faded rainbow

So I’m playing Breath of the Wild tonight and it’s raining in-game but the clouds are clearing and the sun is at my back and starting to set, and as I’m wandering doing whatever I notice that up in the sky there’s a big freaking rainbow and I stand there for a minute like “Did Nintendo really program rainbow physics into this game?” and then a cloud passed in front of the sun and the rainbow faded and I’m like “Holy shit dude, Nintendo programmed actual real rainbow science into the weather for this game.” and damned if my mind wasn’t blown at the attention to detail. Good on you, Nintendo.


@carryon-valentines day one: friendship day

a quick edit for the gang (based off of what their magic feels like):

  • agatha: “it’s ballet. it’s like i just hold position as long as i can.”
  • penny: “i suppose it feels like a well inside me. so deep that i can’t see or even imagine the bottom.”
  • baz: “it’s like lighting a match. or pulling a trigger.”
  • simon: “it goes off like a bomb.”

(also i know this is a day late pls forgive me)

one of many reasons why “QUEER” means so much to me.

[ IMAGE: a long, white image with “QUEER” faded in rainbow gradient in the background behind text written using various fonts in various sizes, colors and line-weight reading “sometimes identity is a journey. so far mine has gone something like this – queerascat.tumblr.com – HOLY SHIT, i’m BISEXU– wait, no, i’m PANSEXUAL! oh, but demisexuality? i’m DEMI-PANSEXUAL! but wait, what if i’m a LESBIAN??? no, WAIT! i’m NOT EVEN FEMALE!!! (no shit sherlock! plus you like who you like of any gender!) oh god, not even demi, TOTALLY ACE after all… shiiiiittt… panromantic ace! biromantic ace? PANro and BIro ACE! lolol wtf was i ever even thinking??? OF COURSE i’m a BI (sans ‘romantic’) & PAN (sans ‘romantic’) ACE. but grayro? quoiro? BI-PAN-GRAY-QUOIRO?? ugh, what the fuck ever. i’ll use whichever word(s) whenever it feels right to do so, but QUEER is the one word that has ALWAYS felt right. - Vesper 09/23/2016" ]

Real Monsters, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Dean from Supernatural. Portrait is from the chest up. Dean’s posture suggests he’s driving a car. He’s wearing a rugged brown jacket with the collar flipped. Most of his body is in shadow. He’s gazing to the right, and his expression is worried. The background is a vivid gradient of rainbow colors. Large letters that look handwritten have been overlaid on the rainbow and fade into the shadows: “I have seen more than my share of monsters. I mean real monsters.” ]