klaus as ARES | caroline as ATHENA (TVD Greek Gods AU)

  “  The little blonde goddess weaseled her way under his skin, haunted his dreams and waking thoughts, and now she has the audacity to declare that she would have nothing further to do with him. It would not do. ”

inspired by all’s fair & in love and war by fadingtales

I loved the cast [of The Secret Circle]. I love Phoebe Tonkin. I love her. I want her on Vampire Diaries. I ought to write her in.
—  Kevin Williamson (x)

#ugh I hated that they killed off Tommy#and Laurel and Oliver feel so forced#I like Katie but she just has no chemistry with Stephen Amell…#look at these babies#they could’ve been everything#imagine a story arc where Laurel DOES slowly become the BC and starts fighting crime#but Tommy grows darker due to influences form his father#and in the midst of like a fight or something they recognize each other#they realize that the person they love most is on the other side#ugh tragic otp#I need to do an AU (fadingtales)



Can you imagine the conflict of Tommy knowing about Oliver and Laurel knowing about Sara, but them not talking about it? Like maybe Laurel knows who Sara is (the Canary) for longer than she knows about Oliver, and during that time she’s lying to Tommy about it, because she doesn’t feel like it’s her secret to tell and she wouldn’t want to burden him with all that anyways. But they know each other, so he knows she keeping something from him, and he can’t help but hear that voice in the back of his head (and no doubt Malcolm’s whispering) that it must be Oliver, always Oliver. And Malcolm is slowly poisoning his worldview (‘don’t you see, to save this city certain elements must be eradicated’), and Tommy’s looking for some control- just one area where he feels like he’s the one with the power, so he accepts Malcolm’s training. And the changes happen so slowly, Tommy doesn’t even realize how much he’s changed or what terrible things he’s capable of until it's almost too late.

And while that’s all happening with him, Laurel is training with Sara, after successfully arguing that it’s the best way for Sara to not have to worry about her. Sara teaches Laurel the things the league taught her, and takes her on a few patrols, knowing that Laurel will just go alone if she doesn’t. Eventually Laurel finds out about Oliver and Felicity and John, joins the crusade to protect the city, while struggling with keeping it all from Tommy (and also confused and hurt when she finds out Tommy has known about Oliver for a while and not told her- but who is she to judge when she’s doing the same thing).

Both Tommy and Laurel start noticing how much the other is becoming a stranger to them, wondering if it’s because they’re changing or because the other person is. And they love each other so much that they want to make it work, want to tell them everything, but they just can’t bring themselves to do it- too afraid of what the other will say or think, wanting to avoid all the complications that the truth would bring. And then one night, Tommy goes with Malcolm on a “mission” and is met with Oliver and company. Oliver and Sara are both facing off with Malcolm and it comes down to Tommy and Laurel. They’re both wearing masks, but what’s a mask to someone who knows every inch of you, who’s traced your face, your body, with their eyes, their hands, their lips. They’re fighting when suddenly it hits both of them and they just stop- frozen in place, unable to move. Because in what universe would they ever be adversaries? In what messed up version of the world would they ever be attacking each other? This one.

“Stop overthinking it, Athena. Do you want to be with me? It’s a simple question. If the answer is yes, then just say so. Don’t be so logical about it.”

“Don’t be so logical about it,” she echoes with a laugh. “That’s like telling a fish to fly instead of swim. It’s against my nature to be illogical and it’s against yours to be anything but brash and reckless.”

(In Love and War by fadingtales)

These Spartacus photos are just begging to be manipulated! I couldn’t help myself :D

Beacon Falls || Plot Idea / Verse

Beacon Falls is just an average small town located in California.
Dorks, Mean Girls, Nerds, Werewolves, Witches, Vampires, Hybrids and a lot of teenage-drama.
–Well, okay, maybe it’s not as average as one might think.

It all started with the animal attacks and Derek Hale moving back to Beacon Falls.
Stiles and Scott were out in the woods, looking for a dead body when Stiles made one of the biggest mistakes of his life: Leaving Scott behind.
It was a pain in the ass to figure out what happened to his best friend and an even bigger one to keep it a secret, while more and more incidents and animal attacks kept happening.
Stiles was afraid that his best friend was running amok at nights but Derek made clear that there was more. Way more than either Stiles or Scott could think off and that the both teens needed to stay away from the Salvatore brothers, no matter what.

No one knew why either Derek or the Salvatores were back in town again, but no one seemed to mind. No one but Stiles, of course, but he had more important things to worry about: Scott. And his step-sister being nosy and figuring out what was going on.

All in all it’s a simple crossover;

  • Sheriff Stilinski and Sheriff Forbes married a few years after Stiles’ mother died and Caroline’s father left Carol for another man => Caroline and Stiles are Step-siblings;
  • Tyler and Lydia are half-siblings (Same Mother; or Lydia adopted?)
  • Caroline, Elena, Lydia and Allison are ‘the popular girl in School’; While Elena,Caroline and Bonnie are best friends
  • Lydia prefers Allison over everyone else
  • Matt and Jackson (+ Danny) are best friends although Matt starts to see how much of an Jerk Jackson really is
  • Caroline will be turned into a Vampire
  • Jackson and Lydia, Allison and Scott are currently dating (Of course that doesn’t mean that they all will keep dating each other 'for ever’)
  • Derek is a pack-less Alpha and wants Scott to join his pack


      The Vampire Diaries:

      Teen Wolf:

If you are interested, please just write me or Care!Mun and let us know.
All characters are still available

– Inspired by these gifsets by fadingtales

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this is something i meant to put together over the weekend but never quite found the time. i haven’t done a “follow” in a while and so i wanted to recognize two of my favorite ladies on tumblr, who along with me are what i like to call “the klaroline queens.” this ship is near and dear to our hearts as some of the first shippers on tumblr, and owners of lapis and wolfsbane. not only are these girls lovely klaroline shippers, but they make gorgeous art and have beautiful personalities along with it. follow them now! i love you girls! <3

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just hijacking ur convo, but I agree. I’d love to see Tyler finding the drawings. Then forwood can have an intense conversation in which tyler goes “if you don’t care, then why do you keep them?” and then caroline will be forced to question herself

Just like when Klaus asked Caroline why she wore the bracelet and she refused to answer. OOP. lol These guys keep asking these difficult questions that she can’t really answer without opening herself up a bit. I bet part of the reason why, though, is “hey the bracelet’s beautiful, the drawings are beautiful, why NOT keep/wear them. They pretty.” That’d be MY superficial reason. lol

And then I hope Tyler storms over to Klaus’s place and confronts him. I want that Klaus/Tyler fight so, so bad.

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Drabble of the Week: In Love and War by fadingtales

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Hello everybody! This weeks drabble is an AU piece that centers around Caroline as Athena and Klaus as Ares, two Greek Gods. These type of drabbles and/or fanfictions are always captivating because Gods are all powerful and fitting our favourite characters into these roles present a sense of excitement!

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"We like to introduce a trope, where you think you know where it's going, and then everyone gets all up in arms, because 'Oh, here comes the slutty little victim into the show, and Tyler's a cheater, and that's how they're going to break up Caroline and Tyler and get Caroline to Klaus, oh, hack hack hack,'" Plec says, "Because we're masochists. And then we like to be like 'No, that's not at all what we're doing.'"

Julie Plec admits that - up until this point - she’s basically been fucking with the Klaroline fandom

I mean… Could you not? Also, EVEN if this is all true, you don’t NOT tell your girlfriend about this hugely important person in your life. You just don’t. Tyler clearly cares for her and that deep seated trust and connection they have MEANS something.

Furthermore, if they’re going to, what, have Caroline “broken up with Tyler but not really because we’re ‘pulling the wool over Klaus’ eyes’” take Klaus as a date to the MMF shindig, LET US REMEMBER that Caroline is NOT immune to Klaus’ charms (and let’s be real who would be).

So, as she’s trying to be a double agent she actual falls for him. Speaking of which, I need more Love Interruption in my life.

Basically, whatever Julie Plec, I’m going to go read my fanfiction that tend to be better crafted than half of the shows scripts. 


PS - Go follow hybridlovelies, fadingtales, klausykins heystrippah and klarolineepiclove for their quality blogs and fics. 

PPS - Sorry maura, now you probably think I’m weird. Well more so than usual. Maybe

PPPS - Did they also retcon Haley into a hybrid tonight? Or is she still a werewolf who knew the now deceased hybrid What’s His Face?


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