faded signs

On those long drives south, you will pass fields of wind turbines.
They will stand so stoically, you will briefly ponder how they got there,
and how they can be so perfect.
You will realize they were put there for that very purpose.

You will pass billboards for businesses
that feel like home to somebody,
but to you are only brief glimpses to be immediately forgotten.
You will pass oddities.
A beaten down store that sells only bottled water, advertised proudly on sun-faded signs.
A barn on the side of the road with “REPENT” painted in large letters across the roof,
surrounded only by emptiness for miles in all directions.
Large animal statues that at one point,
long ago,
were built for a reason.
Mostly, however, you will pass normality, in all of its bustling stillness.

Wherever you are at 5:37 p.m., the sky will look beautiful.
And it will look beautiful until nighttime falls, masking the vast web of highways
in a blanket of familiarity,
because darkness looks the same from one side of the world to the other.

You will spend hours counting down the miles until you are home,
and once you are home,
you will wish that you were anywhere else.
Home is lonely. You will be reminded of this.
Reality will fall like dust across your suitcase,
now only a chore to be unpacked.
And when it begins raining in your backyard,
you will wonder how the weather is
in Decatur.

—  G.S.
The Signs as The Dark Artifices Characters
  • Aries: Emma Carstairs
  • Taurus: Malcolm Fade
  • Gemini: Tiberius Blackthorn
  • Cancer: Octavian Blackthorn
  • Leo: Mark Blackthorn
  • Virgo: Livia Blackthorn
  • Libra: Drusilla Blackthorn
  • Scorpio: Cristina Rosales
  • Sagittarius: Johnny Rook
  • Capricorn: Kieran
  • Aquarius: Julian Blackthorn
  • Pisces: Kit Rook
Linger (NSFW)

Summary: After reluctantly going to your colleague’s masseuse, you meet Sam, the man with the magic fingers. But as time goes on, you find out exactly what’s behind that “magic”.

Pairing: Incubus!Samxreader, Dean

Rating: NSFW

Warnings: Unprotected sex, language, over stimulation

Word count: 3500+

A/N: So instead of posting Gadreel first I’m somehow posting Sam first. Don’t even ask man I don’t know either bahaha. Also, over protective Dean is the best Dean if you ask me. Enjoy folks! p.s. writing consensual incubi sex is literally the hardest shit in the world bahaha

Eternity squad: (my memory is great..ish) @mrswhozeewhatsis @beriala @busybee612  @kittenofdoomage @aprofoundbondwithdean @ign-is @icantthinkofaname-oops  

This is a bad idea.

You hold the card up, chewing your lip as you flick your eyes up to the building. Some of the letters are faded off of the sign, but you can still make out ‘Winchester’ from it all. You turn to leave, pausing when a shooting pain spikes up your lower back, almost making you topple over. Back pain is basically in the job description of a desk job.

This is, still, a bad idea.

Private masseuse? Kevin couldn’t be trusted with this crap – he’s always handing you over to his clients, most of the time they’re working out of their garages! But damn it, your back is killing you and it couldn’t hurt to try. You pause, frowning. Maybe it could hurt to try, maybe she’d make your back feel even worse. You shake the thoughts away as you walk into the building, smiling at the tiny girl behind the counter.

“Hello,” you say. She keeps typing away on her computer, glancing up at you with a soft smile. “A colleague set up an appointment for me –”

“Who’s the name under?” she says through her clenched teeth.

“Tran…maybe? I think he –”

“Kevin Tran, for his regular, he gave it to you?” she mumbles, typing something into the computer. You watch her fingers dart over the keyboard, almost getting dizzy by her quick typing. “Mary isn’t in, do you want Sam or John?” she asks. You stare at her blankly, shaking your head profusely.

“Uh..no offense, but I don’t want some dude rubbing on me,” you say, whirling around when hearty laughter sounds. You suck in a breath as a tall man approaches you. His smile is far more inviting than hers. He brushes his hair out of his face with one hand, tapping the woman’s computer with the other.

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It’s been a year since Ray Britain lay on the floor of the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, Calif., feeling the vibrations of the gun shots.

He remembers that “constant tremble,” he says, the ringing in his ears, the shell casings — “a rainbow of shell casings” — flying from the gun, and the looks of shock on his coworkers’ faces.

It’s been a year since Britain survived what was then considered the deadliest terrorist attack in the United States since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks: Fourteen people killed and 22 wounded. But he can remember all of it like it was yesterday.

“The dreams keep a lot of it real,” Britain says. “There’re certain things I wish I could just forget, but unfortunately, they just keep popping up.”

San Bernardino Shooting’s Signs Have Faded, But Memories Remain Piercing

Photos: Nathan Rott/NPR


   ~Hiro’s day so far was peaceful enough, he took a walk, saw some sights and restocked his snacks. Something about it was dissatisfying though.. He hunched himself over on the wall of the lounge, and crossed his arms. 

   Thinking to himself, he began to ponder. Making friends never seemed to come naturally to Hiro, and even when he did have them, fitting in and hanging out was also a huge challenge.

   He lets himself sink a little bit- now finding himself squatting against the wall rather than leaning on it.- and let out a slight sigh. His face soon twisted into a sneer as he sees the other figure present. 

   He vowed to avoid Cleo as best as he could to avoid humiliation, but he was bound to run into him again eventually. He tried to stay out of sight, hoping Cleo wouldn’t notice his presence. 


Mercury Rev - Holes

Time, all the long red lines, that take
Control, of all the smoke like streams that flow into your
Dreams, that big blue open sea, that can’t be
Crossed, that can’t be climbed, just born
Between, oh the two white lines, distant gods and faded
Signs, of all those blinking lights, you had to pick the one tonight