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Alright I gotta know how is poking fun of your slogan "Don't write down, Print up" Racist?

It’s my given indigenous name. Making fun of it is racism. Making fun of native things make you a racist. It’s Printup. Not Print up. 

Also nice making a whole new accounts to get around my anon block right now. 

Making fun of the name of my forefathers and these men:

Let me make a comparison for you there is an account of a black girl who’s name is Sharquida and uses, “Remember it’s Sharquida” in her tagline. If you were to make a parody account of her and say “Remember is Sharkqueer,” it would just be as racist as making fun of my tagline that you can’t even get right! 

Lol have fun on my growing block list!

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in light of recent conversations, i no longer wish to see foreign languages used in sexytime contexts. now they must only be used in humorous contexts where the multilingual significant other just straight up fucking forgets what word they’re supposed to be using, gives up, and resigns themself to calling gloves “hand socks”

my take on the mcr groupchat:
  • gerard: pictures of cats (jupiter and mitch or random cats they met or internet cats), in-depth analysis of weird ideas they get
  • ray: wishing everyone good morning/goodnight, discussing the news
  • mikey: probably has the chat muted, sends those old people on facebook image thingies not entirely ironically
  • frank: pictures of his kids doing goofy stuff, slightly concerning statements played off as humorous
  • james: his iconic fashion statements, good things he had for breakfast, puppies