no offense but stop! romanticizing! the same female face over! and over! and over! what about girls with huge lips? thin lips? chubby cheeks? asymmetrical cheekbones? small eyes? funny-shaped eyes? tiny foreheads? huge foreheads? girls with thin eyebrows? girls with monobrows? girls with wide noses or crooked noses or tall and strange noses? what about anything besides the same facial features I see again and again on my dash?? I know there are beautiful and strange girls out there, show me them!


a small guide on how i battle my essays! (click on an image to view it clearer) 

(keep in mind: i’m an english major so a majority of my essays are literature-focused!)

these are just some of the methods i want to share that work for me when i write my innumerable amount of essays! i’m definitely a huge planner so it’s no secret that i spend a lot of time on an essay. if you’re a deadline fighter, these tips might not necessarily be helpful (especially the handwriting one). but i hope this gives you an insight on how i write my essays! 🌈