I resolutely attempted to resolve my Resolutions

I resolutely attempted to resolve my Resolutions

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Hello My Imaginary Friends, Last year I made a series of resolutions for 2015. This is my end of the year review to see if I came anywhere near finishing them. I may have gotten a little overly ambitious… Taken from LIVEdigitally My beginning of the year resolutions I will Write 500+ words a day and complete 1 novel Between blog posts, short stories, FADDS, and the Serial Story; I have certainly…

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How special needs students can benefit from STEM education

For most of his academic career, Cullen excelled in math and computer science but struggled socially – that is, until he enrolled in a new Los Angeles private school that’s part of a nonprofit network.

It’s been a big change,” his mother, Terry Whiteside, told CNN Money. “Before he wouldn’t talk much about his day. Now he comes home and has conversations with me about what he did at school.”

And here’s the kicker: Cullen has been diagnosed with autism. His school, STEM3 Academy, focuses on serving students with special needs, including those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and learning disabilities. As STEM3  joins a growing number of public, charter, and private institutions that focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, education researchers have found that such specialty schools have exceptional benefits for not only those with special needs but also minority and female students.

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“Our emphasis is on learning versus teaching,” Ellis Crasnow, STEM3 ’s director, told CNN’s Parija Kavilanz. “Our students learn by doing, experiencing, and constructing rather than just sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher.”

While focusing on the STEM subjects, teachers at the academy manage classes using a “flipped” model – instead of lecturing or teaching during school hours, class time is used for students to finish homework assignments and projects. Meanwhile, they use after-school hours to study on their own, reviewing the next day’s lessons.

This model is designed to be more suitable for their students and to help them overcome difficulties in social situations.

“As far as we know, we’re the nation’s only STEM-curriculum school for students with these needs,” Dr. Crasnow said. “Our goal is to help them realize their potential for achievement in school, in college, and later in a STEM-based career.”

In a 2012 study published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, scientists found that students diagnosed with autism had the highest STEM participation rates. By examining 11,000 students nationwide, they found that young adults diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder chose STEM majors in college more often than their peers in the general population – 34 percent versus less than 23 percent.

Recommended: Take Action:Seeking progress and innovation in education

“It may be that people with autism naturally think like scientists,” Simon Baron-Cohen, director of the Autism Research Center at the University of Cambridge, told Scientific American magazine. "They look for patterns, and, in science, you are always looking for patterns that you hope reflect a natural law.”

But the study also found such students are much less likely than their peers to enroll in college at all. This conclusion brings to the forefront the need for parents and educators to encourage kids with special needs to pursue higher education and thus help boost overall STEM participation.

And at STEM3 , that’s exactly what’s happening. Cullen, for instance, has been the object of interest for several top colleges. And companies such as defense contractor Raytheon and aerospace company Northrop Grumman have contacted the school about working with students.

“The stats regarding the post-high-school success of students with special needs is very poor. Eighty percent to 90 percent of them are unemployed or underemployed,” said Crasnow. “These are horrific numbers and our goal is to change them.”

In 2010, the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology under the Obama Administration called for 1,000 new STEM-focused schools to open by 2020 – a reaction to the country’s subpar rankings in math and science compared to other industrialized nations. So far, there have been mixed results as to whether they’re successful.

But one 2014 study found positive results in such programs, reports Education Week. The study, led by Matthew Wiswall, a professor of economics at Arizona State University, analyzed the performance of 70,000 students attending public STEM high schools in New York City. They were able to find that three groups of students – females, Hispanics, and blacks – who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields did better in STEM-based high schools than non-STEM high schools.

“While the literature might suggest that STEMs are characterized by a ‘chilly environment,’ where minorities and females can feel unwelcomed, our results suggest that, in contrast, these schools are doing something right for them,” the authors wrote.

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Manchester United striker Anthony Martial calls Wayne Rooney his inspiration

Anthony Martial has admitted Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney is his inspiration. The 20-year-old Frenchman joined the Old Trafford club in the summer and has now revealed he has taken plenty of advice from Rooney.

Martial believes he can steadily improve his own game by training with the likes of Rooney, who became England’s all-time leading goalscorer earlier this season. “[I improve] by training every day with talented players,” he told MUTV. “Especially with Wayne Rooney, I learn a lot from him. I always try get inspired from him so that I can also become a great player.”

Martial has operated in a number of positions since joining United in 2015, and the youngster has revealed he does not care who scores the team’s goals, provided they are wining games. “I have always been considered as an altruistic person.

"This is something that has been said to me quite a lot. So both a decisive pass or scoring a goal means as much to me. At the end, the most important thing is to win as a team,” the United star said.

Despite this, the pacey attacker revealed he has set himself a personal goals target for the season – though he refused to reveal what it is. “I think it’s important to keep working hard to constantly improve and help the team to win titles and get back on top of the league table,” Martial explained.

“Yes, I have a number in mind [as a goals target] but I’d rather keep it to myself.”

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Hello my Imaginary Friends,

I may have way too many things on my mind right now. It has nothing to do with being busy and everything to do with my mind working in overtime. I blame running oneshots and preparing to run a new campaign.


After nearly four months of not running or playing in any games (pen and paper games like D&D) I ran a oneshot two weeks ago and another yesterday. Oneshots…

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عسيري والمولد: التهاون أمام الرائد ممنوع

وعد مدافع الاتحاد أحمد عسيري جماهير فريقه بالظهور بمستوى أفضل أمام الرائد ضمن منافسات الجولة 15 من “دوري عبداللطيف جميل” وقال: “سنقدم مستوى مختلف عن الذي ظهرنا به في السابق والذي لم يرضي جماهيرنا، ولقاء اليوم سيكون مختلف ونسعى لإرضاء الجماهير وإسعادها بتحقيق الفوز وتقديم مستوى مميز، والرائد من الفرق الجيدة ولن نتهاون في امكانياتهم، وسندخل بروح الانتصار لتحقيق الفوز ومواصلة حصد النقاط للمنافسه على صدارة الدوري”.

من جانبه أكد لاعب الوسط فهد المولد أنهم جاهزون للمواجهة وقال: “استعدينا جيدا للرائد وسنقدم صورة مميزة وسنعكس العمل والجهد الذي قمنا به قبل المواجهة وبإذن الله نحقق الإنتصار بمستوى ونتيجة جيدة”.

وعن كثرة ضياعه للفرص قال: “أقدم اعتذاري للجماهير، ونعدها باختلاف المستوى في المستقبل وتصحيح الأخطاء والتركيز بشكل أكبر من أجل الجماهير التي دائما أجدها تقف معي وهي الداعم الأول لي وسنكون عند حسن ظنها”.

جميع الحقوق محفوظة لمؤسسة اليمامة الصحفية Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. (Syndigate.info).

Basic Update - July 14

Basic Update – July 14

The morning heat rushed to embrace me as I left the house. Its touch was warm and soothing to start but quickly it started to suffocate me. As I walked the short walk to the bus the heat threw a blanket of humidity over everything and made the world feel and look like it was under water, without the soothing liquid. That’s not the start of a story, it’s just my morning commute… blarg. I hate…

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思捷環球 (00330) 錄得大手成交62,900.00股, 成交價每股7.89港元, 較上日收市上升 0.3港元或3.95%.

[智珠]香港1月 29日- 思捷環球 (00330) 錄得大手成交62,900.00股, 成交價每股7.89港元 (註:當時的自動對盤買入/賣出價為7.88/ 7.89港元), 較上日收市上升 0.3港元或3.95%, 投資者宜留意其走勢或出現由此帶動股價或交股量之不尋常波動.


Cyclisme - Giro Sans Androni, avec Gazprom

Les organisateurs du Tour d'Italie - l'entreprise RCS - ont communiqué lundi le nom des équipes invitées sur l'édition 2016 (du 6 au 29 mai). La formation italienne Androni, confrontée à plusieurs cas de dopage l'année dernière, a été laissée de côté. En revanche, on la verra sur Tirreno-Adriatico et Milan-Sanremo, courses également organisées par RCS.L'équipe russe Gazprom a, elle, été invitée, en compagnie de Bardiani, Nippo et Southeast, trois formations italiennes. Du côté des équipes françaises, Cofidis a reçu une invitation pourMilan-Sanremo. Les dix-huit formations du World Tour sont automatiquement qualifiées pour les trois épreuves.Tour d'Italie (6 au 29 mai) : Bardiani (ITA), Gazprom (RUS), Nippo (ITA), Southeast (ITA).Tirreno-Adriatico (9 au 15 mars) : Androni (ITA), Bardiani (ITA), Bora (ALL), Caja Rural (ESP), CCC (POL).Milan-Sanremo (19 mars) : Androni (ITA), Bardiani (ITA), Bora (ALL), CCC (POL), Cofidis (FRA), Novo Nordisk (USA), Southeast (ITA)

Highlanders begin Super Rugby warm-up

The Highlanders begin their Super Rugby title defence with a pre-season warm-up in Hong Kong on Saturday.

They will contest the Natixis Cup against former All Blacks playmaker Dan Carter’s French club, Racing 92. Carter is in the squad which has flown to Hong Kong.

Sui Sai Wan Stadium in Hong Kong hosts the match, which begins late on Saturday (NZT).

The Highlanders have named 28 players for their first hit-out of the year, including new signing Liam Squire starting at No.8 in his Highlanders debut.

Highlanders: Matt Faddes, Waisake Naholo, Jason Emery, Richard Buckman, Patrick Osborne, Lima Sopoaga, Josh Renton, Liam Squire, Shane Christie (captain), Elliot Dixon, Joe Wheeler, Tom Franklin, Josh Hohneck, Ash Dixon, Daniel Lienert-Brown.

Reserves: Greg Pleasants-Tate, Brendon Edmonds, Siosiua Halanukonuka, Jackson Hemopo, Sio Tomkinson, Liam Howley, Malakai Fekitoa, Tei Walden, Ryan Tongia, Marty Banks, Luke Whitelock, James Lentjes, Mark Reddish.