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Eddsweets is here! (Eddsworld bakery au)

Hey peeps! Cartoon/Car here! As I said earlier I was working on my own au called Eddsworld bakery au (You guys can also call it as Eddsweets)! Well, here it is. This is a post that explains pretty much everything so you guys can get what the au is about! My English and explanation might not be good so… if you have any question about it then just simply send me an ask!

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So in this au, we focus on these 3 bakeries. Eddsweets, Eduardoats, and RedApple.

Eddsweets is located in 27 Durdam lane. Eddsweets has this event called : This week’s special ㅡ They basically make a cake or some type of dessert that explains an eddisode. Fun Fact : They secretly sell Smirnoff.

Eduardoats is located right next to Eddsweets. Eduardoats and Eddsweets were rivals since 2010. Fun Fact : Every time customer leaves, they say “Eddsweets sucks” as goodbye.

RedApple is the most popular and recommended bakery in the au. RedApple is located really far away from Eddsweets and Eduardoats so they don’t really know who works there. Fun Fact : It is rumored that if you say something related to sunshine, lollipops and rainbows in the store you will never make it out alive.

Edd is the leader, and the main baker of the bakery. He can pretty much bake everything! He is also a good artist! He sketches designs for desserts and sweets so he can bake it later.

Tom sometimes bakes but he mostly does deliveries and keeps an “eye” on storage so Matt can’t steal food. Tom also cleans the store.

Matt is a cashier and advertiser because he has good looks (mmmm). Plus, he sucks at baking. He sometimes can’t here what other customers are saying because he’s to focused on his mirror. Matt’s favorite food might be cinnamon roll because he smells like it.

Eduardo is the boss/cashier of Eduardoats. He’s grumpy all the time but is really kind to customers.

Jon is the main baker because he’s really shy to face other people than Eduardo and Mark.

Mark is the guard/storage keeper/delivery guy. He’s popular to kids because of his chin. Mark don’t speak much.

Tord is the boss/cashier of RedApples. He’s generally rude to people (including Paul, Patryk) but people seem to like him anyways. Tord hates sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. It is rumored that he keeps his guns inside his hood. Tord is the youngest in the group.

Paul is the guard/storage keeper. Everyone but Pat thinks he has a crush on Patryk, but Paul denies it. Paul always have a cigar in his mouth, no matter his inside or outside of the building. He always has his name tag upside down.

Patryk is the guard/baker. Patryk sees Paul as his closest friend, and is a bit scared of Tord.

- This post might be edited later on. Thank you for reading such a long post everyone! :D

Tumblr Fact or Fiction - Doctor Who - David hadn’t seen Billie since Doomsday, and was surprised when she appeared on the deserted street while filming The Stolen Earth

When the post making this claim first started making its rounds on Tumblr, many of us laughed it off because we knew it was completely false/made up. But the post caught on and became popular, worming its way into the fanbase as fact and showing up elsewhere online.  Even though it is entirely untrue, many people believe it (and spread it!)  Sure, it’s a semi-romantic notion (if you don’t get offended on David’s behalf that some people don’t think he can act unless he’s tricked into an emotional situation).  The truth of the matter is, the claim above is so very far from the actual truth - and there are plenty of ways to prove it.

Let’s break it down piece by piece.

Fallacy #1:  David hadn’t seen Billie since they filmed Doomsday

Fact: David and Billie saw each other plenty of times between the end of filming on Series Two and Billie’s times filming in Series Four.  According to the Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition - Series Two Companion, the final block of recording on series two ended Friday, March 31st of 2006.  A list of just some of the occasions when David and Billie were seen together after this (without getting into stalker-ish territory) include:
➤ June 2006 - David presented Billie with her award at the Glamour Awards ceremony
➤ September 4, 2006 - David and Billie attended the TV Quick/TV Choice Awards together (and both won)
➤ October 31, 2006 - David and Billie attended National Television Awards together (and both won, as did Doctor Who)
➤ early 2007 - David attended the play “Treats” starring Billie & Laurence Fox and left with them both after the play
➤ Dec 31, 2007 - David attended Billie’s wedding to Laurence Fox

Fact:  Doomsday wasn’t even the last episode shot in Series Two.  The production team scheduled filming on all of the Cyberman episodes together in a block - so Rise of the Cyberman/The Age of Steel/Army of Ghosts/Doomsday were filmed together in the middle of the shooting schedule.  The last episodes filmed for Series Two were the Impossible Planet/Satan Pit two-parter.  You can see evidence of this on David Tennant’s video diaries for the series – where he discussed filming Billie’s goodbye on the beach when they were really only halfway through the shoot, as well as Billie’s emotional final scenes for Satan Pit (and all of the exact shooting dates are available in the DWM Series Two Companion guide as well).

Fallacy #2:  David was surprised to see Billie when he turned around on that deserted street in The Stolen Earth

Fact: Billie’s first scene filmed for The Stolen Earth was David’s regeneration on the TARDIS set (which was filmed Friday, February 22nd, 2008 - according to the Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition Series Four Companion).  The goodbye-on-the-beach scene was recorded on March 5th.  The running-in-the-street scenes weren’t filmed until March 13th (and ran overnight into March 14th).  Basically, the street scenes were among the last scenes shot for the two-parter – David and Billie had already been on set together for nearly a month before he turned around to see her walking toward him on that deserted street.

Fact: The fact that Billie and the other companions were returning for the finale leaked in the press before the episodes even started filming.  The Daily Star leaked the returning cast information on October 8, 2007 (4 months before they would begin filming the two-parter).  In November (the 25th) The Daily Express claimed that Russell T Davies and David Tennant had persuaded Billie to return as Rose, with the Daily Mirror and Daily Mail not far behind with similar claims about Billie and David reuniting.  It would be a pretty sad state of affairs if all of the tabloids knew that Billie was back before David did.

Fact:  Billie always knew she was coming back (and David did too).  From the Series Four Companion:  “I knew I was coming back when I knew I was leaving,” explained Billie on Doctor Who Confidential, thinking back to her departure, which had been shot in January 2006, “We all made a little pact that I’d come back and do a few more.  I really love lying to journalists when they ask me if I’m coming back.  I’m sorry that I lied to fans, but I think it was a surprise worth waiting for.”

Fact:  According to Russell T. Davies’ book, The Writer’s Tale, Davies was having trouble writing the Journey’s End Bad Wolf Bay scene.  Before shooting on the two-parter began, Julie had mentioned that the Bad Wolf Bay scene as originally scripted just wasn’t working for her, and David had weighed in as well, saying it was tragic - and then Davies obsessed over it for a month (according to the time stamps on the e-mails in the book), agreeing with Julie that Rose wouldn’t go with Doctor #2, mentioning at one point that “I just realised, my plan to make the Bad Wolf Bay scene work - the one involving Voidstuff - won’t work, because I’d forgotten that Mickey has to be free to stay in our universe. Bollocks.  Julie’s upset. She’s saying, ‘Leave Mickey in the parallel universe,’ and I’m saying, ‘Too late! We promised Noel that we’d bring him back in Torchwood Series Three.’  Then later, in an e-mail dated March 1st, 2008, he tells Benjamin Cook that he’s re-written the scene again, giving more of the decision to Rose to put her in control - and that now, “Julie is happy, David is happy, phew, good.”  Not only was David fully aware that Billie was in the script, he was concerned/had input on her goodbye scene (and all of that was well before filming the street scene).

In Conclusion:  There’s absolutely nothing correct about that statement. Doctor Who is a television show, and David and Billie are professional actors (who must be booked well in advance, and who are given scripts containing their lines/the plot). They can act hurt without actually being hurt, look sad even when they’re happy inside, and can appear to be surprised/thrilled to see each other even though they’ve been filming together for weeks. They are also friends who get together socially, as well as making various public appearances together between the end of Series Two and filming on Series Four.  Both Billie and David always knew that Billie would be coming back, and Billie had been back and filming scenes for Series 4 (including other scenes with David) long before the infamous deserted-street scene was shot.

I make no claim of being the keeper of all Doctor Who knowledge, and I’m certainly not perfect, but I am happy to share the sources that I’m aware of and provide a place to gather evidence as to the veracity (or lack thereof) of these claims.  I’m always open to other evidence that can shed light on the matter (but in this case the statement in question really is just totally made up and inaccurate)

Sources for this post:  

  • David Tennant Series Two video diaries (on the Series 2 DVD boxed set)
  • Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition - Series Four Companion
  • Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition - Series Two Companion
  • The Writer’s Tale - Russell T. Davies and Benjamin Cook

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Mick Jagger’s (reported) sexual history
➜ Marianne Faithfull (1966-1970) 2/4000+

Marianne met Mick when she was 17 and still attending a convent school. Rumor has it that Mick introduced himself by spilling a glass of wine down her shirt and then using his bare hands to wipe off her breasts. Though friends reported the sophisticated Marianne found Mick and his bandmates to be “ugly, dirty, pimply people,” she got to know them better after signing with their manager and singing a song they wrote for her: ‘As Tears Go By.’
Marianne became pregnant, married the baby’s father, and began an affair with Mick soon after giving birth. She became an avid user of cocaine and was infamously found wearing only a fur rug when police raided Keith Richards’s home in search of drugs. Mick ended up only spending one night in jail after the bust, but misfortune struck the couple again in 1968 when Marianne miscarried their child, who she had already named Corrina. Suffering from depression, Marianne attempted suicide by taking 150 sleeping pills. Mick called Marianne an ambulance, rode with her to the hospital, and did not leave her side until she was in the clear.
Damaged by drug problems and Mick’s blossoming affair with Marsha Hunt, the two began to drift apart. Mick wrote ‘Wild Horses’ about her as an attempt to keep them together, but Marianne ended things in 1970.
It would not be until 2006 - 35 years since they had even spoken to each other - that Marianne received a call in her hospital room after undergoing surgery for breast cancer. “‘Ello, Marian darling,” the voice said. “How are you?” Mick had phoned agents and friends for hours trying to track down the number of the clinic where she was being treated - just so he could check on her. “If you love someone, you love them forever,” she said. “It never stops.”