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Hello! I have a lore question. So, seekers can't be possessed. But can they bond with the spirit that they summon for their vigil to become a seeker? Like, become a spirit warrior?

Seekers and Spirit Warriors are a bit different. 

Seeker’s cannot be possessed because they have been made Tranquil and then touched by a single, summoned spirit, thus the spirit mentally attaches to them.

Meanwhile, Spirit Warriors dabble directly with the Fade. They pull on different spirits they sort of befriend when using their abilities.

In other words, Seekers are favored by one spirit; while a Spirit Warrior favors the Fade itself and its inhabitants. Also one is physical/magical (Spirit Warriors) and one is mental/spiritual (Seekers), a Spirit Warrior physically bends the Fade around them and a Seeker spiritual connects to a Spirit’s powers to draw upon. This is also why Dwarves can become Spirit Warriors, but not Seekers.

Also a Seeker must be made Tranquil (through isolation and fasting) before a spirit can tie to them, a spirit (usually Faith) is then summoned by the Seeker in charge of the ritual.

And, while Seekers cannot be possessed, Spirit Warriors can be.

What this DOES mean though is that a Seeker can become a Spirit Warrior and probably a darn good one, BUT not all Seekers are Spirit Warriors.

I’m sure some Spirit Warriors can also become Seekers (at least the non-dwarves), but I also think they’d have to relearn/readjust to their powers since being made Tranquil would disrupt any and all connections to the Fade.

Fade to Black - Chapter 6

Sequel to Black Velvet. Dean is no longer a demon, but he’s still cursed with the Mark of Cain, and the lure of that darkness grows stronger as time goes on.

Missed the beginning? It’s here

You look up as Dean drops a plate in front of you, then plops down in a chair beside you. Sam is looking down at his plate, then at Dean, incredulous. “You made egg white omelets?” he asks, and Dean nods.

“Yeah. I figure if part of getting through this is me, then maybe I should twelve-step this mother. I haven’t had a drink in a week, and I figure I’ll detox, avoid burgers, junk food, you know – most of the stuff that makes life worth living. If it helps me control this thing – I don’t know. Can’t hurt to give up my vices temporarily. Well, all but one.” He shoots a wink your way, and you blush a little as you smile. He sits down and takes a bite of his eggs while you and Sam dig in.

“Wow, that’s good,” Sam says, his mouth full, and Dean drops his fork to the table.

“It’s crap.”

You laugh softly and give him a one-armed hug. “It’s good, really. Just takes some getting used to.”

At least there was a faint glimmer of hope these days. You had run across a messed-up case involving Charlie a couple of weeks ago, and – long story short – she was now on the hunt for the Book of the Damned, something Sam had come across during your never-ending research into stopping the Mark of Cain. Dean was determined to fight back in any way he could manage, which meant clean living, healthy eating, and even working out in the ancient gym in the bunker. Gym - kind of a glorified name for a smallish (for the bunker) room with floor mats, punching bags, a couple of antiquated weight machines and a musty smell, and you’re on your knees on the mat, in the middle of scrubbing that smell away with soap, water and bleach, when Dean walks in.

He takes a deep breath, nodding in approval, smiling in your direction as you sweep the hair from your face with the back of your arm. “Better?”

“Yeah, babe, it actually smells – nice in here. You want some help?”

You smile up at him, so glad to see him relaxed for the moment. “Almost done. Then you can give me a massage for all these sore muscles I’ll have in the morning,” you joke, but his eyes light up as he bites his lip.

“Oh, I am all over that, sweetheart,” he says, his voice soft and gruff, and you feel the color come up in your cheeks.

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Little Qunari Things™
           - tripping over your dwarven companions
           - getting your horns stuck on anything and everything
           - bashing your head on every doorway
           - having your knees up to your chest every time you try to sit down in a human-sized chair
           - hugging varric and belatedly realising you just made him faceplant your crotch


I got a haircut guys! Also, I am somewhere along 1 year and (half way over) 4 months on T, as well as half way over 4 months post op w Dr. Garramone. Chest pics will be out soon!

also im forever laughing at the idea that fandom is an “unsafe place for creators” when its actually an unsafe place for abuse survivors, disabled people, and from what I’ve heard people say about their experiences, people of color. basically marginalized people, since bigotry does not disappear once people enter a fandom space

im sorry someone telling u that ur abuse ships are abusive or that ur ismy tropes are ismy is not “unsafe”

Orbs, the Veil, and Fen’Harel

said: You guys run an AWESOME blog! I’m super glad I found you. :D Your meta is awesome. And speaking of meta…I was wondering what your thoughts are on Solas and the orb he had Corypheus unlock? If the orb hadn’t been destroyed by the end of the game, what do you think would have happened? 

Inukagome15, Thank you so much! We started this blog because we couldn’t stop talking about Dragon Age and it is incredibly exciting and validating to get comments like yours! We so appreciate you writing in!

As to your question, I think pre-Trespasser, we would have had a very different answer for you. We both, typically, have fairly optimistic views of our beloved DA characters, and Solas was no different. I personally felt that Solas revealed his character to us repeatedly throughout Inquisition, and that character was one of extreme benevolence. Yeah, I might have ignored some of the blaring warning signs, but even after he dumped my ass (crying on the cold wet ground by the waterfall…*cough* Where was I?), I would have never guessed the revelations we got in Trespasser about him.

The problem is that we’ve repeatedly been shown in the DA universe that our beloved characters are never one dimensional. That’s why we love them! They are living, breathing beings in this world, and as with us all, they have flaws. And after Trespasser I realized that one of Solas’ flaws was on par with other beloved (and oft maligned) characters, like Loghain and Anders. All three of these characters, to quote Alistair, “always think they’re the only ones who can fix things.”

That being said, I think Solas has illustrated that he absolutely would have used the orb to pull down the veil at his earliest convenience. Yeah, he would have been sad about it, but he’d still have done it because he’s clever, has been alive for a looooong time, and he thinks he’s right and justified to do so.

There is an argument that can be made that he’s not wrong! The way the elves have been treated is a travesty any way you look at it. But I guess my perspective on such things is that vengeance is a cycle. A merry-go-round from hell (or the void, as the case may be) that we only can get off if we stop the behavior. One war only begets other wars. One oppressed people rising above another to oppress them is no better than the previous group.

So what I’m hoping is that we are given time to smack Solas upside the head and try to reason with his thousands of year old self (and pray he’ll listen). To try to find a path that can benefit as many of the denizens of Thedas, with as minimal cost as possible.  There are always unknown ripple effects to such things, but that is a problem for another day (and game).

Morta will write up the more detailed, academic answer for you, but I thought I’d give you the “short” (by our standards) one. We’d love to hear what you think as well! We are always thinking about and revising our opinions based on new information and different perspectives.  We would love to hear from you again!

Thanks again,



Thank you so much!  One of the most amazing things about the DA fandom is how many smart, insightful people are working together to analyze these games that we love.  I’m so grateful that Decima pulled me into Thedas.

Decima has some interesting thoughts about our dear Solas, so I will defer to her on that as I agree with pretty much everything she said.  As to what would have happened if the orb hadn’t been destroyed, I have some thoughts about that.  I’m also sure that Solas would have done what he said he would do in Trespasser.  Even if it was with a heavy heart, knowing that there were good people among the dwarves and humans and Qunari, he would have, within short order, used the power of the orb to enter the Fade and brought down the Veil.  

Since Decima has Solas’ character covered, I will focus on the effects of removing the Veil.  What might that do to Thedas?  We know what Solas said would happen, but why would the loss of the Veil be apocalyptic?

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  • ✦:Solas often uses titles when addressing people, calling the Inquisitor as such even though he knows their name ( even fondly ), or Cassandra as Seeker, etc. as a way of keeping himself distant. While it isn't the most effective way of keeping himself detached from the group, not saying names often gives him a feeling of being able to control the situation even if he fails in trying not to get too attached.
  • ✦:The more he gets to know them, the more the names start to slip; he'll go from addressing The Iron Bull as just Bull, Master Tethras/Child of The Stone to Varric, Seeker to Cassandra. Sometimes he'll offer small things like 'falon' or 'my friend', and while it is more intimate than titles, he still feels comfortably in control. Names are important to him. Both Solas and Fen'Harel were given to him, and he chose to use them both to his advantage. Names have power. So, he closer he gets to someone, whether platonically or romantically, the more he'll let their names slip.