Interview With a Leafling

(Call for new RP partners for Jix!)

Mun: Okay, Jix… If you want more friends, you have to be a little less timid. Why don’t you start by telling people why you think you would make a good friend?

Jix: Umm… (He looks down at his roots, coiling and uncoiling them as he often does when he is nervous.) I have good person ability.

Mun: Do you mean “personality?”

Jix: Yes-yes. (He nods.)

Mun: What makes you say that?

Jix: Um… I, um… Jix tries to be nice to everyone. Unless people hurt trees. Not good. That’s mean.

Mun: So you care very much about trees?

Jix: Yes, very much! Trees are Jix’s big silent brothers and sisters. Sooo big. Jix feels safe under big trees. (He starts to idly kick his little roots over the side of the tiny chair he’s sitting in.)

Mun: What do you say to people who hurt trees?

Jix: Say? I don’t say. I throw. Jix makes mud balls from root water. (He lifts up one of his roots.) You hurt trees, you get mud ball thrown at your face. Fair is fair.

Mun: That does seem pretty fair to me. So if someone becomes friends with you, what can they expect from you?

Jix: Lots of um… giggles… and ummm… happy times… and oh, um… I will share the tasty littles I find.

Mun: For those who do not know, “tasty littles” are what Jix calls berries.

Jix: But “bewwies” not make sense! They’re little. They’re tasty. So, tasty littles! What does “bewwy” say about the littles? (He shrugs.) Nothing.

Mun: That’s very true. What else can you offer as a friend?

Jix: Listen to problems. Share happy times, comfort during bad ones. Tell jokes and make people laugh. Have mud balls fights. Very good time with Jix. I promise.

Mun: (Smiles.) And there you have it, folks. If you’d like to be friends with Jix, just message me and we can get started.

Jix: Yes! Get started! (Big smile. Well… as big as his tiny little mouth will allow.)

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One of the themes that has always resonated with me as a reader of you work is that oh so fine line between "good" and "evil", which are basically points of view. Unseelie doesn't mean you're evil and vice versa Seelie doesn't mean you're good. Like JK Rowling said, it is our choices that show us who we are, far more than our abilities. I've always liked how your writing captured that. Ahem i.e Gwyn Love your work Pia, very inspiring stuff amongst all the epicness of the fae and crazy romances~

*rolls around quietly*

Thank you so much anon. <3

It’s probably one of the more ongoing themes in all of my writing (regardless of whether it’s fanfiction or not). I think it’s partly because I was raised with a personal belief system that didn’t accept a black and white binary of good/evil - in a world that largely did (because monotheistic traditions like Christianity push this binary really hard - so you have God/Devil, Heaven/Hell, Good/Evil - which is why early Disney villains are almost never redeemable, because they’re following a Christian paradigm. Whereas Ghibli/Miyazaki villains are almost always redeemable, because they follow a Shinto paradigm that rejects this binary - so you end up with really complicated antagonists like Lady Eboshi from Princess Mononoke, or protagonists who do ‘bad’ things, like Haku from Spirited Away).

Anyway I’m not going to go into a huge spiel about it here, as tempting as it is. But I was - at one point - actually going to do my PhD media studies thesis on binary paradigms of good/evil in children’s movies, and potential impacts this has on viewers. So you know, I guess it’s a ‘thing’ of mine.

Much more fun to just write it out in fiction though. :D

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I just re-read Shadows and Light, and was surprised to read that Jack liked Albion. I know Fae Tales are a little different, so I was curious whether Seelie King Albion is pretty much the same person Jack knew in SALverse. We don't see much of Albion in SAL. The guy we see in Fae Tales seems so...pompous? (And he acts like a complete dick, but I feel like the pomposity would be more off-putting to Jack.) What did Albion think of Jack? Or did he think of him at all?

Albion is pompous, and I mean I imagined him that way even in SAL. But we were always dealing with Jack’s opinions on people, and Jack had a way of ascribing ‘good’ to Seelie and ‘bad’ to Unseelie and it was hard for him to see past that, with the exception of Gwyn, who he took personal issue with because Gwyn was always or often using or manipulating him.

But yeah, Albion I always imagined as a character who wanted more power, and who was a very competent and self-invested war general who was there to a) support Gwyn and b) put himself in line as next for the throne. Also keep in mind that Gwyn knows this last part re: Albion in general, so Gwyn automatically tends to see Albion as a bit more pompous overall, and power hungry. Though Albion doesn’t really show his ‘true’ self until he’s actually King of the Seelie. Until that point, he genuinely offers Gwyn his support, and it’s a real / legitimate thing.

As for Albion and Jack. I always just imagined that Albion thought Jack was vaguely interesting, but also none of his business, because Jack wasn’t a real fae (and Albion is extremely like - ‘all fae are better than humans, and all sea fae are better than land fae’). He mostly was just like ‘okay what do we need to do to sort this mess out.’ I doubt he cared about Jack very much, or any of the Guardians. But he did care a lot about defeating Augus.

But yeah, seeing characters through Jack’s lens influenced the perception of characters a lot. Gwyn did go through some changes. But most of the rest stayed relatively consistent. We were just seeing them from two pretty different standpoints? And Albion never really got more than a handful of lines of dialogue in SAL either.

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Absolutely adore the last TGATNW chappy. Thanks so much for writing! Completely unrelated: I seem to remember you saying that you love writing Ash because you don't have to check yourself about swearing. Did you ever read/watch Fullmetal Alchemist? Because one of the main charas is (in fanfic, at least) often written swearing so much that it makes me swear in RL (I normally rarely do).

I have never seen Fullmetal Alchemist, no, I’ve always kind of meant to (the list of things I think I should see vs. am actually watching is kind of terrifying).

I actually swear a lot in real life, like, a lot, and it can sometimes surprise people who knew me in highschool and haven’t seen me a while (because I didn’t swear in highschool), or people who saw me at work and have never seen me outside of work (because I never swore at Toys R Us for…obvious reasons relating to the child clientele lol). And in the last two years, I now swear in front of my Mum - not at her, but just…well…I’m 34 and not a tiny child anymore, so y’know.

But with writing, it’s been drummed into me (at university and then writer’s groups or word of mouth stories from other published writers) that swearing is really uncouth and drastically limits your chances of being published. Some publishers think it’s straight up lazy (which I think is bullshit, to be honest and has more to do with them not wanting to intimidating part of their reader base). Or, if you do get published, they’ll say something like ‘limit the number of times this characters says ‘fuck’ to two or three times only’ etc. While I mostly do ignore that (Jack says ‘shit’ or thinks it all the time), Ash was a lot of fun to write because swearing is just so natural to him (which is actually - it reminds me a lot of many Australian folks I know, and he has quite a lazy Australian conversational style, for someone who isn’t Australian).

So glad you enjoyed the last chapter of TGATNW! *bounces quietly* And I’ll quietly bump FMA up on my list of things to watch. :D