Hardcore Punk is older than me.

Hardcore Punk is older than me.

I was born July 1980.
There is some out there who may even say it was dead before I was born.

The internet is a very funny thing, it creates a void in age and knowledge where it should have been harnessed to instruct, educate and create a mass of informed persons on all subjects known to man.
Instead we use it to bicker, poke fun or just make poor jokes.

I’ve never been one guy for “you’re an idiot because you didn’t know about a band that has fell to obscurity in the modern hardcore world”.
I have always been the one saying- Before the internet, people had to work or speak to each other to find out about bands and the scene.

I think that with the entire scope of hardcore music’s timeline being more readily accessible online there is no excuse for the younger generation NOT knowing what certain bands are.
Do they have to like them? No. No one can make you like a band because they are important. It’s a proven fact that most younger hardcore kids “don’t get” why there is a disparity in the age groups today at shows.

Older Crowd- “all the bands sound like shit and play the same thing over and over again”
                   “ I’ve heard this band 20 years ago, only it was good”
                   “ bands were better when I was going to shows “

Younger crowd “ Why do people say that what I like isn’t hardcore”
                         “ Who cares if I don’t want to mosh for minor threat”
                         “ I wasn’t even alive when these bands were around”

The thing is that every human being has missed out on some important hardcore band or song or record or venue.
Many missed out on the “golden age” of hardcore – 1979-1984
More missed out on the  “Rise” of hardcore 1985- 1992
Plenty of people still don’t know much about 1993-1999
There are loads of people who wish they don’t recall or can’t be bothered with 2000-2013

It’s a perspective thing and I totally get it.

I was a long hair kid from the time I was born. I was into he-man when agnostic front was ripping victim in pain.
I was into soccer, reading books and Legend of Zelda when CroMags were killing on age of quarrel.

By the time I was at a hardcore show, 14 years of hardcore had already passed.
By the time I booked my first This Is hardcore, 27 years of hardcore was already behind us.

I’ve learned much getting older in the hardcore scene. The bands I missed out on before the mid 90s and my first shows have either come and played since or will never get back together.
I’ve learned that seeing some of my youthful favorites dwindle into obscurity can be a hard thing to swallow. Its sad to see a band that meant much to me as a up and comer get ignored.

It’s hard to acknowledge it at first but what happens is you come to a realization that you were most excited about hardcore probably when you were in the first 5 years of going to shows.
Many of you reading this may still be in that phase.
Over time , the newer bands, regardless of when end up sounding the same.
Looking back over time- you can pick out a certain band from a certain time.
You can even pick out a new band today based on what time they are trying to recreate.

With all things with a history as folk and diy as hardcore, there are cracks in the system and things get lost.
Also technology being what it is today, our demos today sound better then demos in the first wave of hardcore.

I can’t excuse people for being ignorant today of what came before them, what bands were important to the founding of hardcore and which bands through their popularity made hardcore a more accessible thing.

Tell me you don’t like the Bad Brains and I’ll agree. But make sure you’ve listened to them.  I don’t like them because my first exposure to them live sucked and I’ll never let it go. Some bands can’t get that first moment back.

Tell me you don’t “get” Youth of Today or Gorilla Biscuits- I’d see your point but ask of you – what have you heard and did you check this record out by them.

Just playing disinterested instead of being unknowing is ignorance.

Me: Did you hear this band?
young kid : Not into them, tried but I like “so and so” (modern band) better
Me: What did you hear? A song, a video on youtube, a record?
Young: I don’t remember, its just not my thing.
Me: It sounds like you feel silly for saying you haven’t heard something.
Its okay to not hear it and admit it, but to say you don’t like it but haven’t heard it-
You’re doing yourself  bad, lying and keeping yourself from enjoying something.

Its simple and easy. Check things out, feel okay with not liking “older stuff”
Just quit bullshitting me about how you don’t need to try to understand that there is an insane amount of awesomeness in almost 35 years of music.
Most of which came in the first 25 years (be proxy of how many bands/shows/labels there were vs. now)

Being exposed to more of your culture gives you more to be excited for
Being close minded limits you.

More on this later….

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