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-Tell me about a scar you have and how you received it

I have what look like bite marks on my left boob. It’s really a scar from when one of my girlfriend’s cats got her claws caught in my sweater.

-If you had to make a horcrux, what object would you choose to hold a part of your soul?

one of my old journals, because they kind of do anyway

-What’s your favorite scary movie/and or favorite villian?

May and my favorite villain is May!

-If you knew you were going to die tomorrow what would you do today?

eat so much!! entire cakes and lasagnas, etc.

-What is your favorite thing about tumblr?

finding other people as obsessed with fictional characters as i am

-What is your biggest fandom and your OTP?

dexter and debster

also love ahs and ship madison/zoe this season

-If you could spend a year in any country all expenses paid for, where would you go?

i’ve never been out of the US other than Canada, so I have no idea. Somewhere tropical and beachy.

-Your biggest regret?

hurting people i love

-What is something you’re proud of?

my screenplay placing in that contest

-If you could reverse time would you?  Why or why not? yes, i would like to go visit the past sometimes and relive parts of it.

thanks for the questions, serenity-in-chaos! i can’t think of 10 questions for others hrmmmm

1. what would you eat for your last meal on death row? (sorry you are on death row)

2. what book could you read over and over?

3. what do you think is unusual about you?

4. favorite mixed drink?

5. favorite tv character right now?

6. song you’ve been listening to a lot lately?

7. a fictional person who inspires you?

8. what are you ashamed of?

9. what brings you comfort?

10. what do you daydream about?

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madammayor replied to your post: Now people are trying to excuse this g…

Ugh, I don’t even want to talk about it.

andblackandgrey replied to your post: Now people are trying to excuse this g…

None of the autistic people I’ve ever known have a) Assumed they were entitled to sex b) Murdered anyone.

factsfictions replied to your post: Now people are trying to excuse this g…

[sighs so loudly it can be heard across Canada]

I’m actually on the verge of tears about this, you know? The entire situation.

This has been happening again and again and again, but this is one of the clearest cases of the detrimental effect societal encouragement of misogyny and straight white male entitlement that there has ever been and already the gaslighting is coming out. Men, other women, trying to make women pointing out the problems think they’re crazy, illogical, making things up for drawing clear conclusions from their own experiences and the experiences of other women. Already the misinformation is coming out, ‘mentally ill’, 'autistic’, lonely, sad, etc etc etc.