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I haven’t lived with a girl for a while, which sucks because I used to borrow clothes all the time when I lived with girls in drama school. I think I still have plenty of clothes from my first flatmate! I used to wear my mum’s clothes a lot. She had this really cool old denim jacket that she had in the ’80s and then I left it on a plane—I’ve still not forgiven myself. It was baggy, in a faded denim, and I’d wear it with the sleeves pushed up.

in the moment.

pairing: jeon jungkook | reader
best friend au / fluff
word count:
the best moments with jeon jungkook have always happened by chance.
author’s note:
well, this came out longer than i thought it would. it was also inspired by this post because game night with namkook seemed too fun not to write~

It’s funny how easily people come into your life. Sometimes they pass through, other times they stick around for a while, and even rarer times, you come across the ones that stay. The ones in the last group almost always come by chance. Though arguably anything that happens by chance seem to be the best ones.

You’ve found that last statement to be true.

The best moments in your life have always happened by chance. From that one spontaneous trip to downtown by yourself, which you learned a few things about the city’s oldest bookstore and yourself to that time you met someone who stayed, who actually continues to stay. To be more specific, despite how cheesy this’ll sound, this was how you met your best friend, Jeon Jungkook—by chance.

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so uhhhhh, in light that it’s practically halloween for the entire month and also seeing as i just reached 1500 followers (um this blog is trash n i’m shookt to the core??), i quickly whipped up another piece of shitty cc for you all. ✨

👻 this faded black denim jacket is an accessory piece that comes in 6 spoopy flavours.
🎃 you’ll need @blogsimplesimmer‘s denim jacket accessory for this to work!


Darren Criss wore an artfully faded-to-white denim jacket over a Sex Pistols T-shirt and a pair of black trousers, posing with his hands behind his back.


Justin had garnished his charcoal suit with a pink corsage, having buttoned on a smock-like pewter grey top and slid into faded black footwear.

He stood for cameras with an arm about Glee star Chris Colfer, whose light denim jacket clashed stylishly against his much darker jeans.

Chris, 27, had neatly folded up the cuffs of his jacket, which he had flung on over a print top designed in black and teal.

[Daily Mail]

October 19, 2017

Be My Guest

 Warning: Smut, Language, Older Man/Young Girl Relationship, Unnamed O/C

Summary/Prompt: There’s something about Alfred’s 19 year old daughter. 

Author’s Note: Hope you enjoy! Feel free to send in your requests :)

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