Peter moved to the clearing in the woods, alpha senses on alert as he moved to train his body, ignoring the bandage beneath his shirt. He began to move, slowly at first and then slightly faster, trying to ignore the faint pain in his abdomen from a Fae sword. Chris had fussed over it, and he was certain he’d be in trouble for training, but he couldn’t sit still right now.

Prayer By Blood (3/4)

Pairing: CrissColfer (vampire!Darren/fae!Chris)
Rating/Warnings: eventual R / blood, sexual encounters, supernatural elements
Length: part three ~ 2,200 (total ~13,800)
A/N: This wouldn’t be if it weren’t for Katie and Susan indulging my sordid fantasies.  Special thanks to Katie for encouraging me throughout this and for reading every little word of it as it happened.  And as always, a thousand kisses to Tessa for fixing my many mistakes.

Summary: Chris has spent his long life trapped inside the marble-walled city, held captive by satin-edged restrictions and expectations, until the day he stumbles across a wild and untamed man who teaches him how to listen to the call of his blood.

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If you are not long, I will wait for you all my life. - Oscar Wilde

Chris doesn’t see Darren for three days.

He hides in the city, tucked away in the palace where he’s supposed to be anyway.  It’s not like he’s perpetually confined to a boring, chafing courtly life of state affairs and long dinner parties.  Of marble floors and silk sheets and nothing at all that could be considered even remotely dangerous or exciting.

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