How Syracuse rock climber rescued dog stuck deep in narrow rock crevice

Nate Farrington is thin. He’s also a good rock climber.

Both points made him an ideal choice to scale down 15 feet into a one-foot-wide crevice to rescue a stranded dog at Clark Reservation State Park in Jamesville.

More than two dozen firefighters spent about five hours trying to rescue Remy, a 1 ½-year-old female doberman, who slipped and fell into a crevice while on a walk around 6:30 p.m. Monday. They couldn’t get the dog out.

That’s when Melissa Fadden, an employee at the Veterinary Medical Center of CNY in DeWitt, who was working with the firefighters, texted Farrington.

They have mutual friends and she knew Farrington was an avid rock climber and caver. She also knew he was thin enough he might fit into the narrow rock gap.

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Why does terrorism work? Because we let it.

As Europe staggers toward scapegoating, paranoia and bigotry in the wake of the unspeakable mass murder of journalists in Paris, there’s one thing that every Canadian can take to the bank: When Parliament returns, Stephen Harper will be bringing forward new anti-terror legislation.

Like Stephen Rigby before them, the new national security tandem of Dick Fadden and David McGovern will be one of the most potent forces in the PM’s re-election plans. Fear is Harper’s most powerful vote magnet; security is fear’s most reliable handmaiden.

The new legislation will be a loyalty test administered by Harper on Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau — and on all of us, really. Are we tough or soft on terrorism?

Just two years ago, seven people died in a terror attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. The wave of anti-terror arrests that followed didn’t stop the latest killings. No law will ever be able to prevent what happened in Paris this week — but no politician of the Right will ever tell you that.

Harper’s new anti-terror legislation will be self-interested politics at its worst. Count on it: When the new bill passes, Big Brother will have a tighter grip on your life than he does today — and you will be no safer.

It also pays to remember that Harper is a friend neither of journalism nor of free speech. If you believe in those things, you don’t ban journalists from the second floor of the Langevin Building, hold press conferences about as often as Halley’s Comet appears, or block public servants from accessing a news website.

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List of Prime Ministers who lasted less time than Tony Abbot t: 

  1. Harold Holt 1 year 327 days
  2. William McMahon 1 year 270 days
  3. Joseph Cook 1 year 85 days
  4. George Reid 321 days
  5. Chris Watson 113 days
  6. Arthur Fadden 39 days
  7. John McEwen 22 days
  8. Sir Earle Page 19 days
  9. Franke Forde 8 days

Not bad. Beat 9 out of 28. You’re 4 places behind Gillard though. Oh and you’re a cunt. At least Holt had the excuse of dying prematurely.

Rapper-turned-actor Ice-T is the self-proclaimed Original Gangster, and now he’s playing a gangster vampire in the prohibition-era thriller Bloodrunners. Watch as he shows his fangs in the trailer below.

Directed by Dan Lantz (Bloodlust Zombies), the indie film is due out in 2017. Ice-T stars alongside Michael McFadden, Airen DeLaMater, Chris James Boylan, and Peter Patrikios.

Read on to see the trailer and synopsis.

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