Master List

all of my shorter imagines can be found under the tag #include imagines

S- Smut

F- Fluff

A - Angst

Baron Corbin

Keep Begging - Reader “hates” Baron and the feeling is completely “mutual”. S

Drunk In Love - Reader gets tipsy and starts dancing with her jealous best friend Baron. S

Dream Girl - Baron sabotages the reader’s date with another man. S

Make Them Hear It - Baron’s valet girlfriend gets to close for comfort with Dolph during a match. S

Something to Lose - Baron confesses the feelings he has for his close friend. Really heavy on the fluffiness. F/S

Three - You’re sharing an apartment with your ex Baron but the two of you can’t stop tempting each other. S/A

Slow Burn - You’re Corey Graves’ little sister and you have always had a crush on Baron. S/F

Shy Girl - Baron and the new girl keep finding themselves together. F/S

I Hate That I Want You - You’re teamed up as Baron’s manager and neither one of you is pleased. S/F

Take Another Piece of My Heart - Your friends with benefits arrangement with Baron isn’t enough anymore. A/F/S

Corbin’s Anatomy - Baron helps his girlfriend w/ her homework. S/F

Baron Loner Series

Loner - Post Survivor Series 2016. Reader tries to convince best friend Baron to make things right with Smackdown. (Drabble/Ficlet)  F/A

Loner 2.0 - After Smackdown following SS, Baron’s best friend is at her wit’s end to keep him from making anymore mistakes. F/A

Loner 3.0- Post TLC. Baron realizes maybe he likes his best friend worrying about him. F

Loner 4.0- Baron finally admits all his feelings. F/S

Loner 5.0 - Baron competes in the Royal Rumble. (Daddy!Kink) S/F

Loner 6.0 - Baron’s behavior at Elimination Chamber leads to a lesson in control. S

Loner 7.0 - Baron attacks Sami at Smackdown following Backlash and the reader wonders if her dreams with him are going to happen? S/F

TJ Perkins

Worth It - Reader gets roughed up by Brian Kendrick in a mixed tag. TJ defends her and confesses his feelings. F/S

Get The Message? - Kendrick won’t stop flirting with TJ’s girl, so he has to show him who she belongs to. S

What We Do - Reader and TJ’s home gets burglarized while he is out of town. F

Can You Keep A Secret? - TJ insists your relationship has to stay secret for now but his jealousy makes things complicated. S/F

Two Faced - New heel TJ does not sit well with the reader who has been caring about him for a while. When they are forced to be alone, true feelings come out to play. S/Fluffy-ish

Sami Zayn

Anger Management- Sami is frustrated with his career. S/A

The First- Sami was your first but will he be your always? S/A/F

Daddy Sami Series

Table Talk - Spicing up your sex life with Sami. (Daddy!Kink) S

Daddy’s Home - Part 2. Sami surprises the Reader when he comes home from the road. (Daddy!Kink) S

Tense- Part 3. The reader is stressed out and Sami makes her feel better with yet another Daddy appearance. (Daddy!Kink) S

Hero Worship - Part 4. Reader is on the road with Sami when he takes on Stephanie to defend Foley. (Daddy!Kink) S/F

Seth Rollins

Main Event - Reader and Seth fight like they hate each other, but do they? S

Revenge, Baby - Seth gets revenge on The Authority by having sex with the Reader on Stephanie’s desk. S

Real Good Man - You’re married with one child with Seth but you think you might be pregnant again. F/S

Love and Paint - A paintball war with your best friend Seth leads to confessed feelings when you go to clean up. S/F

363 Days - You’ve been broken up with Seth for a year but you take a little piece of him wherever you go. A/F/S

Cheat Day - Christmas with Seth. F/S

Two For The Show - Your insecurities and a new reality show stand between you and your happily ever after with Seth. A/F/S


Bewitched - Reader and Cesaro find out they have been in love with each other for a while and start a whirlwind romance filled with excitement and obstacles. Also includes heavy Reader/Seth Rollins friendship. Multi-Chapter. S/F

AJ Styles

Run With It - AJ’s girl gets a “boo boo” and his fatherly instincts take over. F

Blue Eyes - AJ and you have sexual tension. That all escalates when you walk in on him moaning your name. S/F

Dean Ambrose

Own Kind of Love - Dean and the Reader get in a huge fight but he comes home early from the road to settle it. S/F/A

Lightening - Dean wins at Wrestlemania and the celebration continues in the parking deck. S

Frost Bitten, Not Shy - You. Dean. Snow. Sex. S

Shane McMahon

Reschedule - Reader surprises Shane at work. (Daddy!Kink) S

Daddy It’s Cold Outside - You, Shane and a cabin in the mountains. (Daddy!Kink) S/F

All I Want For Christmas - Shane dressed as Santa at home with his wife. (Daddy!Kink) S/F

Finn Balor

Dirty Girl - Dressing up for Finn on Halloween. S

Dear Diary - Finn reads your diary & realizes you feel the same way about him as he does about you. S/F

Prove It - Finn’s shoulder may be injured, but that’s not going to stop him from taking care of his girl. S

Slippery When Wet - Finn and his best friend confess their feelings in a swimming pool. S/F


Picture Perfect - Accidentally sending a risque pic to your crush Sheamus and he calls you out on it. S

Poker Face - You pretend to hate Sheamus, but when the heat breaks in your hotel room…You have to share his room. S

The One - After a string of failed dates, Sheamus helps you realize you’ve been looking in the wrong places. F/S

Delicate Touch - Sheamus and Karl both have eyes for the same girl. S/F

Don’t Do It - Your relationship with Sheamus ended months ago but when Austin Aries asks you to marry him, you realize it’s far from over. A/S/F

Irish Princess - Sheamus spends St. Patrick’s Day with his wife. F/S

My Boyfriend’s Back - Sheamus pretends to be your boyfriend to scare off your newly returned ex Drew Mcintyre but are his feelings possibly real? What about yours? S/F

Roman Reigns

Birthday Sex - You’re planning a surprise party for Roman with Dean’s help but Roman gets the wrong idea. Once he realizes he was wrong, birthday smut begins. (Daddy!Kink) S

Pages From A Book - The reader loves Roman. Just one problem, he’s married. But what if the feelings are mutual?  A/S/F

Jeff Hardy

Stress Relief - Rough sex with Jeff after he is forced to start over at WWE and lose a tables match. S

Party Dress - Jeff gets dominate when he sees Cesaro flirting with his woman at Alexa’s birthday party. S

Dolph Ziggler

Fantasize - You accidentally leave a voicemail on Dolph’s phone of you moaning his name. S

Noam Dar

Feelings - Reader is jealous of her boyfriend Noam’s on screen relationship with Alicia Fox. S

Chris Jericho

Showered - Chris spoils you rotten and celebrates with you after a title win. (Daddy!Kink) S

Enzo Amore

What’s Yours, Is Mine - Enzo gets jealous in a bar and you take out your anger in the alley. S

Big Cass/Colin Cassady

Show and Tell - Enzo has been eying Cass’ girl, so they give him a show. (Some Daddy!Kink) S

Santa, Daddy - Cass in a Santa Suit. (Daddy!Kink) S

Corey Graves

Brave - Corey’s new girl has been keeping a secret. S

Candlelight - Corey’s first Valentine’s Day. S/F

Drew Galloway/McIntyre

Home - Drew’s wife misses him when he’s away at ICW. (Daddy!Kink) S

Adam Cole

What A Man - You see Adam after years apart but you already have your hands full of drama with Fandango and Dolph. Can you finally tell Adam how you feel? S/F

Adam Series - Something For You (COMPLETE)

All In The Game - If Adam is looking for an easy hookup, he picked the wrong girl. S

Don’t Tell Me It’s Over - Part 2. Things with Adam get more complicated. S/F/A

Baby Steps - Part 3. - Adam has some big adjusting to do. A/F/S

Wrapped Around - Epilogue to Baby Steps. Life with Olivia. F/S

Where There’s Smoke - Adam panics when a fire breaks out in their hotel. (Companion to the Series) A/F/S


Pete Dunne

Pete Series - A Hold On Me

Corruption - Part One. Pete is smitten with the shy reader. S

In My Veins - Part Two. You’re not even sure what to call your ‘thing’ with Pete but then he does something you didn’t expect. S/A

Say Anything - Part Three. You want to know how Pete really feels about you but can he tell you before it’s too late? A/S

Rip My Heart Out - Part Four. Pete can’t stay away from you and you’re not sure if you want him to.  A

For The Love of a Woman - Part Five. Pete knows what he needs to do, he just needs a push. A

Together - Part Six. Pete makes sure he keeps his promises. S/F

Next - Part Seven. Jealousy flares on both sides. Pete’s first NXT match. S

All You Never Say - Part Eight. Pete fucks up. Simple as that. A

Stubborn Love - Part Nine. Pete gets a little unsolicited advice. A

Time Can’t Erase - Part Ten. Pete’s jealousy turns out useful. A

Afterburn - Part Eleven. Things start to change. A/F

Crash Into Me - Part Twelve. Life is full of surprises and changes. A/F

Til You Come Back Home - Part Thirteen. What if it’s the last time? A/S

Your Man - Part Fourteen. Pete’s on the road. How will that affect the reconciliation? Fluffy-ish

Famished - Part Fifteen.  Talking out the past for good and then celebrating Pete’s title win. S/Fluffy-ish

Tyler Bate

Social Media Showdown - Tyler’s girlfriend gets upset when she sees his risqué snapchat pics, so she decides to get even. S/Fluffy-ish


Karl Anderson

Rough and Ready  - You and Karl get caught in your secret relationship, so you have to make your disgust look convincing. Instead, it turns Karl on. S

Randy Orton

Ring The Alarm - Randy comes home to his lady. (Daddy!Kink) S

Bray Wyatt

Compare and Contrast - Bray and the Reader bond over their differences after she comforts him when he loses Abigail. F/S

Mojo Rawley

Love is Blind - A blind date with Mojo leads to a relationship. F/S

Ain’t Going Nowhere - (Companion to Love is Blind) Mojo wins the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. S/F

Jay Briscoe

If The Walls Could Talk - Jay takes his frustrations out on the girl he’s been pining after. S

Bad Boy - Can the bad boy ever get the good girl? F/S

The Wrong Woman - Someone messes w/ Jay’s girl. S

The Other Guy - Jay and Mark like the same girl but her heart belongs to Jay. Can she commit to him? S/F


Claim (Finn/Reader/Sami )- Finn hears you saying Sami’s name in your sleep, so he offers the two of you a deal. S

Wish (Baron/Reader/AJ) - Baron wants to give you something special for your birthday, if he can keep his jealousy in check. S/F

For You (Sheamus/Reader/Cesaro) - The tag team’s valet wants everyone to get along. S

Mate - (Roman/Reader/Baron) (Corey/Reader) - Supernatural AU where all three are werewolves, trying to control Corey’s mate. S

Welcome to The Club - (AJ/Reader/Karl) - You’re Finn’s little sister and The Club is supposed to be watching out for you. S

Arrangement - (Roman/Reader/Dean) You want to invite Dean into your relationship with Roman. S/A

Short Skirts - (Nick/Reader/Matt) The Bucks’ new valet teases them to their breaking point. Mainly Nick/Reader. S

Your crush; Fadam / Degrassi Edition


When they’re really close to you:

When you see them in the halls:

When they say hello to you:



When you’re sitting next to them in class:

When they say hi to you first online:

When they call you cute or compliment you:

And when you just think/talk about them around other people:

When they pass by you acting like you’re invisible:

When they ask you who you like:

And when you just feel like giving up on them:

Original Post

Nothing like an "I Love You" to try to take the focus off addiction

Adam: Are you drinking because of me?

Fiona: I can stop. Just please. Don’t leave.

Adam: Give me one good reason.

Fiona: I’m falling in love with you.

Adam: You’re what?

Fiona: I love you, Adam. I thought you felt the same way.

Adam: I do.

Fiona: Walk me home?


(After Ellie found Craig’s bag of coke)

Craig: I love you Ellie.

Ellie: I love you too.

Craig: So don’t make me stop. Please. I need it. So don’t call Joey.

Ellie: You bastard! How could you play me like that?