fade chart

anonymous asked:

People expect Taylor to be everywhere she won't be famous for long she is almost 30 after this album she will fade away and new singers will take over.

You can fade away from the charts, but this level of fame doesn’t go away. It might be generational, but that would probably involve YOUR children become fans of hers, because you’re going to be playing her music.

In her case, she could already sell out a custom-built theater in Las Vegas several times per week for the rest of her life.

Also, I want to mention that I sincerely believe that I can’t imagine future superstars being able to get this big.

This is Not necessarily because of talent…..it’s timing…….Taylor caught the end of one era of fame (physical CD sales, radio promotion, etc.) and the beginning of another (social media, streaming, entertainment gossip).

My poems are fading charts,
useless for mapping the currents
that light your feet
and the hidden reefs that explode in your hair.
—  William Witherup