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Just gonna follow suit of the person who wrote a message like this before me. I practically removed myself from the tvd fandom completely because quite frankly I felt embrassed to even ship de. It seems the delena fans can only hate on Stefan or a Stefan stan to prove their points. But delena shipper or not I totally respect your opinions and find them extremely refreshing to read tbqh. Its nice to see there are sensible and respectful shippers out there :)

seriously, thank you! it’s really refreshing and amazing to hear people saying they appreciate my opinion. especially since tvd is such a hard fandom to have ~unpopular opinions~ in. i do kind of agree, the tendency is for people to hate on stefan/stelena to defend damon/delena and it’s just always bothered me! i actually quite enjoy reading opinions that contradict my own as long as they’re logical and respectful. i find that kind of discussion really fun :D so i’m glad someone else feels the same and i just really appreciate the message. you’re amazing <3

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The love the fact you have respect for season 1 de or early de. Those were the good days.


seriously the treatment of this ship wouldn’t bother me so much if i hadn’t loved them so much in season one. i only feel this way because i caaaareeee