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So the next Dresden Files book is called Peace Talks…

“You’re in America now,“ I said. "Our idea of diplomacy is showing up with a gun in one hand and a sandwich in the other and asking which you’d prefer.” ~ Harry Dresden in Turn Coat.

Harry hasn’t gotten any more subtle as time progressed. I predict reminders of what harry did to the Red Court used as threats. 

Over Confident baddie: And what would you do to stop us mortal?

Angry Harry: Ask the Red King.

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Two weeks after Isabelle died, Samandriel was the ruler of the fae court. Though the council handled most everything. Today, there seemed to be a commotion coming from the throne room, loud enough for Samandriel to hear it.

He miserably walked into the room, looking around at the shouting people. “Shut up!” He yelled, as loud as he could to make sure he was heard. isabelle-darkmore



Was he trying to agitated her? After a chat with the council he couldn’t possibly succeed, they already pissed her off. She continued to anal retentively straighten things in her room, ignoring the lovely blue eyes burning into her flesh from just down the hallway peering into her room. It was as if she hadn’t a clue he was there. To be honest at first she really hadn’t noticed him, but she just continued to keep up that facade.

She had been planning on prying herself out of her armor, and she wasn’t going to let his presence stop her, NOR was she going to acknowledge he was there. Perhaps she was just pushing for a reaction from him. perhaps.

Shahira pulled her armor off and tossed it to the side before bending over to remove her boots. Her hands moved to her hair and she pulled the hair tie from her hair and shook out the kinky thick hair, before pulling her shirt over her head, and then wiggling out of her pants. Now in a bra in panties she moved about her room to pick up the clothes she’d just removed and store her armor.

Having seen her return from dealing with those Council people, Fae had just watched her move through the ship.  He didn’t even care if she knew he was watching or not because he was concerned about her.

But watching her strip out of her armor and clothes made him intrigued by the fact that she had to know he was watching by now.  Moving silently closer, the shifter slipped into her room and closed the door.  Before leaning against the bulkhead in her room, he watched her very closely not even stopping the fact that he was enjoying the view.

“You know most would at least close their door against wandering eyes.”  he taunted not sure if she had known he had watched her or not but putting an end to the silence.  Fae moved closer as he spoke softly, “What happened?”