Of course Fae also got a pupcake for Jim’s birthday. I love the top photo I gave her the command ‘not yours’ so she has her head turned slightly away from the pupcake and is looking directly at me waiting for the release of 'yours’ to eat it. Second photo is just as I said your so she is turning to the treat, last shot is a happy, chewing Fae.


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Would you ever write August and Ash's origin story? I have a feeling we'd fall in love with it, but that's anything you write so....

You know, I’ve never really thought about it, but I’m not going to say that I won’t end up writing it either because you just never know.

But in the meantime, you may not have seen this really fucking awesome storyboard animation of Augus’ and Ash’s origins story by the incredible ishkabibblie - which is adorable as fuck and I’m not sure I could ever top it. :)

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Fairy tale ish au: on seeing cass lose her family, a pair of young household spirits strike a deal with a more powerful fairy to become her new family. But the deal was only until they're both full grown, andas Hiro grows closer to adulthood the

brothers can feel their humanity slipping away…

I can totally see this happening. Maybe the brothers were a pair of Brownies or something that helped around the cafe without her realizing (Her mother had taught her to leave out honey for the Brownies and even though she didn’t really believe in the old stories, she still did it out of habit. She honestly never noticed that the boys were helping her out, assuming things just worked out due to chance, but she still appreciated what they did).

But then the day comes that Aunt Cass loses her sister, the only family that she has left, and Hiro and Tadashi decide to act.

The moment Tadashi turns 21 though, the realize they don’t want to go back to being Brownies, unseen and unheard by Aunt Cass once more. So they try to seek out the more powerful fairy again, hoping they can make the change permanent. Only the fairy can’t. They are more powerful than the brothers, yes, but not THAT powerful. To cast a spell like that, the brothers will need the help from one of the Fae from the High Courts. Only these Fae are unpredictable at best, cruel at worst, and chances are Hiro and Tadashi will end up cursed rather than helped.

But for Aunt Cass, the boys are willing to take that risk.

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Is Augus' deep aversion to being seen shifting typical of waterhorses? He didn't shift when the otter family tried to kill him, but he did to run away faster when Gwyn flipped his shit. If he knew in advance he was going to be in a really bad fight, would he choose to fight in horse form for size/strength/hooves/savagery, or stay in humanoid form for smallness/hands/clear head/familiarity?

Is Augus’ deep aversion to being seen shifting typical of waterhorses?

Not that I’ve seen in the literature / folklore. But in the Fae Tales Verse, I’d like to imagine it’s biological, and comes from trying to hide potential vulnerabilities during the shifting state, and also because a waterhorse doesn’t reveal their true-form until a critical moment while hunting (when they know that their prey is absolutely unable to escape them). So it seems feasible to me that they’d be collectively averse to shifting until the ‘right moment’ that has evolved out of a physiological fear of losing their prey. Particularly those that hunted humans first by charming them and only revealing their true selves at the moment of feeding/killing. It would be paramount to show the charming self at all times until a very specific moment.

I also think a big factor of Augus shifting into waterhorse form when he was running from Gwyn was specifically down to the fact that Augus trusts Gwyn a great deal more than he used to, and doesn’t have the same aversion to shifting around him (likewise, he doesn’t have it around Ash either). Also that Augus went into a flight/fight response (specifically flight state), and he’s faster when galloping than running.

I think if Augus knew in advance he was going to be in a really bad fight, he’d still approach it in human-form. He considers himself powerful enough with his compulsions / waterweed / speed / thought, and the waterhorse form tends to be a last resort in the fae world when his flight response kicks in. 

That being said, he has no problems spending time in waterhorse form specifically in the fae realm when he’s relaxing around a lake, as long as people don’t witness the shift. (Again, exception being Ash). But that’s probably because he isn’t actually often witnessed, since he’s more likely to be underwater than above it.

*rambles about waterhorses forever*

The energy there was just so powerful. It’s an old wishing well, and it felt like a Fairytale.

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... fae moth?

Found a HUGE (beautiful) black moth in my bathroom.

When I say beautiful, I mean I could see its eyes shine in the light, it’s legs poofy and wings magnificent and iridescent.

I washed my hands first, dried them off, but when I turned around, it was flying around the room.
I opened the door, went to the living room and opened the window, then headed back to the br.
It was there, waiting on the wall- so before it could panic, I gently formed a cup with my hands and surrounded it.

It started fluttering, but after I said softly, “I’m trying to help you” 2x, it stopped and adjusted itself as I carried it to the open window.

It stayed on my open left palm, cleaned it’s face, licked me with its proboscis while looking at me, then took off.

Chapter Three, Part One

Enjoy, my lovely cats!

“Okay, class, let’s wake up and face the music,” Mr. Foley, the English teacher said, beginning to pass out packets of paper to everyone. “For the rest of the semester, we’re going to discuss what we’ve learned from the fairy tales we’ve been studying this year.”

He went to the board, a marker deftly held between his long fingers, and he wrote the words FAIRY TALES, THEIR SYMBOLISM & ELEMENTS across the top, and then made three wide columns, titling one with Fairy Tales, the second with Reoccurring Elements, and the last one with Symbolism. He turned to the class and plopped down on top of his desk. “Now, who can name off some of the tales we’ve been covering since last semester? Shadoe?”

“Rumplestiltskin and Sleeping Beauty.”

“Excellent,” he said, writing them down. “Anyone else?”

“Snow White, Rapunzel, and The Tale of Snow White and Rose Red,” a smooth voice behind Shadoe said. Shadoe frowned, not recognizing it, and she looked over her shoulder at a very unfamiliar dark-haired boy with bright, intelligent eyes, who sat diligently, tapping his pencil softly against an open notebook, with a chart that matched the one on the board. His clothing was relaxed, typical style for this town’s teenage population, except for the jacket, which was smartly tailored, and reminded Shadoe of soldier coats from the olden days. He was also wearing gloves, which was odd for being indoors. He must have felt her eyes on him, for he glanced over and flashed a charming smile. Shadoe looked away, startled, not by the gesture, but what else she saw. Were those…. Fangs?

“Also good examples,” Mr. Foley said, pulling her back to reality. “Now, we have enough to go off of for today, so why don’t we discuss some of the reoccurring elements that we see in the stories listed here?”

“Shitty parenting,” an obnoxious boy named Malcolm said from the back. There was a murmur of a giggle from the entire class, and Mr. Foley’s nostrils flared as he sighed in irritation.

“Thank you for that input, Mr. Baxton. But yes, bad parenting, or a lack thereof is a theme in many of these stories. Can anyone give me another reoccurring element?”

“Curses or poison, or both,” the mystery boy said, glancing at Shadoe again, which she could see out of the corner her eyes. She couldn’t help but watch him nervously now, and he seemed to be keeping an eye on her as well. Why was her heart beating so fast?

“Pay attention!” a sharp voice hissed in her ear, reminding her that Lilith was sitting right behind her. Shadoe jumped at the harshness, and Mr. Foley glanced in their direction, raising an eyebrow. He turned to them, arms folded.

“Would either of you two like to add to his answer, or provide one of your own?” he asked, and the whole class looke d at them. Shadoe could feel the daggers jabbing into her skull that Lilith was shooting at her. Not like it was her fault Lilith had to open her mouth and get everyone’s attention, but now it was all on her to keep the conversation going. But her mind was blank. She had an answer, but now it was gone.

What was she going to say?

anonymous asked:

I don't think you've answered this so I was wondering can fae like have kids with humans? Like what if Ask wasn't careful one night? BTW this question came to me as I was about to fall asleep and I've been up for more than 24 hrs so yea

Ash and Augus are both infertile - they reincarnate, so there is no reason to actually biologically procreate. They can’t have babies with anyone.

But some fae - particularly common fae (Gwyn’s species, though Gwyn’s infertile too) - can have hybrid children with humans. It’s exceptionally rare, given the low birthrate of fae overall. :) It’s also deeply frowned upon. There’s a headcanon I’m working on (which will one day be canon when it becomes an actual story) that Titania’s Court sent out assassins to eliminate hybrid fae and changelings in the human world.

Litha/Faerie Interaction Masterpost! 

Since I’m a witch who focusses a lot of fae magick, i figured i’d make a huge post about Litha, since it’s a really great time for interacting with faeries (and when I say faeries i mean fae/the fair folk/the others/aos si/sìth whatever names you may refer to them as!)

Some cool Litha trivia 

  • Midsummer has long been associated strongly with faeries, which can be seen in things like Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream 
  • Lots of the folklore about the Litha in Europe involves faeries (most of it on protection from them or ways to see them–i’ll get to that in a bit)
  • Midsummer was also strongly associated with witches, which can be seen in macbeth and the tempest
  • obviously since it’s the summer solstice it’s associated with the sun so bonfires are traditional, (jumping over a bonfire is good luck!) but it also has links to water, and is a good time for working specifically fire and water spells, bathing, and doing any kind of magick water work 
  • Litha is also a great time to do love spells and marriages/handfastings as it is the time of the union of the Goddess and the God in Wicca, and also the time that many flowers associated with love grow. June is always the most popular month for weddings in modern society, so love is constantly in the air! 
  • Many different folklore traditions about midsummer involve love e.g women would place flowers under their pillow or drop some silver into a well to the faerie to live their to has dreams or see the reflection or their future husband
  • Girls would also throw garlands of flowers/flower crowns into rivers or the sea and foretell their future from them. 

Ok now on to the faerie part

There are tons of ways you can interact with faeries on litha! 

  • u can share a meal with them
  • u can make a faerie herbal pouch
  • u can try to see them 
  • u can ask for a blessing of your home 
  • u can invite them to dwell in your garden (they’ll help ur plants flourish!) 
  • u can even become friends with them! (but be careful, they’re tricksters and can be dangerous) 
  • u can ask for protection for ur home and garden 

The basics of making a faerie herbal pouch 

  • it can be used for anything pretty much, including attracting faeries, getting dreams of faeries, to seek faerie help or comfort, to receive faerie magick to help with divination or spells, to travel to the land of the faeries etc
  • use any of the following herbs, which are all associated with faeries: lavender, hazel, alder, hawthorn, marigold, nettle, rosemary (for elves specifically) straw, trefoil, primrose (really any sweet smelling flowers like rose, lily, etc) cowslip, thyme, raspberry leaves, strawberry, or anything that has a strong association with faeries for you (i really like using violets because in msnd puck uses a little purple flower!)
  • if you want to use stones, fluorite is associated with faeries and great for fae magick
  • for material: pale lavender, grey, green for faeries, or yellow for otherworld, use cotton
  • sew closed with white thread 
  • charge it! (i use the four elements e.g blessed spring water, the flame of a lavender or grey candle, salt, and lavender or sandalwood incense for air)
  • say an incantation if u want while u’re doing this, whatever ur comfortable with/do normally
  • if u want some more energy in it, place it in the moonlight for an hour or two (I always do because i want it to be additionally charged with magick that has that ~otherworldly~ feel
  • hang it in a tree in the yard or a fencepost or wherever u want! 

To share a meal with faeries

  • make faerie biscuits! theyre really yummy (i use the recipe by ann moura with a few modifications) 
  • share some milk (if the moon is out) 
  • share some fruit juice made with summer fruits 
  •  share some wine or mead with them 
  • make faerie tea! (some good herbs to use are dandelion root, rose hips, elder flower, irish moss, raspberry leaf, ann moura also has a great recipe) 

To see faeries (u don’t have to do all of these at once!)

  • soak some thyme and lavender in olive oil and rub it on your eyelids in the evening 
  • sit in a stone circle 
  • carry a four-leaf clover in your pocket or shoe or in a little pouch round ur neck
  • put some thyme in your pocket and sprinkle it across your thresholds to allow faeries to enter your home
  • look under hawthorn, elder, and apple trees
  • there are tons of spells to see faeries, chose one that feels best for you and your goals
  • small tinkling silver or glass bells can attract faeries! just be super sure theyre not steel or iron! 

Things to NOT do!!!!!!!!! Don’t do any of these to the faeries!!!! 

  • Do not thank them!! saying thank you reduces them to human servants in their eyes and is highly insulting!! 
  • Do not use or wear any steel or iron (unless your only goal is protection) and NEVER offer anything to faeries that is made of those substances
  • Do NOT assume faeries are not dangerous! Protect yourself and your pets! i draw sigils on my dogs collars, make sure theyre wearing their steel dog tags etc (those bells on cat collars could also work.) A little bit of rue in your pocket can work as protection for you, and if they try to take you away turn your jacket inside out and put it on to confuse them 
  • Do not eat their food! According to tradition it means you will stay with them for seven years. However, this does not mean you cannot share a meal with them, just eat and drink things you provide yourself

Other fun litha activities 

  • make a solar cross out of the faerie triad (ash-oak-hawthorn) 
  • burn old amulets and yule wreaths in ur bonfire 
  • make white protection pouches out of litha herbs and hang them around ur yard and house! 
  • make a pouch (or use any other kind of receptacle) fill it with your negativity and self-doubt, and then burn it 
  • reaffirm ur beliefs to ur Gods (or if u’re secular just commitments to ur beautiful self) and the craft
  • reaffirm other commitments u have made (like wedding vows, promises etc)