Myaka Fadden

- Casteless.

- Cause of explosion? She was there, shouldn’t have been.

- No assosiates, not even in Dust Town.

- Presumably orphaned.

- Brought the Mage out from the Deep Roads, didn’t expect us to be there.

- Don’t know where she went. Perhaps back into the mines?

- The Mage escaped before tranquility. Her phylactery is gone as well.

- …

- This is very bad.

- Dawf was spotted, not caught. Did she follow us? How did she get close to the tower?

- Don’t know what she wants… or where she is.

- She’s got an insane Mage on her side.

List of Prime Ministers who lasted less time than Tony Abbot t: 

  1. Harold Holt 1 year 327 days
  2. William McMahon 1 year 270 days
  3. Joseph Cook 1 year 85 days
  4. George Reid 321 days
  5. Chris Watson 113 days
  6. Arthur Fadden 39 days
  7. John McEwen 22 days
  8. Sir Earle Page 19 days
  9. Franke Forde 8 days

Not bad. Beat 9 out of 28. You’re 4 places behind Gillard though. Oh and you’re a cunt. At least Holt had the excuse of dying prematurely.