List of Prime Ministers who lasted less time than Tony Abbot t: 

  1. Harold Holt 1 year 327 days
  2. William McMahon 1 year 270 days
  3. Joseph Cook 1 year 85 days
  4. George Reid 321 days
  5. Chris Watson 113 days
  6. Arthur Fadden 39 days
  7. John McEwen 22 days
  8. Sir Earle Page 19 days
  9. Franke Forde 8 days

Not bad. Beat 9 out of 28. You’re 4 places behind Gillard though. Oh and you’re a cunt. At least Holt had the excuse of dying prematurely.

Karl Urban at 'Destination Star Trek', Germany

I’m not going to write an extensive report of the con weekend, I will just list some snippets and highlights that I still remember. (I’m sure there will be video or audio recordings of the whole talk panels and Q&A’s soon anyway)

- When asked which of his roles was his personal favourite, Karl said it was tough to pick one fave out of all the characters he has played so far. He compared it to picking a favourite child of yours, which you can’t do because you love all of them equally. Then he said, if he really HAS to narrow it down, his favourites are Bones, Dredd and John Kennex.

- He said that the role of Bones stuck with him for a long time even after the filming was over and he had problems to actually let the character go. His wife would catch him having occassional ‘McCoy moments.’

- Of course he told the Neutron Cream prank and also again the story of how Viggo Mortensen pranked him by calling his agent and pretending to be him (with the red socks), and how he got Viggo Mortensen back (with that goat farm in Segovia.) He also told the story of when he said he’d pay the whole bill for the Star Trek cast get-together at the hotel and then just wrote down a random room number and it turned out it was Chris Pine’s room.

- He confirmed that it is true that he was detained at the Dubai airport because he was playing around with his Enterprise toyship, as told by Chris Pine and Zach Quinto.

- When a fan asked him to please sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” he did it and it didn’t sound that bad actually. (Better than this one time when he tried to sing a Beatles song anyway lol)

- A fan asked him, if he had to pick one of the characters he portrayed so far to take with him to live on Mars and be the only two people that lived there, which one would he pick - except for Bones, because he was already experienced in living in outer space so that would be cheating. He thought about this quite a bit and went through all his characters and was like “Man, I played a lot of killers, I wouldn’t take those guys with me…” In the end he settled for John Kennex because he said John is fun and it would be entertaining to have him by his side. Then he asked the fan: “Who would you pick?” She said: “Bones!” And Karl yelled into the mic: “You’re such a hypocrite!!” So funny.

- His favourite Bones scene is the one in the TOS movies, where Bones beames aboard and sports this huge beard and the huge bling necklace. He kind of spontaneously played out the little scene for us, first doing Kirk’s “Bones! There’s a THING out there!” and then in his McCoy voice: “Why is any object we don’t understand always called 'a thing’?!” Crowd went nuts.

- He talked about working on RED and told the story about Ernest Borgnine that he had also told on Jimmy Kimmel (with Bruce Willis.) So we got to see and hear the whole “I masturbate! Twice a day!” thing live on stage.

- His favourite movies are “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Bullitt”, “No Country For Old Men”, “Miller’s Crossing” and “Blade Runner”

- Every now and then he would just blurt out random German sayings and phrases, and it made everybody laugh. Also, he tried to make his speech at the opening ceremony in German but sometimes he had to mix with English when he was at a loss for words. He really put a lot of effort in it, that was cool.

- During Karl’s first Q&A, Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek The Next Generation) actually lined up to ask a question at the mic, lol, it was so cool! Unfortunately I didn’t really get what exactly she asked (I think it was something about Dr. Crusher and Bones, and if Karl remembered a certain episode she thought was great; Maybe the one where TOS Bones had his cameo appearance on TNG, but don’t quote me on that, better wait for some audio recordings or a report of someone who has better memory of this moment.) It didn’t last long, she just kind of dropped by, but it was such a sweet moment and you could tell that she was getting along with Karl really well, they were like chuckling and in the end Karl was like “Wow, GATES MC FADDEN EVERONE!!!” and she got lots of applause. (There’s also this cute pic from her twitter floating around, that they took backstage at the con. Too cute! Spacey doctors!)

- A fan asked Karl what was on his bucket list, and he misheard the question and made an awesome Excuse me?!-face and asked back: “What’s on my fuck-it-list???” (Of course, when he later answered the actual question, it was the lovely answer we’d all expect from Karl. He wants to travel the world, be with his family as much as possible, and just laugh more and as much as possible.)

- One of his fave bands are The Rolling Stones, he was getting really excited when he talked about seeing them live. He loves to listen to live music in a crowd, going to concerts and gigs. He totally gushed over New Zealand singer Lorde.

- He doesn’t know yet if there will be another season of Almost Human. He’s got possible new projects waiting in the wings but he’s still waiting for the info if AH will continue or not. He said he’d love to make more Almost Human, but he also would be happy to go for the other new projects.

- He mentioned Michael Ealy several times, always praising him and telling us what a great guy he is.

- He talked about Benedict Cumberbatch and that he’s such a great actor. He admired his performance, specifically the way he could make the audience empathize with Khan first, and then switch to becoming this 'terrifying monster’. He also said that he thought this was a parallel to the original Khan in the TOS movie.

- He confirmed that they will start shooting the new Star Trek by the end of this year. WOOT!