Highlight of last night’s event:

*Me walking with Adi and Maya in search of Pokestops*
Little Girl: Oh my God! That’s Princess Rapunzel!
Me: *overheard as she ran to me* Oh, hello there, little girl!
LG: Ohmygod, it’s really you! You’re my favourite princess!
Me: *melts* Thank you so much for saying that. I think you’re my most favourite little girl.
LG: *her eyes sparkled* Could I take a picture with you?
Me: Sure! You could hold Pascal.
LG: You have Pascal?!
Me: Yes! He was napping in my bag. *pulls out Pascal and handed it to her.*
LG: He’s soon cute!!
Me: Thank you! *poses for photos with her*
LG: Thank you so much, Princess Rapunzel. *handed Pascal back*
Me: No, no, thank YOU! Follow and live your dreams.
LG: I will. Bye! *waves continously*
Me: Good bye. *turns and couldn’t stop smiling*
LG: She’s so pretty! I can’t believe I met Princess Rapunzel!

I may not be the most accurate Rapunzel but THIS is why I love cosplaying. ❤❤