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Damn Cassandra Clare, back at it again with my BROKEN HEART

’“We want you,” he said, his hand slipping through my hair to cup the back of my neck. “We wanted you yesterday, we want you today, and we’ll want you tomorrow. There’s nothing you can do to change that”’

Ruby, Liam and the whole Black Betty Crew have destroyed me…

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I've seen so many Monster asks and since you have request open maybe you could make Reaper, Soldier 76 and Hanzo with a witch s/o headcanons? :D

A/N: I decided to take a different approach and made this a bit more fantasy fiction as well as not using the Halloween event skins. Also, I’m not very familiar with the types of witches so I looked some of these up. Hope this is alright!

Send your requests here. (Requests are currently closed as I’m getting through the ones I have.)


Spirit / Hedge Witch

  • He was a lost spirit of vengeance when you came across him. Originally, having thought it was an animated scarecrow due to his pumpkin head.
  • Though, the energy you could feel from him was anything but a simple being.
  • He tried his hardest to scare you away from the woods but you would not be deterred. Wanting to help him from the start.
  • It all came down to one moment. When you pursued him instead, sweat on your brow as you placed an enchantment that linked you to him.The emotions of his soul rushed through you. His pain was now yours as you absorbed the negative energy he harvested.
  • A pang of sadness hit your chest, tears welling in your eyes feeling the pain of the man in front of you. “Why?” You sobbed while he watched you fall to your knees. Wisps of his body seeped from his robes as he saw the sadness in your eyes. His sadness. The hurt that tore him apart and kept him on this earth. “Why did they do this to me?” You’d cry, voice rasp with emotion. “The witch, why would she not let me die?” He watched you cry, wailing what his heart could never portray in this form.
  • After that, he visited you without malicious intent. Watching as you went on with your daily spells and activities without much thought at his presence.
  • In time you felt his soul grow lighter. The resentment and pain began to fade as you offered him your healing magic the best you could.
  • “I can free you, you know.” You spoke, turning the pages of your spell book. “I…I can undo the spell the other witch has placed on you. Set your soul free from this earth.” The Reaper, as he told you to call him, paused. His pumpkin head remained as passive as ever but you could feel him contemplate your words. “If you do,” He began, “I won’t be able to be with you.” The response left you shook. A silent hum of understanding as you both left the topic at that.

Hanzo Shimada

Dragon/ Green Witch

  • Dragons were creatures that could not be tamed.
  • You, however, had this particular dragon at the twirl of your finger. Yet, it was not magic that made him do your bidding.
  • When you had moved into his lands, he began to keep a wary eye on you. Though, when he saw the magic your performed. You left him in awe.
  • You healed the others that inhabited his lands, blessed the lands to be more fruitful and offered help to any who needed without asking anything in return.
  • When he first met you in person he was nervous. In his time, he’s met and seen many witches but none to kind such as you. Yet, you welcomed him in without any questions an
  • “Ah, you must be the dragon that protects these lands.” You smile, pushing the door aside for him. The dragon is hesitant before stepping inside your small estate. Plants and crystals lie scattered along the tables and windowsills and he can feel the warm magic they radiate. “I was making some tea. Would you like some?” He nods and you smile pouring an extra cup. “Alright then, how may I help you?”
  • He asked for a simple salve, something to keep his scale from chafing while flying. You provide it for him, blessing the salve with a spell so its properties worked much stronger.
  • You asked for nothing in return instead for him to join you for tea when he has the chance. A glowing smile and a gentle hand over his had him blushing out a yes.
  • He returned immediately the next day.

Soldier 76

Zombie / Solitary Witch

  • Soldier had taken residence with you when you had saved him from an incident with the townsfolk.
  • His arm, although torn completely off, wiggled in his grasp as you started at strange undead man at your doorstep.
  • You asked how he knew of you and he said the townsfolk spoke of you. He offered you his vigilance and protection in exchange for your healing services. Reluctantly, you obliged and since then he has followed you from town to town.
  • Like any other time, whether the townsfolk took well to you was rare. Soldier often having to patrol your current lodgings for attacks from outsiders.
  • When it did come to it, he was skilled in battle as you were in magic. Though, it did not mean he always came out without a  wound or two.
  • However, your magic was versatile. You knew the ways of a white witch and those of the dark but strayed from remaining in a certain spectrum. With your knowledge you could heal his physical body and mend his eternal soul from leaving it.
  • Over time he grew to be more than just a bodyguard. He grew to care more intensively at your well-being and you his.
  • “You must be more careful, Jack.” You muttered at the pale corpse. “I can keep you here but if this body gets too destroyed, I don’t know what would happen.” You shoot him a look. “I don’t want to have to go grave digging.” He snorted at the notion, saying this was his original body and any other would not do. The light of your magic fades as you finish your incantation. A giggle escapes you as you brush the unruly hairs on his head down. “I know, I know, I jest.” You stop to place a hand on his cheek. “It be a pity, really. This body has some pretty attractive scars.”
  • If the dead could blush, he would be as red as a cherry.

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It is I, Krome, from the Fiyah Embull! Give your father a hug, Lasoona!

Never trust Mii fighter Chrom

5/12 Happy Birthday, Shigeo Kageyama~!!!!

Best sweetest, soft boy ever :3

The Man in Apartment 43 - Part 3


Summary: Dean x Reader - Neighbours AU - Dean and the reader live next door to each other and can’t stand each other. Will things change once circumstances bring this bartender and business man duo closer together?

Triggers: Stalker, B&E, Fear, talk of restraining orders, frozen in fear, panic

Y/N = Your name ¦ Y/L/N = Your last name   ¦ Y/E/C = Your eye colour ¦ Y/H/C = Your hair colour  ¦ Y/N/N = Your nickname 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4


“(Y/N), hey… Can y’hear me?” Dean kept his voice low and careful as he gently reached out and touched her arm. She was in shock, hell she didn’t even see him. He didn’t want to frighten her any further, so he opted for just letting his fingertips touch against her wrist as he kept his eyes on her, worry seeping into every nerve and muscle in his body as fingers touched against cold skin. She was freezing and her pulse under his fingertips was erratic. Shit.

At his touch of her wrist everything exploded, the eerie silence around her and her silent scream burst as a bubble when his neighbour finally found her voice again and screamed out at the touch of soft fingertips against her shaking arm. The loud sound of her terrified scream making Dean jump a little as she half turned, lashing out towards him without really seeing him.

Damn, she was so afraid and Dean didn’t know how to help her, how to calm her down. As one of her still weak arms hit against his chest he did the only thing he could to keep her from hurting herself or him and held onto her shoulders. His hold still light as he tried to look into those blank (Y/E/C) eyes and make her see him. He just needed to get her to calm down, so that he could bring her out of the freak show of a living room and back into safety at his place.

“Whoa (Y/N)… You’re safe. It’s me… It’s Dean,” Dean’s words were drowned out by the scream turned broken sobs as he cast a worried look over his shoulder to Sam where his younger brother was standing, looking at the mess of the room in utter disgust. Dean had told him about the weirdo following (Y/N) home, but when he spoke to Sammy that morning that’d been all he’d known. So Sam was probably not expecting something as extreme as the nightmare the girl in apartment 42 was currently drowning in.

“No, don’t…” (Y/N)’s broken plea brought Dean’s full attention back to the girl shaking in his arms as her sobs broke his heart and lit a fire under his hatred for a man he had never even met personally. She was terrified, and too far gone. Should he just carry her out of there? Call an ambulance? Damn it, he was never good at helping people, not past offering a helping hand or a few sympathetic nods. When shit really hit the fan he just felt helpless and useless.

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How about the single!parent!inquisitor's kid calling the romanced companions and advisers 'mom/dad' for the first time. Like the child sees them that way and loves them like a parent. :D

((This is so adorable!))

Cassandra: she is at a loss for words, but rather than correct the child she lets them continue calling her that, she does bring it up to the inquisitor, who can’t stop laughing.

Solas: he was telling the small child memories from the fade when he finished his story they smiled up at him. “Thank you daddy!” He immediately stopped was he was doing, did he just here them correctly? He couldn’t bring himself to tell the child not to call him that, and when the inquisitor walked by they smiled and crossed their arms at him.

Sera: what!? “Well now, can you tell your mother what you said, it’ll be funny!” She hugs the child and feels honored to be called mom, but it’s strange to her too.

Dorian: “well… how does your father feel about this?” He allows it and when the child waddles away he gives a small smile. He returns to his book with a big grin on his face.

Iron bull: he laughs and ruffles the kids hair when they yelled Dad as he returned from a mission with the inquisitor blushing furiously. “Hey there kiddo!” He said looking at the inquisitor who was now apologizing repeatedly. “It’s alright, I like the title.” He smiled.

Blackwall: when he handed the child a wooden toy he expected thanks, but not “thanks Dad!” He looked at the child and gave a laugh, he would ask the inquisitor if it was alright, but he didn’t mind.

Cullen: he was taken back when he was teaching the child chess and they answered him with. “I know how to play Dad.” He scratched the back of his head and laughed, he didn’t have the heart to tell them no.

Josephine: she was going through papers when the child walked by. “Hello mom!” They said happily, she said hello back but once she processed what they said she stopped and looked at the child who was running out the door. “Oh my…. well, hm.” She smiled and when the inquisitor walked through she asked if it was alright, they gave a “aw”, she couldn’t stop smiling.


- Why don’t we stop pretending that I’m brilliant and you’re simple, for one moment?

Fic, Bruised Ego

On the downside, I think I’m coming down with a cold. On the upside, my writer’s block isn’t as bad anymore. I’m a bit suspicious because it isn’t usually over this fast, but whatever.

Okay, so yesterday in my creative slump fueled rage, I wrote a horrid bit of angst and hurt Morality really bad, and @remmythepegasis said that after reading that they need some fluff. Well, I’m not that great at writing fluff. I’m more of an angst/bittersweet type of guy, but I think I’ve been putting too much dark content out there lately, what with the nightmare stuff, frustrating poor Logan, and breaking Patton into bloody pieces, so I’m gonna try to lighten the mood a bit.

Tag list: @yep-another-fander @prinxiety-logality-sanders-sides @ts-sideblog @cherrybonesrh13 @sanderssideblog @shit-happens-bitchachos @toxicsanders @tssanderssidestrash @livenarrator

Warnings? I don’t think there are any. Maybe mention of bruises if you’re bothered by that sort of thing. 687 words.

Abstract: Patton taking care of Roman after a particularly embarrassing stage mistake.

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Music to my ears

Summary: Reader surprises Bucky + Bucky has a kink for chokers

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, choker kink, S M U T ! ! !

Word count: 2467

A/N: I don’t really like this but eh + decided to mesh 3 requests into 1 and probably failed so. Let me know what you think!



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“Alright, Y/N. You start and the rest will follow.”

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Bestiary - Shade

A shade is the true form of a demon when it occupies the living world. Some scholars believe their confusion with the waking world leaves them unable to possess the living or dead. Some shades may spurn possession, content to float as shadows, preying upon the psyche of anyone they encounter. It has been speculated shades may still believe themselves to be in the Fade.

The living are weakened by a shade’s proximity. Dangerous, they have been known to assault the minds of the living, causing confusion or horror that make their targets ripe for killing. Draining a target entirely only strengthens a shade’s appetite.