I love watching people lose interest in me!!!!!! Keep going!!!!! Fade out of my life!!!! Then ignore me completely!!!!! I live for this shit!!!!!!!

His Words: This song has meant a lot to me ever since I first heard the original version in the video of Tyler playing it in the snow. I then wrote another verse to it to put my own voice into the song. When I first heard the finished version on Blurryface I got chills. Gøner has come full circle and it is hauntingly beautiful to listen to. At the end of this video is the original verse I wrote for the song. I want to be known by you. Lyrics I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath I’m falling from the highest, I’m falling to my death And upon my plummet I have but one request Collect my remains and lay my body to rest I gotta stress that I’ll hit the ground like a god damn grenade Blood and guts all around me like a Halloween parade Watch my life fade away, don"t have to recognize my face Just put my body in the ground and put my name on the grave

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mordecai and margaret is a garbage relationship. how is it never addressed outside of cj mentioning it once that she all of a sudden wants him again but keep NO contact with him when she went to college

I mean, that’s just a part of adult relationships. It’s happened to lots of people. It’s certainly happened to me. You go away for a long time, basically don’t keep in contact with people who you knew before and slowly they start to fade out of your life. You can do this for a year or more or even forever. Then you go home and see them again and all the feelings you had come flooding back. That’s part of the reason we included that line to begin with, to point out that that’s the situation that was happening. To specifically address how we never saw or heard from Margaret for so long.

I would say it’s not mentioned or pointed out by other characters because in real life that stuff doesn’t get mentioned. You just feel it, keep it all bottled up inside and try to ignore it, then it either gets worse or gets better until something comes of it. You might find someone else, or they might move away, or you might move away again, or you might make a move on them, or who knows really? Things like this aren’t cut and dry. Emotions don’t make any sense, they just sort of happen. You can only guide them so much.