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Companion Fade Fears

Below is a list of the banter between the Fear Demon and our lovable companions while stuck in the Fade. 

Like Blackwall. Ah, there’s nothing like a Grey Warden. And you are nothing like a Grey Warden.

Blackwall: I’ll show you a Warden’s strength, beast.

Are you afraid, Cole? I can help you forget. Just like you help other people. We’re so very much alike, you and I.

Cole: No.

Dirth ma, Harellan. Ma banal enasalin. Mar Solas ena mar din.

Solas: Banal nadas.

The Qunari will make a lovely host for one of my minions. Or maybe I will ride his body myself.

Iron Bull: I’d like to see you try.

What’s it like living as an apostate, Vivienne? Do you really think you’ll reclaim your power in the Circle … at your age?

Vivienne: Not one word.

Greetings, Dorian … it is Dorian, isn’t it? For a moment, I mistook you for your father.

Dorian: Rather uncalled for.

Your Inquisitor is a fraud, Cassandra. Yet more evidence there is no Maker, that all your faith has been for naught.

Cassandra: Die in the void, demon.

Sera, Sera, Sera … If you shoot an arrow at me, I’ll know where you are.

Sera: Out of my head, Bitch-balls!

Once again, Hawke is in danger because of you, Varric. You found the red lyrium. You brought Hawke here.

Varric: Just keep talking, Smiley.

Did the King’s bastard think he could prove himself? It’s far to late for that. Your whole life, you’ve left everything to more capable hands. The Archdemon, the throne of Ferelden … who will you hide behind now?

Alistair: Is that all it’s got? I’ve heard worse than that from Morrigan.

Teryn Loghain Mac Tir, the brilliant commander. Pity the one time you tried to rule, you failed so miserably. You had to be beaten, humiliated, lest you destroy your own country. You even doomed the Wardens by bringing the Inquisitor down on them. You destroy everything you touch.

Loghain: Is that all you’ve got? It’s nothing I’ve not said to myself.

Warden Stroud. How must if feel to devote your whole life to the Wardens, only to watch them fall? Or worse, to know that you were responsible for their destruction? When the next Blight comes, will they curse your name?

Stroud: With the Makers blessing, we will end this wretched beast.

Did you think you mattered, Hawke? Did you think anything you ever did mattered? You couldn’t even save your city. How could you expect to strike down a God? Anders/Fenris/Merrill/Isabella is going to die, just like your family, and everyone you ever cared about.

Hawke (Diplomatic): Of course, a Fear demon would know where to hurt us most. We must ignore it.

Hawke (Humorous): Well that’s going to grow tiresome quickly.

Hawke (Aggressive): I’m going to enjoy killing this thing.

Banter I Think Should Have Taken Place

*You must choose who stays: Alistair or Hawke*

Inquisitor: Nope. We’re all going back. 

Alistair: There’s no time. I’ll stay. The Grey Wardens are at fault for this. If they hadn’t … it should be me. Tell my love that–

Inquisitor: Shut up.

Alistair: But–

Inquisitor: I said shut up.

Hawke: Yes, shut up. Besides, it was my father’s blood that started this. It should be me–

Inquisitor: You also need to shut up. I said we all go back.

Hawke: But this demon spider isn’t going to wait all day! Our chances are dwindling by the second. There’s no way we can–

Inquisitor: Really? Are you kidding? “No time?” “Dwindling by the second?” Listen, we just wandered through the Fade at the most leisurely of paces while I made sure to search for Fade plants and minerals like we were strolling through a fucking field of sunshine and daisies. I also made sure to loot the bodies of the shit-ton of demons we killed along the way, even taking the time to backtrack and recheck areas in case I missed something. Oh, and then there was that moment when I had to stop and rearrange my pack because it was getting too full and not everything would fit. So yeah, of all the things I’m worried about, time is not one of them.


Alistair: *coughs*  

Hawke: Guess I can’t argue with that.

Alistair: She does have a point.

Inquisitor: We charge on three.