Map of Scotland

Drawn in a fantasy Lord of Rings / The Hobbit style.

Some people wondered if I was selling prints for this or would sell the original files. Id rather just share it and people can do what they want with it from there. 

Below you can find a link to download the original PNG file, since Tumblr compresses images quite heavily. It’s relatively low resolution but still, if you do print this let me know, I’d love to see how it looks!

If you’re curious about how it was made or the kinds of tools and resources used, I’ve written a little overview on Medium which you can read here:

“I think it says a lot about you the way you left things. How you went from kissing me in the rain to leaving my texts unreplied. The way you touched me and then disappeared without a word. Or how that night I went home not realizing it was the last time I’d see you again. I don’t care that you decided you weren’t interested anymore, I care that you left me waiting for someone who was never coming back. I care that you didn’t even have it in you to simply say ‘this isn’t what I want’. Maybe we were never going to last forever, but I think I deserved to at least hear it from your mouth and not your silence.”

••• he turned into a ghost