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“There’s a greater demand for professional language creation services in Hollywood than there’s ever been,” Peterson explains, “but that still means there’s about five jobs a year out there. Furthermore, if you are contacted, you’re not just negotiating for your pay; you’re defending the job itself. At a certain price point (a point which varies so wildly it can’t even be estimated), the producers will decide it’s simply not worth it to have a created language at all. You’re [essentially] competing against them saying, ‘Let’s just have them speak English.’”

Competing with human laziness doesn’t often end well. Also not helping is the fact that Hollywood deals only in extremes: They only want to hire either the most experienced conlangers or complete amateurs.

“When producers need someone to create a language,” Peterson says, “they first look for people they’ve heard of, but language creators are absolutely unheard of – unless they’ve worked on a major production like Avatar or Game Of Thrones. A new job, then, will either go to someone who’s already done a huge job (or several), or it will go to someone handy – likely no one who’s ever before considered creating a language …”

'I Invented Dothraki’: My Life Creating Fantasy Languages

Yes, there is tremendous suffering all over the world, but knowing this need not paralyse us. If we practice mindful breathing, mindful walking, mindful sitting and working in mindfulness we try our best to help and we can have peace in our heart. Worrying does not accomplish anything. Even if you worry twenty times more it will not change the situation of the world. In fact, your anxiety will only make things worse. Even though things are not as we would like we can still be content, knowing we are trying our best and will continue to do so. If we don’t know how to breathe, smile and live every moment of our life deeply we will never be able to help anyone.
—  Thich Nhat Hanh

when people Pull Shit Out of Thin Air™ so they can rag on the development of every single character in a fruitless attempt to cover up the fact that they really only hate the bleach ending purely because their ship didn’t become canon 

*examples include: Ichigo no longer being a shinigami, Ichigo never being happy in the human world, Ishida becoming a doctor despite never wanting to become one (even though that entire fiasco was dealt with when his father explained himself), Ishida being ‘excluded’ by his friends (even though the situation was explained by his coworkers and that’s literally just always been his personality??), Chad becoming a boxer despite swearing to never use his fists for himself (there’s a difference between fighting on the street and being a professional against professionals. also, he could literally be doing it entirely for charity we have no clue), Orihime becoming a ‘housewife’ despite all her ambition (she was wearing a fucking apron for one scene and by the end of it she was taking it off holy fuck), Yuzu being ‘sexually attracted’ to Ichigo (despite her always having a case of hero worship and it literally never going past that??), etc….

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I noticed that you've been answering questions on emotional abuse. my mom yells at me a lot. gets upset at most of the mistakes I make. she'll completely derail conversations and turn it into a lecture about stuff like "YOU NEED TO START MAKING FRIENDS" And whenever I get in trouble she goes through my phone and iPad and reads all my texts and my private writings and drawings. She has sat me down and forced me to read texts with her and said that I'm stupid. But she's nice most of the time...

Alright, this really doesn’t sound good, even if she is nice most of the time. Being nice and then turning around and being cruel does not a nice person make.

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I’m glad that the Slave arc happened long before the search for the Fanalis homeland arc.

Sinbad has proven to be a kind soul, always sympathizing and helping those in need even when he hasn’t personally experienced what they have been through (like for example he sympathized with Drakon and his group and offered them a shelter).But the fact that this time he’s dealing with slavery something he has personally experienced makes this arc feel more emotional. Sinbad is not just using fancy words with Torran people, he knows first hand what it means to be humiliated and lacking your freedom. He can feel their pain on a personal level and relate to them to a certain degree.

I also like how his approach is not egocentric, he surely talks about his personal experience but then also includes Masrur’s one. Masrur, who has spend his whole life as a slave and has been through far worse situations than Sinbad. It says a lot about their relationship and what that little kid means to Sinbad, the fact that not only he made that difficult journey so that Masrur could find his origins but now also he wants to envision a world without slavery partly for Masrur’s sake.

Girl claims she’ll fail gym because trans students are allowed in the locker rooms
A 13-year-old girl is helping her Christian mother battle against anti-discrimination protections for transgender teens.

Kid, there’s nothing in the bible saying you can’t share a locker room with trans girls. In fact the only thing in the bible which even comes close to this is Deuteronomy 22:5 which says “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing”

But trans women are women and trans men are men so that doesn’t even apply, but even if, EVEN IF, you want to remain an imbecile and refuse to accept their identity, this STILL doesn’t mean God forbids you from sharing a locker room with them. In the end, if it’s a sin, it is their sin and not yours and God will judge them (and you in the end so be nice).

And hell, you like Deuteronomy? Should every girl on her period be separated from the rest of the class? Because Deuteronomy does say that.

Oh and all those mixed fabrics that must be around. Deuteronomy hates those too.

Stop trying to justify bigotry with religion. That sh^t ain’t cool no more. Have you tried Pokemon Go?


I started falling in love early. Three times before age sixteen –– I’ve never written that anywhere, because it sounds too hysterically self-aggrandizing to be true, but as a wise man once said, feelings are the only facts, and the only word I had for how I felt was love. Maybe if I’d been allowed to read more magazines I could’ve brushed them off as crushes but I was raised on fairytales and crushes were for people at summer camp. I had no use for a lipgloss-sticky word cribbed from teen movies. I needed everything so much bigger.

But what fairytales don’t teach you is that love can end: it starts with a flood and it ends with a trickle. You believe you cannot live without someone until the moment you realize, actually, you can, and not only that but you will, and not only that but you must. What once seemed like an unending wellspring of feeling, feeling so much you were on the verge of drowning, lifts, lessens. You dry out. You wake up clean.

At twelve I reckoned only in soulmates and forevers; by fourteen I had to find new theories that could make sense of the material of my experience. Guilt rested cloak-like on my baby shoulders whenever I thought about my personal failures to reach happily ever after. My own particular neuroses — we won’t go into the laundry list of their origins — meant being burdened less with fear of being left than with fear of leaving. I was terrified to discover that I had to orchestrate endings. I was terrified to think I might break hearts.

So I looked for new stories. There aren’t many good ones, especially for girls. The easiest way to shoulder the guilt is by assuming you are the problem, so I adapted a view of myself as fickle, or especially flighty. It turns my stomach with squeamish sadness to read old journals and see how often I called myself a whore — a fifteen year old’s way of scolding herself for not wanting to be with someone forever, the way the tales teach.

I envied the way men in stories got to be so callous about endings. There were so many ways for them to let go without consequence. I yearned to live so easily, always able to amble on to the next big adventure without invalidating what came before. I needed my own version of Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright, my own James Bond movie, some way of learning to throw myself against the hard surfaces of the world in order to grow stronger instead of cracking.

Bartender is where I found it. Here is the wretchedness of a rough-edged, hard-shelled, whiskey-soaked narrator rendered in quiet girl-tones. Here is the responsibility of hurt made bearable by an incontrovertible gentleness. Here is an acknowledgement that the ache of losing love is a hurt too. Love will be the death of me, not by drowning but by its opposite.

Sometimes when I was a kid I’d get the chance to play in the ocean all day, throwing my body against the waves, leaning and leaning against the force that came pushing through the sea and held me up, and sometimes, at the very end of the day, stretched out salt-smoothed and sun-warmed under an unfamiliar blanket in a strange place, I could feel the waves pushing against me, ghosts rocking me to sleep. That’s how it feels after two shots of whiskey and a beer chaser, and how it feels to remember a love that you were in once and aren’t in anymore: the force of waves you once threw yourself into fading slowly until you wake to a new day.

- c

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Do you speak Spanish?

Like 3rd grade level. I know like no slang. My parents were very adamant about me learning English. I can speak to my grandparents so that’s all I care about.

Fun fact! I could only speak Spanish in kindergarten.


Trust a stranger

“Boy who went missing from his childhood home at the age of five has been found, seventeen years after his disappearance. Liam Payne was said to be playing in his back garden with his two older sisters, when he seemed to disappear in to thin air. His parents pleaded worldwide for their boy to come home alive and well. Years later, their wish has come true. Only for Liam’s mother, another bombshell was dropped when police officials informed her that Liam, now 22, was being held captive by his father on their family yacht.” 

Zayn loves Buffalo bar.

He’d be coming her for the past five years, since he moved to London for Uni. While he was studying, it would be every week but as the years have gone on, it had become less and less. In fact he only comes her now, when he and his old flatmates have their annual meet up, which is supposed to come out once a month but ends up being when they all have a chance.

He’s nursing an ice cold beer as he sits in the very back booth and he’s ending people watching due to the lack of company.

There’s a group of teenagers surrounding the main bar, laughing and shouting and generally being a nuisances to anyone surrounding them. It’s not malicious though, they’re just kids, enjoying their youth while they can and Zayn is so incredibly jealous, yearning to get those years back.

There’s an older guy in the corner, his wrinkled hands clutching at his own beer. He’s also watching the teenagers, with a look on his face that must mirror Zayn’s own. There has to be at least ten years between him and this guy, so he’s extremely older than the group of kids. Zayn wonders if that’s how he’ll end up, with all his friends getting married and having babies, while he seems to continue down the lonely single path.

He’s managed to order another two beers before his own friends show up, which in reality isn’t all that different to when he was the same age as the group of teenagers in the corner.

“Sorry,” Louis apologises as he drops in to the booth opposite and steals Zayn’s beer. “Annie made me run all the way across town to get her some dark chocolate.”

“Why did you have to go across town?” Zayn asks confused.

“Because she wanted it from where she works.” Louis huffs and hands back Zayn his empty bottle. “I need something stronger.”

Zayn can’t help but laugh as he watches his friend drag his tired body back out of the booth and over to the bar. Louis’ girlfriend Annie was only about three months pregnant, but she’d been making sure Louis’ was paying for being the one to knock her up.

“So, how are you?” Louis asks as he settles back in to the booth, a glass of whisky now resting loosely in his right hand.

“It’s been six month, Lou.” Zayn replies. “Don’t you think it’s time for the ‘how are you’s’ and sympathetic head tilts to stop?”

“Maybe I’ll stop when you stop being defensive and answer the question.” Louis tells him.

“I’ve told you a million times that ‘I’m fine’.” Zayn argues.

Louis hums his agreement as he takes a sip from his drink and if Zayn didn’t love the bastard so much, he’d take the past six months of emotions out on the other lad’s face.

“Sorry,” Niall shouts as he walks through the bar, dragging his boyfriend with him. “I literally had to drag this one from work.”

“It’s not my fault I like my job.” Harry says as he’s shoved in to the booth next to Louis.

“It’s your fault you get too involved in your job.” Niall adds as he sits down in the booth next to Zayn.

“Leave it at the office, Styles.” Louis says with a grin that Zayn knows for a fact is going to grate on Harry.

“I wish we left you at the office.” Harry retorts.

“Okay, I think you need a drink.” Niall decides and gets back up. “Do you need a top up, Z?”

Zayn hands him his empty bottle when he reaches out for it. “Please, man.”

“So, how are you doing, babe?” Harry asks Zayn.

“We’re not allowed to ask.” Louis answers before Zayn can reply.

Harry frowns at Zayn. “Is that true?”

“Don’t do that,” Zayn scolds. “You promised me! You promised you wouldn’t do your psychobabble crap on me!”

“I’m not,” Harry argues. “I’m keep an eye on my best friend, that’s all.”

“Then believe me when I say I’m fine.” Zee states.

“Alright.” Harry says calmly.

A silence falls over the three of them, until Niall drops back in to the booth with a beer from each of them. He easily changes the conversation to something to do with him and Zayn had never been more thankful for chipper Irish friend.

It takes another round for Zayn’s shoulders to relax again and for him to settle easily in to the conversation.

“Do you remember Liam?” Harry asks when the conversation takes a dip.

“That one of your nutcases?” Louis replies.

“They’re not nutcases, Louis.” Harry scolds. “How many times have you told you not to say that?”

“One of them took a chunk out of Zayn’s ear, last time you asked him to help you.” Louis reminds him.

“That was different,” Harry argues. “Rick had some problems but Liam doesn’t have those problems.”

“Sure he doesn’t.” Louis replies with a casual shrug.

Harry gives Zayn a ‘why do you make me stay friends with this arsehole’ look but Zayn can only offer a sympathetic shrug.

“Is Liam the guy who was kidnapped?” Niall asks.

“Oh, the little rich boy whose daddy pretended he was dead to get the insurance money but had him locked up in some boat the entire time?” Louis guesses.

Harry slams his hands down on the table, looking pissed and Louis at least has the decency to cower back in to the booth a little.

“I need another drink.” Harry decides.

“I’ll go?” Zayn offers when Niall gets up to follow his boyfriend because he knows how Harry can be when he’s upset.

Niall steps out of the booth and nudges in to the booth next to Louis instead. He starts whispering things to the older lad, probably scolding him for upsetting Harry. They’re both laughing by the time Zayn’s got out of the booth so he supposes it’s not much of a scolding.

“Why do we have to stay friends with that arsehole?” Harry complains as Zayn joins him at the bar.

“You used to think the sun shone out of his arse.” Zayn reminds him.

“When I was eighteen, and his immaturity was funny.” Harry replies “He’s gonna be a dad by the end of the year and that still hasn’t made him mature.”

“It’s Tommo.” Zayn says as explanation.

Harry sighs, his shoulders sinking. “Yeah.”

Zayn reaches up to squeeze the other lad’s neck sympathetically as the barman comes over to take their orders.

“So, why did you bring Liam up?” Zayn asks as their drinks are being poured.

“I need a favour,” Harry starts.

“H, last time.” Zayn tries.

“That was different, okay.” Harry argues. “Liam is a good lad, he had a shit start in life, that’s all. He needs your help, Z. He needs to finally be allowed to have a normal life and he can’t do that unless he gets his grades.”

“Can’t you get him another tutor?” Zayn asks.

“I told him I’d get him someone I trust,” Harry tells him. “There’s no one in this world I trust more than you.”

“Might want to let your fiancé in on that little secret.” Zayn jokes.

Harry’s head snaps in the direction of the booth, to find Niall busy giggling with Louis and not paying attention to them at all.

“Bout time you got to work on that, mate.” Zayn tells him.

“I’m getting there,” Harry argues as he picks up his and Niall’s drinks. “Stop pressuring me.”

Zayn laughs and ruffles his hair before picking up his and Louis’ drinks and leading the way back to the table.


They go to Liam’s house the next week. An older woman answers the door and Zayn vaguely remembers her face from when it was spread across the news last year, after Liam had been found. She’s got a sweet looking face, which makes it almost impossible for Zayn to understand how she could have once been married to such a monster.

“Good morning, Maggie.” Harry greets.

“Hello, darling.” Maggie replies, voice soft and sweet like the kind you expect from an elderly English grandmother who owned a tea shop and baked everyone in the town cookies. “And who might your friend be?”

“This is Zayn,” Harry introduces. “He’s the tutor I’ve been telling you about.”

“Oh, yes.” Maggie says and offers her hand to Zayn. “It’s lovely to meet you.”

“Pleasures all mine, m’am.” Zayn replies as he shakes her hand with both of his, the way his mum had taught him when he was younger, as a sign of respect.

“He’s very polite,” Maggie tells Harry. “And very nice to look at.”

Harry lets out a lovely laugh and reaches out to squeeze Maggie’s arm. “You’re a terror.”

“I’m allowed to appreciate art in my old age.” Maggie argues as she moves out of the way to allow them both inside.

“Terror.” Harry reinstates, as he leads the way inside. “So, where’s our boy?”

“Refusing to leave his room,” Maggie replies. “Or his bed, really. I’ve offered him breakfast, a warm bath, even baked his favourite biscuits. He won’t budge.”

“Let us have a go, yeah?” Harry offers.  

“I’ll put the kettle on.” Maggie agrees and heads off to the kitchen.

Harry leads the way up the stairs but stops on the landing, once they reach it. “Let me go in and talk to him for a minute, yeah?”

Zayn nods, not sure what his place in this is anyway. If the other lad is refusing to get out of bed for the day, then surely any form of education is going to be off the cards too.

Harry heads in to the room but he doesn’t close the door behind him, which obviously means Zayn lets curiosity get the better of him.

“Good morning, Payno.” Harry greets, loud and cheerful in the annoying way that Harry is. “And what seems to be the problem this morning?”

There’s a groan of a reply and the sound of curtains opening, followed by a louder groan.

“So we’re having a shit day today?” Harry asks.

“Fuck off, Harry.” Liam replies, his voice rough but different from what it should be like if he’d just woken up from sleep.

“How can I do that when I’m paid to bug you?” Harry wonders.

“I’m not getting up.” Liam says stubbornly.

Zayn moves more towards the room, his curiosity picking up more with need to put a face to the voice. But the room curves, the part where Liam and Harry are, is hidden by a wall that blocks them both from Zayn’s view. He’d have to show his own face, in order to see Liam’s and he knows that would upset Harry.

“Tell me why and I’ll leave you be?” Harry requests.

There’s a moment of silence that lasts so long that Zayn is on the verge of stepping the room to check their both okay.

“It’s gotten hard again, H.” Liam admits.

His voice cracks on the friendly nickname and that’s where Zayn cracks too. He’s never understood how Harry can do this. He talks to people like Liam every day and yet still manages to smile like his life is a bloody west end musical.

“That’s okay,” Harry says reassuringly. “We can have bad days, remember? But tomorrow you’ve got to promise me you’ll get out of bed, yeah?”

Liam stays silent.

“Alright,” Harry continues as if he’d agreed. “Well, I’ll be here for the rest of the day because someone’s got to eat your mum’s cookies. I’ll be downstairs if you need anything, yeah?”

Another beat of silence.

“Okay.” Harry says and then he’s appearing around the corner and into Zayn’s view. “Do you want to go down for a cuppa?”

Zayn nods and follows his friend back downstairs.

“Any luck?” Maggie asks hopeful, as they walk in to the kitchen.

Harry settles at the island in the middle and smiles thankfully as she sets a cup of tea down in front of him. “I think he needs today.”

“Today, yesterday and the one before.” Maggie says with a frown.

“We have to go at a pace Liam wants, Maggie.” Harry informs her. “If we force him in to do anything then he could regress completely.”

“I know,” Maggie agrees, as if they’d had this conversation a thousand times over. “I just want my baby to be happy, that’s all.”

Zayn moves across the room to wrap his arms around the older woman when he notices her choke up.

“He’s getting there.” Harry assures her. “He’ll have bad days but look how far we’ve come since the first time we met?”

Maggie nods and rubs Zayn’s back gently. “Thank you, dear.”

“My mum always said a hug can cure anything.” Zayn tells her and gives her another gentle squeeze. “I guess I should get going then?”

“Stay for one cup of tea?” Maggie requests.

Zayn looks between her and Harry.

“In case he changes his mind and comes down?” Harry suggests.

Zayn nods easily in agreement and move to sit in the chair next to his friend.


Liam didn’t come down that day and he doesn’t come down when Harry takes Zayn there the next week or the next.

“How many times are we gonna do this, mate?” Zayn asks as they get to Liam’s house to find the other lad is refusing to get out of bed

“As many times as he needs,” Harry replies as they walk up the stairs. “I’ve got a plan, actually. Go with me on it, yeah?”

Zayn nods, willing to do anything to get this show on the road. He’d quite like to get back his Sunday mornings watching cooking shows.

“Good morning, Payno.” Harry greets brightly as he walks in the room and gestures for Zayn to follow.

Liam looks ready to flip Harry off when his eyes catch Zayn and widen almost comically, if it wasn’t for the way he almost cowers back in to his bed.

“This is Zayn,” Harry introduces. “He’s here to do your tutor sessions.”

Liam looks between Zayn and Harry and then around the room like a cornered wild animal, looking for an escape.

“H, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Zayn worries.

“Liam wanted tutor sessions and you’re here to give them to him,” Harry explains as he pulls open the curtains. “How’s that a bad idea?”

“Because you’ve scared the crap out of him by dragging me in here.” Zayn points out.

He moves back towards the door, in hopes it’ll make Liam uncurl himself from the current position he’d try to cower himself in to.

“I’m gonna go downstairs.” Zayn decides as he throws his hands up in panic as he backs completely out of the room.  

Maggie offers to make him a cup of tea as soon as he walks in the kitchen. Zayn drops himself on one of the stools and buries his head in his hands, wondering why the hell he agreed to help Harry again.

“He’s showering, he’ll be down in a minute.” Harry explains as he walks in to the kitchen.

Zayn lifts his head to glare at his friend. “What the hell are you doing?”

“My job.” Harry replies. “I know what works with Liam, okay? I’d never do anything that could possibly hurt him.”

“What happened to taking things at his pace?” Zayn questions, still feeling angry.

He hates that the first image of Liam is of the other lad looking at him completely terrified, and he knows it’ll be engrained in his memory for a long time.

“I’m not forcing him downstairs,” Harry argues. “It’s his decision.”

“You didn’t give him much of one.” Zayn retorts.

“I know what I’m doing.” Harry snaps.

Zayn backs off then because Harry rarely gets pissed when it’s not aimed at Louis. He’s certainly not got pissed with Zayn in a long time.

In reality, I’d probably sooner crack Solas’s egg than romance him. But I still consider it an injustice almost equal to the lack of bisexuality with Cullen not to allow male Lavellans to be able to romance him as well. Nothing - NOTHING - of his romance requires him to only be romancing a woman, and indeed, between his status as majorly plot important and the fact that he ONLY reveals a major thing of the Dalish history in a romance, plus, frankly, the fact that they got Gareth David-Lloyd, Ianto Freaking Jones, to voice this character… These all meant that there was NO reason not to include this.

I would sooner have the debate of him being a depraved bisexual (and, for the record, since the narrative is pushing this idea of him being misguided, not malevolent, I say that label does not apply) than have all of this blocked off to male Inquisitors.


She growls 
like a Lioness,
but not the cowardly kind of purrs,
when she unfurls 
she’s a Giantess.
With a mind possessed
of the finest set
of high tension frets
with every sense
to wear a poor girl out.
Honey just rest
you haven’t even seen the best
bit, yet.
Believe it.
Just breathe in.
Just be here,
with me, friend.
Just trust me.
Obey me.
I’ll never get enough of
Watching you run and play.
See, because
I’m just glad I get to share it with you,
and that’s all…

Sometimes I just act tall
standing on this ball,
I mean the Earth,
but it’s worth it 
to see myself in your eyes Pup.
You restore my faith,
when I’m headed for a bad fall.
It’s okay to bark,
in fact it’s only natural,
to act this way,
it’s the thing to do.
Not a big Bono fan
but I’m happy to see you too.
I know you see me,
and it’s good to be seen,
and I know you know I know you
know what I mean,
and that’s all…

I love you.
You’re my world,
nothing above you.
Dear PetSmart,
just met a dog who
got me subdued. 
And I know that I will
never have to hit undo. 
Because I admire,
adore, honor
and trust you.
When shit gets tough
we will manage to bust through.
Who can handle all of this?
Us two. 
I’m counting down my watch
minutes ticking 
on the second hand.
From the moment were apart, 
because I’d do anything
to make you happy,
shouldn’t be in a hurry though,
figure I got a while,
and that’s all…

By: Waldo

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HOW DO YOU TAKE SCREENSHOTS MANUALLY? nooo why hate yourself?! download GomPlayer he’s your friend he makes nice folders and loves you

I am terribly stuck in my ways, friend… probably not gonna change anytime soon. :P

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It makes your gifs that much more impressive because of all the work and effort you put into them! Just. Wowza.

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anavolena replied to your post “anavolena replied to your post:anavolena replied to your post:4, 9,…”

i literally almost quit gifmaking early on over the tedium of manually screen capping. in fact my only bad memory of that jack/bella set I linked was the screnn capping step. so more power to you.

All I hear in my head rn is Hannibal telling me “it’s fine to be weird” and I am EMBRACING IT.

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  • OTPs: tbh i’m part of such a few fandom, in fact the only two existing fandoms that i’m involved in are Steven Universe and Harry Potter. So I have : Ruby/Sapphire from Steven Universe (GayTM), Lars/Sadie also in Steven Universe (for a reason that i ignore myself since Lars is a jerk most of the time, but still.. I love them), Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny from the books and only the books BUT LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT HP I’M NOT OVER THAT SHITTY CURSED CHILD AND THAT MESS ABOUT NATIVES IN MAGICAL CREATURES YET (et je fais la gueule à JKR) 
  • The last thing I Googled was: “hypokhâgne al” i wanted to know the number of hours for each classes in my upcoming year
  • First word that comes to mind: Dog. How original. 
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To all my spoiler peeps!

Listen! I don’t really appreciate it that some of you seem to pester those, who clearly said, that they won’t post any spoilers with messages and asks to send me some spoilers! It’s their decision if they want to post anything or not. And if they say no then it is a NOAnd you have to respect their decision! Your asks won’t change that fact and the only thing you will achieve is, that those persons will get pissed-off and that I will get pissed-off! 

you know, i really am quite amazed at my poseidon’s evolution tbh

during the titanomachy, you could have sworn he was a different person entirely what with how quiet he was. he smiled little, laughed even less — just overall this solitary figure enraptured by his own melancholic introspection. much like this one type of seal i learned about yesterday, in fact. (if only i could remember the name of the species…) inquisitive in nature, tho, he could be “drawn out of his shell” if you were to pique his curiosity.

meanwhile, modern!poseidon’s public face is…basically that of a little shit tbh. :|

tfw ur muse used to be much better behaved when they were younger smh