i don’t really expect anyone to get me anything but i’m going back to school in a few weeks (starting my junior year in high school) and it’d be really cool if anyone w a little extra money could help me out w buying clothes since i don’t really have a lot to wear that i feel comfortable in and fits me right! i’d really appreciate it ❤


My dress almost looks like a tent from the Night Circus, and I’m daring to wear clothing I like in the hope that I can trust the shop’s air conditioning. Dress and vest thrifted, jabot given to me by a friend years ago, tights from Hot Topic, necklace from VesperMoth and lipstick is Black Moon Cosmetics “Sorrow.” Even if everyone loves the fade, it’s hair dying day and I’m relieved. 

PSA: Contests soon!

I know everyone’s excited about The Trilogy finally being released and The Fall Tour, so fuckyeah-theweeknd wants to finally give you the gear you’ve been waiting for! We’ll be teaming up with Faded Clothing to give out some of their fan gear. All you have to do is earn it! There will be different aspects of the contest, but all of it will be based on The Fall Tour, so get your creative thinking flowing and get ready for submissions to win fan gear! Expect official contests announcements at the end of this month or the very beginning of October.

You can check out the fan gear here, but know that we’re waiting on some new unreleased stuff to choose from before we get the contests started.





TYRIAN purple (aka Royal purple or Imperial purple) is a dye extracted from the murex shellfish which was first produced by the Phoenician city of Tyre in the Bronze Age. Its difficulty of manufacture, striking purple to red colour range, and resistance to fading made clothing dyed using Tyrian purple highly desirable and expensive. 

The Phoenicians gained great fame as sellers of purple and exported its manufacture to its colonies, notably Carthage, from where it spread in popularity and was adopted by the Romans as a symbol of imperial authority and status.

In Phoenician mythology, the discovery of purple was credited to the pet dog of Tyros, the mistress of Tyre’s patron god Melqart. One day, while walking along the beach the couple noticed that after biting on a washed up mollusc the dog’s mouth was stained purple. Tyros asked for a garment made of the same colour and so began the famous dyeing industry.

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Article by Mark Cartwright on AHE