know that his Quenya name was either “Artanaro”, “Artaresto” or “Artaher”.  I’m not sure on the meaning of any of these names, but “arta” means “noble”, so theres that.



  • Father-name/Mother-name: unknown, since she was born in Middle Earth it is possible that she didn’t follow the traditional Noldorin naming customs.
  • After-name/Epesse: Faelivrin (“Gleam of the Sun on the Pools of Ivrin”), given to her by Gwindor.  

Finduilas lived in Nargothrond with her father Orodreth and brother Gil-galad. She was betrothed to Gwindor, who named her Faelivrin, which meant “Gleam of the Sun on the Pools of Ivrin”. Despite her old feelings for Gwindor, she fell in love with noble Túrin who became an influential warrior of Nargothrond. Túrin failed to notice her feelings, she reminding him of Lalaith, the sister he lost in childhood. At the Sack of Nargothrond by Glaurung, Finduilas was captured. When the Orcs were waylaid by the Haladin of Brethil at the Crossings of Teiglin they killed all their captives, pinning Finduilas to a tree with a spear. The Haladin buried her in a mound they called Haudh-en-Elleth (“Mound of the Elf-maiden”).

Finwë's family tree
Finwë's family tree

|| I promised some time ago to record the names of the House of Finwë, so here I am. The text I am basically reading is under here. There are some random noises from time to time but I think everything should be understandable. To clarify, I chose the family tree in which Fingon has no children and Gil-Galad is son of Orodreth. 

Finwë Ñoldoran married Míriel Therindë in first marriage and Indis in second marriage. His firstborn is Fëanor, in Quenya Curufinwë Fëanáro. The children from the second marriage are Findis, Fingolfin (in Quenya Ñolofinwë Arakáno), ĺrimë Lalwendë more often called Lalwen, and Finarfin Arafinwë Ingoldo (known as Ingalaurë in an earlier version.)

Fëanáro married Nerdanel Istarnië, daughter of Mahtan Aulendur called Rusco. Their firstborn is Maedhros, which can also be pronounced Maidhros, in Quenya Nelyafinwë Maitimo Russandol. The second son is Maglor, Canafinwë Macalaurë. The third Celegorm, Turcafinwë Tyelkormo. The fourth Caranthir, Morifinwë Carnistir. The fifth Curufin, Curufinwë Atarinkë. The sixth Amrod, Pityafinwë Ambarussa. The seventh Amras, Telufinwë Ambarto, previously called Ambarussa and Umbarto. The only grandson is Curufin’s son, Celebrimbor, whose name in Telerin is Telperinquar and in Ñoldorin Quenya Tyelperinquar.

Ñolofinwë married Anairë. Their firstborn is Fingon, in Quenya Findekáno named Astaldo. The second son is Turgon, Turukáno. Follows a daughter, Aredhel Ar-Feiniel, in Quenya ĺrisse Arafániel. The fourth child is Argon, Arakáno. Turgon married Elenwë and had a daughter, Idril Celebrindal, in Quenya Itarillë Taltyelemna, who married Tuor and had a son, Eärendil Ardamírë. Aredhel has a son from Eöl Moriquendi, Maeglin Lómion.

Arafinwë married Eärwen. Their firstborn is Finrod, Findaráto Ingoldo, the second son is Angrod, Angaráto also named Angamaitë, the third is Aegnor, Aikanáro Ambaráto, the last child is a daughter, Galadriel, firstly named Artanis Nerwen and then named Alatáriel. Angrod married Eldalótë and had a son, Orodreth, in Quenya Artaresto, named Artaher in another version. Orodreh has two children, a daughter named Finduilas called also Faelivrin and, in one version, a son named Ereinion Gil-Galad. Galadriel married Celeborn and had a daughter, Celebrían.