Jonghyun’s parents used to manage a CD shop when he was young.
The first English pop song Jonghyun learnt in his vocal class is Brian McKnight’s ‘One Last Cry’
When he was young, he would lie in the field in front of his parents’ CD shop and suck nectar from flowers
Jonghyun’s mother now manages a kindergarten

During his audition, Jonghyun sang R.Kelly’s 'I Believe I Can Fly’
During their Juliette promotions, Jonghyun introduced his favourite book to everyone - Edgar Allan Poe’s short story.
Jonghyun likes to drink Milk Tea and Smoothies
Jonghyun gets lost easily. Once he even walked the wrong way to get home.

Jonghyun once told a cab driver his old address and because he was embarassed, he got out of the cab and called another one.
Sometimes he forgets his house number and even his parents’ mobile numbers.
Jonghyun still wears the clothes he used to wear before he debuted.
Jonghyun has a small scar above his left eyelid. During their Amigo promotions, he had a fall in the bathroom.

Jonghyun recommended a book, 'Metamorphosis’ written by Kafka.
Jonghyun’s older sister studied in Australia.
At his high school graduation ceremony, Jonghyun performed on the bass. SM saw that performance and he got chosen.
In high school, Jonghyun’s band was called: ZION

Jonghyun’s mother’s birthday is on 1st March
He wrote the lyrics for Juliette very quickly. Almost in one night.
Jonghyun wanted a bass so badly, he kept dreaming that his father had bought one. He didn’t know if it was real or not, so he kept asking his father where the bass was.
Jonghyun likes girls who have sweet voices and can sing well.

Jonghyun has many older female cousins. He calls them Unnie.
Jonghyun has never ridden a bicycle. He has pushed one though.
Jonghyun drinks a lot of water during his meal. So he’s always getting nagged by his mother.
When Jonghyun swims, he does the dog paddle.

Because Jonghyun doesn’t like his rice bowl to be full to the brim, he gets up and fills his own bowl before his mom does.
Jonghyun once bought an MP3 for his sister. When his sister told him it was spoilt, he personally took it to get it repaired.
Instead of asking his sister if she did well after her exams, he said, 'It’s been hard on you.’
Compared to strenuous activities, Jonghyun prefers exercise that will train his muscles. He enjoys the feeling.

Jonghyun is the member that gets up the earliest. After that he wakes the other members up.
His sister once made dinner that didn’t taste good. Jonghyun finished everything.
If Jonghyun wasn’t a singer, he would want to be a language teacher, a sociology teacher or a writer.
Jonghyun feels that whoever used the practice room should be responsible for cleaning it.

During his trainee days, when Jonghyun sang badly, he would go to the upper floors and cry before coming back.