When Radical Feminists quote Andrea Dworkin and say that, we’re “… feminist, not the fun kind.” We mean it. When we talk about how Radical Feminism is a Feminism that isn’t about “fun and games”, we mean it. So, when the women who faddishly sample some of Radical Feminism (the “some” of which consists of the politics that conveniences them the most, offends them the least, and demands taking the simplest or easiest courses of action which many of them still adamantly refuse to even attempt following through on) finally are exposed to a more well-rounded range of Radical Feminist thought and community issues realize just how not easy, not fun, and just how serious this is leave (Did they think we were joking about this not being a matter of “fun and games”?), I can only assume that they didn’t take any of this seriously to begin with. This is a budding radical mass movement that’s meant to revolutionize societies. Radical Feminism is radical, it is about revolution. It’s about ripping white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy a part and at the root. It’s going to shake up your worldview and it’s going to shake up your lives. It will impact you and if you’re committed and dedicated to it, then the idea of actually practicing it and not just believing in it isn’t “extreme” or “far-fetched”. It just becomes a part of being consistent and not being a hypocrite by actually practicing your politics (at least try). No one is saying this is all or mostly easy or simple or fun. In fact, we’ve never said that. Quite the opposite.