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Ok but like imagine human AU where Augus is a professor at uni and he's teaching human sexuality or sex ed or something along those lines. And Gwyn is the literature or linguistics or something professor who shares office space with Augus and gets to hear him rant about his students.... I kind if want to write this now

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You kind of want to write this now?

I really want you to write this now!!!!


Omg you tease, anon. What a tease you are. :D


I have no freaking idea when I will have enough energy again to finish Gwyn, at least his reference, so I’m posting this separately.

So, high school/college/uni/whatever AU with a pinch of magical powers. Because, apparently, I was bored and because I love classic AUs.

Very simple setting, Augus (who not-exactly-legally lives with his little brother Ash but without a guardian at the age of 17) and Gwyn (the same age) go to the same establishment, interacting only briefly because Gwyn always hides with his sketchbook (oh yes, I’m letting the boy draw something other than maps) and headphones, and Augus spends free time either preparing for the next class or talking to Ash on the phone.

Some people have magical powers (nothing really powerful, some simple stuff), or Talents, and must be registered and wear a badge (like Augus’ on the pic). Augus is a flora whisperer, he helps plants grow and is very sensitive to the toxic stuff, because of that he lives beside the border of the town to be able to breath clean air. And Gwyn can control electricity. Remember how I said Talents aren’t powerful? Well, I lied a little, ‘cause Gwyn is a really special snowflake yet again, being able to control even lightning, more so - he can control it over a ridiculously long distance. Basically, he is dangerous af, and - what you know - not registered. You can imagine Augus’ awe when he will see Gwyn literally taming a lightning. Oh, and Ash is a cute 7-year-old potato who can change his hair and eye colour.

And I, like, didn’t want to invent something.,. grim? Gwyn’s family is a bunch of wealthy dicks, but no stuff like beating him or anything. The worst that Efnisien has ever done is to burn one of Gwyn’s sketchbooks (which, okay, hurt a little a lot), the worst that Crielle has done is sabotaging his painting lessons by refusing to pay for them (Gwyn picked up a bunch of jobs where he could discreetly use his talent). Lludd… well, he is galloping over cities doing some business. Gwyn himself is very quiet, independent and doesn’t go out much. At first year of college fellow students tried to befriend them, but soon it became a standing knowledge that Gwyn is better left alone.

Gwyn meets Augus in the park where Gwyn spends the majority of his free time, sketching random people. That time he was drawing a cute kid whose hair flared up yellow and red when he was laughing. Augus thought him a creep for staring at his little brother, but Gwyn apologised and showed him his sketchbook and they worked everything out, especially when Augus remembered him from the college. Basically, after that Augus sits with him on the breaks between classes, sometimes they talk, sometimes not. If they talk, it’s about Ash’s shenanigans, Gwyn’s art and that time he travelled over the world, Augus’ summer work in the antique shop.

tl;dr, this is an inelaborate college AU with powers that is so very self-indulgent and sweet.

@not-poignant , hope it’s not too ‘wtf did you come up with’ to read :’D

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Hi pia i loved your answer to the massage question especially sal verse just wow and it all sounds so sensual and just so cute and like a good feeling . Also if i's okay could you tell me more or a little bit about all the university AU's you have for augus and gwyn? thank you for your time

Hiya anon!

I have too many university human AUs for Gwyn and Augus to talk about. Because I just…there’s honestly so many permutations. In the teacher/teacher category there’s like ten, and in the teacher/student category there’s way more. Because I have a kink Id thing for power imbalance. Especially if it’s non-obvious (i.e. Augus as student, domming Gwyn as teacher).

And I’ve written about human Aus re: Gwyn and Augus in the past. There’s one post here where I talk about some different AUs. And there was a super long post somewhere but I can’t find it in the tags or via search (thank you, Tumblr, or perhaps, me, for not consistently tagging things).

I could never write them all. The first one I really thought of though, was the one where Augus is a librarian managing the university books/records/content, and Gwyn is a Sports Science student who starts escaping to the university to avoid his family. Augus basically debauches him in the stacks.

There’s a lot of these stories that end with ‘Augus basically ruins him in X place at a university.’ :D I’m not very original and I guess I know what I like. *grins*

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Your descriptions of what Vane likes to do to his subs hits so close to all my kinks, omg. Especially the dressing up. It would destroy me in the best way if you ever wrote it. :D

Seriously I have spent entirely too much time thinking about it. :D

I’d really like to write it, but there’s no room in my schedule at the moment (especially to write something that I think a handful of people like yourself and myself would love to read, but that the vast majority would be like ‘ugh Vane’ lol). But it’s there, one of those things that percolates in the back of my head.

Also I want the novelty of a Dom who a) gives Gwyn a safeword but then b) like challenges and limit pushes him all the time. Like, first of all I think Gwyn would hang back on using a safeword (or alternatively strategically use it all the time until Vane mocked him into not using it just because he doesn’t like the look of something), but also secondly Vane is like…idk man, I’ve had such a strong sense of him for such a long time, but COFT really only showed certain aspects, like his playful (and snarky) nature.

But he’s the kind of like, faux solicitous Dom to be like: ‘oh no, you can’t handle that? I totally thought someone big and strong like you would be able to handle it. I suppose it’s humbling, to realise that Kings really are just like us, but I don’t know whether to be worried that the person leading the Kingdom would be scared of something little and silly like this.’ (Followed by laughter, while Gwyn would just worriedly be like ‘WAIT I CAN DO IT’ lol.)

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Personally I love the fact you're so available, it's awesome! I really like being able to hit up authors like that...Sometimes it doesn't work out but it's really cool to be able to interact with the author this way <3 It's fun to be able to see the opinions of other readers too! For example, to me Gwyn is super easy to visualise, like massive Hellenistic statue god, but Augus is super hard, (I'm convinced he's green/gray and his freckles are splotches). It's fun to see other POV! kisses~

The only big downside to me being available is - as I’m sure you can attest anon - sometimes I take a dismally long time to respond to asks.

Omg I love that you find Gwyn so easy to visualise and yes like that Hellenistic statue god LIKE YES THAT’S fkldsajfldsakjfdsa (your Augus description made me laugh, lol, that’s brilliant). 

Also idk re: the availability thing, I kind of…grew up on the internet in an environment where I could email the authors of fanfiction or like chat in the comments of a webcomic etc. (and you can still do that) and so I guess it just seemed natural to continue that - on Tumblr, at least, it still feels like being a fic author just talking to readers in the comments, but here instead of on AO3.

That’s like, that just seems like part of the bonuses of fandom. <3 Plus yall are great.

ANNOUNCEMENT: December hiatus and more.

Hi everyone,

Okay so I have a difficult announcement to make, bear with me, you know I talk a lot.

First things first, I’m going on hiatus from Dec. 1st. I am not stopping writing, but I am stopping writing to a schedule. This means no The Ice Plague in December. It means I’m not sure what I’ll be working on. It means possibly three to six months of me figuring out what I’m doing with my life.

Which is mostly because…well…as some of you know, I deal with chronic mental and physical illness of the permanent unfun kinds. I’ve not really been taking care of myself properly, and my current system of writing is not the best one for all involved. I love writing so much that it’s been dreadfully easy to keep myself in something of a cage, and I love you folks so much that I didn’t want to let any of you down, and I didn’t want to let myself down.

But I’ve always kind of defined myself by knowing when it’s time to stop and take stock, when to change a system or structure to make it better in the long-term. So here it is, the hiatus that’s not quite a hiatus.


* I will still be writing! I’ll be putting up the rest of The Wildness Within. And I’ll see out November on the current weekly schedule for both Patreon and AO3. In December, things will change. Sometimes I’ll write more, sometimes I’ll write less. I won’t know when I’ll be updating, and I won’t know what stories will take my focus. I won’t have a schedule.

* I am putting the Patreon account on hiatus in December. Current patrons can still be members but they won’t be charged after November until I make an official comeback. This means you don’t have to change your pledge or any details at all. I will post early updates of The Wildness Within on Patreon right up until the end of November. However, after December through the duration of the hiatus – you’ll no longer get Patreon updates when I announce a new chapter – those updates will go through AO3 and Tumblr.

* At the moment, I predict this may last between three to six months. It may last less, it shouldn’t last longer. Stick around. I’m still gonna be posting updates on AO3 and Tumblr. :) I’ll definitely still be on Tumblr and checking it and stuff.

* I’m putting this announcement up early so you can ask me any questions you like about it, anything I’ve forgotten to mention, anything at all. My askbox is always open. No question is too small or annoying. And I’ll make a more official announcement later about it all <3

Thanks for your patience with me, folks, and your support. I hope you’ll stick around to see what happens. :)