Happy Birthday

Summary: Aidan gets you a birthday present.

Pairing: Aidan/You

Rating: Fluffy Fluff

Word count: 800

Inspiration: @imagine-aidan (x)

(Cred to Owner)

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May I have this Dance?  || Closed


Once more Faelen found himself being dragged to a ball in his sister the Queen’s child honor.  He had to admit Eva doted on the girl far more than was necessary but than at least she wasn’t as bad as the now late King Leopold.  Looking around the hall, the Queen’s younger brother could see noble’s and royals from all over the realm trying to schmooze with Eva either to get her to wed them or set up a betrothal for their sons with her daughter.

Eyes combing the room, Faelen found his gaze land on a young man roughly his age maybe a few years or so younger but still there was something in those dark eyes that intrigued him.  A soft smirk pulled at his lips as he watched the other closely even as his attention was pulled to a rather sever woman closer to Eva’s age who seemed to be glaring towards his mentioned sister.


I revisited a couple of very old OC’s of mine and revamped them. Meet Kiva and Faelen.

Kiva is an elf girl. Her parents were killed when she was a child and her entire village burned to the ground in search of her and the blue stone you see in her staff. The stone is very powerful, but it is bonded to her and only she can harness it’s power. Before her parents died, they ensured her survival by sending her away with a witch who vowed to take care of her and teach her how to use the magic of the stone. (it can turn into weapons n stuff, too)

Faelen is a werewolf. He was the runt of the litter and his father, the leader of their pack, disliked him and abused him for his weakness. Faelen is eventually disowned from his pack and banished to wander alone or be killed should he try to stay. Not too long after his banishment, he comes across the newly deceased corpse of a regular wolf with her pups hiding nearby. He decides to care for the three wolf pups himself.

I am not sure how I want Kiva and Fae to meet just yet, but know that they are friends.

Behind those walls II Faelen & Alison

Yells and Insults were echoing throughout the rooms of the mansion and Alison had enough of the fights with her so called fiance. She hated it - hated the fact that her parents made her be with this man she couldn’t stand the least - the only thing that seemed to matter being business, money and the picture people had of them. The picture of the perfect family, the perfect couple. If only they knew how perfect all of this really was. The blonde shut the door close with enough force to feel the ground vibrating under her feet before she left the house in a furious mood. How much longer was she supposed to bear with it? Lost in her thoughts she bumped into a young man she had never seen before. Her eyes wide open as their gazes met, a weak fake smile upon her face, as always. “I’m sorry. I didn’t see you. Are you okay?" 

I was gonna wait until I had Felix’s (Faelen is now Felix) new design too, but I’m having too much difficulty with it, so I’ll just post these now. Kiva and her twin brother Koza. They have powers that I’ll expand on later haha. These probably aren’t final designs because I’m so indecisive, but I just wanted to get them out there. they WERE gonna have the white hair I originally gave Kiva, but colored anime hair is so fun!

The meeting in Westros | Closed |


Having come to Westros with a fellow Faceless man, the Bravossi hadn’t expected to have to pose as Faelen Lehane the sellsword but in order to get close enough to go after one of the Lannister’s pets that’s what he had to do in order to give the gift of the Many Face god to the man.

Knowing that he and Jaqen had separated each other’s company after crossing the Narrow sea.  The Sellsword found himself getting deeper and deeper into his role that when he met a server, “Wine please.”

Pay it Forward [Closed AU] || Faelen and Regina

“Thank you dear, for understanding.” Many other would have pushed for more anyway…or they wouldn’t fearing her anger, but he at least seemed to truly understand. “Well it is, I’m sure you have many women swooning at the moment…in fact there’s one at one of the tables behind you. Her date seems upset about it though.”

“Puppy boy?” Regina raised an amused eyebrow. “Do I even want to know?” She smirked. “Wait he will pay it forward? I don’t understand.” Was it supposed to be so confusing…no that was a stupid question. Nothing in her life was ever easy.  "I shouldn’t have left without talking to him, having that woman call me a monster in front of my son…“ She wasn’t sure how she felt about having Emma there but in the morning, but she’d have to see her eventually. She looked at the tall man. "Is that alright with you?”


curseofthehellmouth  asked:

It was two hours after he left the room that Regina finally gathered enough will to leave the bed and wash off the proof of her shame and her betrayal of true love, her weakness. During the day she avoided her husband and think of Daniel, of what he'd think of her now. She'd drown in her misery call for Rumple...but today she froze and hid, eyes widened as he saw an older man sneer at the KING. His voice raised as if the monarch was inferior to him.

Standing before his adviser the one that came to him originally to put him on the throne when King Leopold died, Faelen couldn’t have felt any smaller even though he towered over the old man.

“It’s a wonder foreign Diplomats don’t mock you to your face, boy. Your speech is horrendous.”  Lord Lucas sneered and back handed the bastard, “And to think your Queen isn’t with child.  The Realm is starting to believe her unable to get with child.  Though it could also be the Gods damning you for your lowborn self.”

Lowering his eyes, Faelen cleared his throat, “O’course M’Lord…”  He flinched half expecting another slap.

"Get that woman with child and do it soon.”  Where Lord Lucas’s last words as he stalked down the hallway away from Faelen.  curseofthehellmouth

Toto, We’re not in Kansas anymore || Closed ||


The blast from the Crucible tore a rip through the barrier between dimensions and being at the epicenter of it, Commander James Shepard found himself tossed roughly through time and space or that’s what he believed as he slammed hard into packed dirt.

Shepard groaned his body still sore from that final push to the beam as well as being blast through a rip in space, time and dimension.  Looking around he found himself one what looked to be Earth but from the holo-vids the old Earth.  Pre-Mass Relay discovery, but Shepard didn’t know just how far before that it was.

Walking through what looked to be a cemetery, he found someone he recognized with someone he didn’t.  Seeing Faelen with a blonde woman confused him as he had gotten used to the other man with his vampiress of a mate.

Not to far away, Fae’s attention was pulled from Buffy towards someone that had both his scent, though very light, and Faith’s, which was a second skin.  Turning towards the scent he found a man that had to be early thirties standing in some straight out of sci-fi armor.  Deciding to drag the man home so that he could explain.  

Shepard walked silently behind the couple as he assessed just what was different in this verse then his own home one.  So when he was lead into the house by Faelen and saw Faith dancing around the living room with her niece Dana.  He couldn’t help but smile.

The Date || Closed ||


Dressing up nicely and having found a small restaurant that didn’t get a lot of business because of Granny’s, Faelen knocked lightly on Emma’s door as he adjusted his tie holding a single red carnation.  He knew most men gave roses but he felt like being different.