faded folk

Do you know why the Fair Folk take us? Why they are so intrigued by us?

Because we can die.

Our lives are defined by death. From our first breath, we rail against it, refusing to lay down and die. Our lives are a constant dance with it - some take up weapons and go forth to bring it, others tap-dance at its thresholds in the sky and deep waters, and still others strive against death itself. But in the end, we all go to death, whether it be calmly or in anger, and we weigh our life in tribute to ourselves. Death is our motive - we tell ourselves, when I am dead, what will be left of me? and craft wonders to answer that question. The wonders are left, even after we fade.

The Fair Folk cannot die. They do not feel the impetus to survive, to leave a legacy. They take us to taste our constant, exhilarating fear of death and joy of life, to sample our drives without meeting our ends. 

And this, too, is why iron burns them. When a star dies, the last atoms produced before the nova are iron. Iron is the death of a star, and its kiss shows them the truth - that one day, even that which does not live or die will go out…

…but the starstuff will continue into the skies forever.



WELLLLLlll okay it’s not a shirt, but only because the original image itself was an odd dimension size and a bit too small and resizing it would have made it blurry when printing on a shirt. BUT when I get a bit of free time (pffttttcute Xedra, ‘free time’) I want to remake the image to be of a high enough resolution to print on a shirt. :D

But I do love me some mugs, so I’m more than pleased as punch right now. A mighty thirst indeed ahuhuhuh~ :D Thanks so much, @asrielisdeadandfloweyisabitch <3

anonymous asked:

Hey again are you busy because when little-skelebros was updated a month ago so just checking

*twiddling thumbs*

So……… … … . .

I’m trying to think how to word this, because I’m really wordy and I wanna be concise, but also not come off rude or like belittling?

When I say I’m busy, I guess I mean to say “I’ve got better stuff I’m doing”, but when I say that, I’m not necessarily trying to say that: the stuff I’m doing is better than Lil Skelebros. It’s more like it is better for me.

Here’s a quick lil tidbit about Lil-Skelebros: back when Undertale had recently been released and gained some traction in gaining a pretty big following, I was there to hop on the ride early on and got all swept up in the excitement of the fandom! So much so, that when the idea of “What were Sans and Papyrus as kids?” started popping up, I jumped onto that idea without much hesitation (cause I have terrible impulse control that still trips me up to this day lmao) I had no plan, no real intention of it getting so story centric, none of that, it just… Happened! I was so excited and so entertained by running an ask blog, it was “shoot first ask questions later”

I had no idea it would get so popular, and when it did, I felt a moral obligation to start making it more story driven. So I tried, and did for awhile, and set myself up in more regard and put more pressure on myself than anything. I even started the patreon to support it as a way to keep me motivated.

Sad to say, as the fandom’s spirit started fading out (folks I followed who were big producers of fanart began moving on or otherwise disliked Undertale as a result of the strange shift in the vibe the fandom gave off) I kinda started fading as well in keeping up with Lil-Skelebros.

I dunno, some part of me felt guilty for keeping it going even when I saw so many folks just start leaving UT or criticizing the fandom and all this and that, it still kinda haunts me and I don’t know exactly why. Not like I had any involvement, in fact, while folks on this side got tired, I was already exploring another portion of the fandom and started up a “””secret”””everyone fucking knows who I am/was and it’s funny how I try to pretend to be someone else and can’t fucking hide it–sideblog(s) for other… niche… content (I’m sorry, I’m just so so sorry)

To put it short: I found other things to enjoy at another part of the fandom.

I tend to not like to say I have that big of involvement with fandom, because I’m adamant about steering clear of it as to enjoy the content for what it is and not let others blind my clear love for the source material, so… I just have learned to tune out the bullshit and the arguing in favor of just having fun and doing whatever I love to do.

ANYWAYS, I find this new aspect to which I enjoy more, and gain some friends and following who also enjoy those things with me more, and they’re more personal things so like I’m always too nervous about bringing them up on this blog, which is why I made the separate blogs to keep that content off this one. Cause lord knows I remember trying way back when, and that blew back up at me instead <:,D made me feel real bad and ashamed, nervous and timid to share those niche interests.

Though having a separate blog for this content gives me a safe out to be sure I’ve got the best of both: SFW content going on here to be enjoyed by many, and the other/nsfw content going there for me to enjoy as well as be enjoyed by others too!

Where this is all leading to is this: I feel spent on Lil-Skelebros, it was something I have taken so much responsibility on, and I really don’t get much benefit from it other than recognition and satisfaction. And sadly, I’m no longer getting satisfaction from it. By that, I mean I’m not enjoying creating and producing it as much as I once did when I first started out, it’s such a chore now. I tried to start up patreon as a way to kickstart my motivation for it and for maybe other projects, but… I’m kinda at a loss with it all. I want patreon to be a more giving thing than just “comic updates for a comic I don’t even enjoy”

My creativity is elsewhere with this other side of the fandom I’m hinting strongly to. I feel more free creatively and feel a little more original there too.

Lil-Skelebros is nothing novel to the fandom: a story on how Sans and Papyrus grew up and came to be, and how Gaster comes to be, and maybe just a little of what happens after Undertale ends off. I’ve outlined the story, I’ve even thumbnailed/scripted Chapter 1, but it just doesn’t feel worth it to me, not when I don’t enjoy it. Sure maybe this could be my swan song to the Undertale fandom should I feel close to being done with it and wanting to move on… But I’m not ready just yet, and I wanna focus on this other thing I got going, as well as revise my outlook on how I handle my patreon.

I don’t wanna delete the blog for all the progress, but I will probably reblog this post as a way to update folks on the deal and formally apologize for all the promises I did not fulfill.

I don’t know what else to say other than “sorry”, because at the same time… I don’t wanna feel bad for something I’ve been doing on simply the whim of it. I enjoyed doing it, and I won’t forget it, nor do I regret it. I just have my attention focused elsewhere.

I hope folks don’t mind too much, I’m not gonna delete Lil-Skelebros or really proclaim it “cancelled”, maybe… I just need to wait for the itch to come back, or for when I’m ready to start moving on from the fandom, and would like to grant the rest of that story just before I decide to finally leave it and have the story rest in peace…. cause i mean if anything id like to see what all these other stories that are going conclude to so that I know what’s been done and then can maybe divert away from all that and try doing something a lil more inventive/original by the end of it HAH

I appreciate all those who followed it, and I hope to share more content here so that ya’ll don’t think I’m dead LOL

Imshael: “Let me go and you can have one of these nice choices.”

Mordred: “You know any cool runes Imshael?”

Imshael: “Oh absolutely.”

Cassandra: “Are you serious?!”

Mordred: “Hey…they’re cool runes, okay. From a spirit. Or demon. Fade-folks got the most direct and powerful runes ‘cos it’s basically their mother tongue.”

Imshael: “See? The young mage understands the value of choices. This time, anyhow. You would be in a much better place now had you accepted my offer in the past, young one.”

Cassandra: “WHAT.”

Varric: [sarcastic gasp] “Puffy! You didn’t tell us you’re *friends* with the shady demon-spirit-thing! For *shame*!”

Mordred: “It’ll take for-fucking-ever if I just sit there and list off every spirit who ever disappointed me. Right Imshael?”

Imshael: “Anyway. What will you choose, Inquisitor?”

Mordred: “You fucking bailed on our wager, Imshael.”

Cassandra: “You wagered with a demon. Not only do you consort with it, you wagered with a demon?!”

Mordred: “So I’m raising the stakes–”

Imshael: “Inquisitor! Ahem! What is your choice?”

[let Mordred deal with them] | [choose one of Imshael’s offers] | [attack Imshael] | [Mordred, what the fuck are you and him talking about?]

San Antonio Fading
Noah Gundersen

Oh, my darling, this is getting harder;

The world is growing smaller everyday

And oh, my darling, your memory’s slowly fading.

I know I keep complaining, 

But I’m not as strong as I was

It’s not that the love is missing, it’s just not around

It’s just flowing under, like rivers underground

And if I say “I love you,” like you know I do, 

Would you say you love me too?

If you do, I’ll keep on loving you

ggottablast  asked:

Is this new untitled novel about "a pack of girl street racers" possibly the guillotine girls book we've all been dying for?? (Found it on Goodreads haha)

Dear ggottablast,

Goodreads is misinformed. My next novel (you can follow along at home using my enigmatic tag #darknovel) is a standalone YA paranormal involving Colorado and dust. The one after that (you can follow along at home using my equally enigmatic tag #girlnovel) is my first adult novel that I’m working on, and yes, it does involve a pack of girl street racers. Guillotine Girls is not a novel. It was a brief charming plaything of the Raven Cycle fandom begun here.* I am also slowly beginning the groundwork for a series to work on after all those things, and that’s tagged #foolishnovel

I stay mostly mum on all these things as it seems silly to get people excited about things they won’t be able to read for over a year.



*It’s my understanding from my faraway position here in CreatorLand that the popularity of Guillotine Girls faded as some folks wanted to monetize it and other folks rightly got steamed that people wanted to make money / take ownership of what was supposed to be a collective free-spirited fandom plaything, but that is all hearsay so don’t take my word on it. 

I saw you come in late
You nearly broke my heart ya did
You spun me out of shape
And then you almost made me sick
I’ve got you figured out
The frowns, the silence
I know you’re all about
The mood, the violence
Turn it around, I’ve found that I’m lonely
Kick it down a notch to only see that we
Ran out of everything we dreamed
Take me out with all of your demons
On the ground floor without a reason
I’ve finally found a method to come clean
My eyes are on the clocks
I know your brain is glittering
We fed it to the dogs
And this is such a bitter thing
I’ve got you all mapped out
Your face, your fever
You are without a doubt
The worst believer
Turn it around, I’ve found that I’m lonely
Kick it down a notch to only see that we
Ran out of everything we dreamed
Take me out with all of your demons
On the ground floor without a reason
I’ve finally found a method to come clean

The worst is yet to come
Erase it all and then display the sun
Don’t you say you’re not the only one who’s from
Where you’re from

Turn it around, I’ve found that I’m lonely
Kick it down a notch to only see that we
Ran out of everything we dreamed
Take me out with all of your demons
On the ground floor without a reason
I’ve finally found a method to come clean

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I decided to forsake my laziness… and partake in the memery… 

and also gawk at the inconsistency holy moly