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5 andreil 🙏🏻🙏🏻 you're amazing

5. firm kiss

Andrew has killed for his family and would again, but that doesn’t mean they don’t continually annoy the shit out of him. His brother refuses to try to understand any aspect of Andrew’s reasoning or his decisions, and Nicky gets overexcited about everything; so much so that it only intensifies Andrew’s apathy and/or loathing.

More than anything, though, it annoys him the most that neither of them are able to comprehend exactly what his something with Neil means to him. They both are under the impression that Andrew couldn’t possibly be serious about it, even after everything that has happened and that they have seen. Every time Andrew sees Nicky’s shocked face when he chooses to sit right next to Neil, he can’t help but remember the fact that Nicky understood every word of their exchange in the motel room in Baltimore, yet still can’t get it through his thick skull that this isn’t a temporary arrangement.

Andrew is well past the point in his life where he gives a single shit about what anybody thinks of him though, so he resolves to continue doing whatever he wants even if it gets an unfavorable reaction from his family.

It happens on a trip to the zoo, part of the upperclassmen’s effort to fill in the gaps in Neil’s childhood, and while Andrew doesn’t particularly care about animals, he goes because he does care about Neil and isn’t willing to leave him alone with the rest of the team for an entire day.

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Fun animal facts I have learned being a zoo docent

1. There are several ways to classify the large cats, one of the more useful ones is into the roaring cats (tigers, lions) and the purring cats (bobcats, lynxes). The puma (also known as the mountain lion) is the largest cat that purrs. I’ve heard it up close, it’s amazing. A cheetah’s purr sounds like an idling motorcycle engine.

2. Kangaroos cannot move their legs independently of each other, they have to move them in sync - when they’re on land. When they’re swimming, they can move them separately. Hopping is their most efficient way to move - a walking kangaroo is awkward as hell. They swing both legs forward using their tail as a third leg to prop up while their legs swing.

3. People often think that flamingoes’ knees bend the wrong way. They don’t - the joint you’re seeing in the middle of their leg isn’t their knee, it’s their ankle. Their knee is up by their body, and it bends the same way ours does.

4. Giraffes only sleep 1-2 hours a day.

5. Bald eagles’ vocalizations are not what you expect. When you see a flying bald eagle in the movies and hear that majestic caw sound? That isn’t an eagle, it’s been dubbed over with another bird, usually a red-tailed hawk. Bald eagles actually sound…not majestic. Kind of like if a kitten could be a bird.

6. Elephants are one of only a handful of animals that can pass the mirror test - in other words, they can recognize their own reflection (and not think it’s another animal, as dogs and cats usually do). They tested this by placing a chalk mark on an elephant’s forehead and then showing it a mirror. The elephant investigated the mark on its own forehead, indicating it knew that it was looking at itself.  The only animals that pass this test are the higher primates, the higher cetaceans (orcas, dolphines), elephants, and weirdly, magpies.

7. One-fifth of all the known mammal species are bats.

8. A kangaroo mother can have three joeys simultaneously at different stages of development: an embryo in her womb (kangaroos can do what’s called embryonic diapause which means sort of putting the development on pause until she’s ready for it to develop further), a joey in her pouch attached to one nipple, and a joey out of the pouch on the ground who nurses from the other one. The amazing thing? Each of her nipples make different formulations of milk for each joey’s different nutritional needs.

9. Bonobos, our closest genetic relative (they are more closely related to us than they are to either chimps or gorillas) are almost entirely non-aggressive, matriarchal, and use sex to solve all their problems. They engage in both same and opposite sex interactions, non-penetrative sex (oral, rubbing, manual) and with any age. That’s an interesting area to work in, lemme tell you.

10. Tortoises have super loud sex. Like, really loud.

11. All grizzlies are brown bears, but not all brown bears are grizzlies (grizzlies are a sub-categorization of the brown bear).

12. Reindeer are the only deer species where both males and females grow antlers. The males shed theirs the beginning of December, the females shed theirs in the spring. So all of Santa’s reindeer are girls, heh. I love telling little kids that.

13. If a rhinoceros knocks off its horn, it grows back faster than you’d expect. One of ours, Rosie, has knocked hers off twice.

14. Gorillas get crushes on each other. And on the humans that take care of them. Male gorillas also masturbate. I don’t know if the females do, I’ve never seen it. Sometimes it’s like a soap opera up in there.

15. Langur monkeys are silvery-gray in color - their babies are bright orange. Like Cheeto orange, I do not exaggerate.

16. Polar bear fur is not white, it’s transparent, like fiber optics. Also, their skin is black.

Top Ten Zoo Animal Facts You Wont Believe

1. Tapirs Eat Meat
2. Tapirs Eat Meat
3. Tapirs Eat Meat
4. Tapirs Eat Meat
5. Tapirs Eat Meat
6. Tapirs Eat Meat
7. Tapirs Eat Meat
8. Tapirs Eat Meat
9. Tapirs Eat Meat
10. Tapirs Eat Meat

Fun Fact 84

Pablo Escobar built a zoo that even included animals such as elephants and giraffes on his ranch in rural Colombia and was open to the public. When the ranch was eventually seized by authorities, the animals were given to zoos across the country, but the hippos were left behind and some escaped the zoo. Today, there are about 50-60 hippos in Colombian rivers, the largest wild population outside of Africa.

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Germany Facts: Biodiversity

The territory of Germany can be subdivided into 2 eco regions: European-Mediterranean montane mixed forests and Northeast-Atlantic shelf marine. The majority of Germany is still covered by either arable land (34%) or forest and woodland (30%); 13% consists of permanent pastures, and only 12% is covered by settlements and streets. Plants and animals include those generally common to Central Europe: Beeches, oaks, and other deciduous trees constitute 1/3 of the forests; conifers are increasing as a result of reforestation. Spruce and fir predominate in mountain areas; pine and larch are found in sandy soil. There are many species of ferns, flowers, fungi, and mosses. Wild animals include deer, wild boar, mouflon/wild sheep, badger, fox, hare, and beaver. The blue cornflower was once a German national symbol. 

The 14 national parks in Germany include the Jasmund National Park, the Vorpommern Lagoon Area National Park, the Müritz National Park, the Wadden Sea National Parks, the Harz National Park, the Hainich National Park, the Black Forest National Park, the Saxon Switzerland National Park, the Bavarian Forest National Park, and the Berchtesgaden National Park. In addition, there are 14 Biosphere Reserves, as well as 98 nature parks. More than 400 registered zoos and animal parks operate in Germany, which is the largest number in any country. The Berlin Zoo, opened in 1844 - it’s the oldest zoo in Germany, and has the most comprehensive collection of species in the world.

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Ok my curiosity got the better of me, I have to ask! Why u're called "The Cockles Prophet"? ^^

Aww I haven’t been asked this for a while, so I’ll refer to an old answer when this all first started,  and then I’ll add on to what has occurred since then.

I believe the most notable was in my final chapter of “The Plot”. Jensen and Misha were standing at the edge of a lake at sunset, snuggling close and basically reveling in the moment they had all to themselves. Then, five days after I wrote and posted that chapter, they came out with this manly moment:

Less notably, in the same fic I wrote about Jensen and Misha getting into a rather erotic game of Twister. Perhaps a week or two later, Misha tweeted this:

On a related note, that moment in the story led to @winjennster creating this lovely photo … which also led to Cockles’s butt touching, so … I’m counting it.

Another moment was confirmed much more recently when Jensen was speaking at VanCon. When I wrote “The Plot” I added in a very silly scene that involved JJ, Jared and a petting zoo trip that ended in a bit of chaos. As it turns out, JJ does in fact love petting zoos and she does somehow bring a bit of mayhem with her when she visits them.


More recently, at the start of last year– someone asked me to make some predictions about what kind of Cocklesy things would happen in 2016. So, I made a list of mostly crazy stuff but one of the things I mentioned was that Misha would give a heartfelt congratulations to Jensen for winning a People’s Choice Award (x). I honestly had no idea that Jensen was even nominated or when the awards were actually happening, but the very next day– Jensen won for favorite sci-fi actor,  and Misha made the lovely video of him giving Jensen the tea kettle.

Finally,  during JIBCon last year,  Misha mentioned that Jensen and himself often used their time together in the car, driving to and from set locations,  to have deep conversations and long talks. Well,  for the three months prior, I had been writing my Cockles Big Bang fic, “The Drive” which was specifically centered around the idea that they did this very thing quite often,  so when he said that during the Cockles panel in Rome,  I nearly died. 

(It happens at 10:25)

Anyway,  that’s why I’ve been dubbed “The Cockles Prophet” by a select few.  I think there are some things I’m forgetting, but that’s the big stuff anyway. 

Thank you for the curiosity! I had fun remembering all this craziness!


Another 5 Random Facts about Germany

* Germany is known for its rich forest cover. The Zugspitze, at 2,962 m, is its highest mountain. There are more than 400 registered parks and zoos in the country, the Berlin Zoo being the oldest zoo in the world.

* German is the 3rd-most commonly taught language worldwide and it is the official language of 5 countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.

* German people are the world’s 3rd-largest beer consumers after the Czechs and Austrians. (2012

* Germany has a highway or autobahn network of about 8,000 miles. In many places there are no speed limits, although it is “advisable” not to exceed 130 km/h or go below 60 km/h. If you run out of gas on an Autobahn, you could get fined. You cannot stop, turn, or park your vehicle on the highway unless it’s an emergency. It’s against the law to overtake another vehicle from the right side. If you want to go slow, stay in the slow right lane. 

* Football/soccer is Germany’s most popular sport - the German Football Association is the largest association of its kind in the world. 

More facts here. 


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