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Wallpapers I’ve made today~
Please do not repost anywhere else without credit. I didn’t put my watermark on it, because I didn’t want to ruin it, so please just be polite and don’t repost without credit ♡
I’m also taking requests for wallpapers!! They don’t have to be darkly themed like most of these are, they can be anything. Any fandom, backround, effect (Blur, fading, shadows, etc.)
We can explain through messages, and don’t be afraid to ask me, I don’t bite. :3

First Impressions - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader (Chapter V: FINALE)

Summary: Your homecoming is wonderful, but Jasmine still hasn’t gotten over her own heartbreak. An unlikely hero helps along both her happiness, and yours. Mr. Miranda is the perfect gentleman and the love of your life. Happy endings become possible.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 3,496 (the longest piece I’ve ever posted!)

A/N: We have finally reached the end of this series, and I wanted to post this on the day of Lin’s birthday to celebrate happy endings and contentment! Happy birthday, Lin. This is for you, and every single person who has supported this deliciously crazy idea. 

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The rest of your trip in London was fading into a blur, and fast. Each day was bleeding into the next and the hours you spent simply thinking about that same dark pair of eyes that had pierced you from the very start. To think that this misunderstanding was entirely due to your own prejudice and refusal to believe a good thing about the man made your thoughts whirl down a spiral of shame. Jasmine had been right. There is good in everybody.

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season 4 of Hannibal begins

dark, shadowy, like the air itself is thick like a mist. close-up shots of two blurted male figures sitting on a couch, in a deeply intimate kiss. hands slowly moving over each other’s bodies. the blurring fades, showing that indeed, it is Will and Hannibal.

suddenly it cuts out to cheap florescent lighting, Will is alone, on a cot in a cell in the BSHCI. his eyes remain closed.

footsteps are heard approaching the cell. a woman’s voice speaks.

“Mr. Graham?”

Will’s eyes finally open. A slight, devious little smile appears.

“Agent Starling. I’ve been expecting you.”