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Do you know any good highschool AU Ziam fics

There are a lot aha, lemme see what i can whip up.

The Underdogs by blackwayfarers

Zayn Malik hates everything about winter. He hates the snow, he hates scraping the ice from his car, he hates freezing every time he steps outside, he hates wearing hats and heavy jackets. In fact, the only thing he doesn’t hate about it are his hockey player buddies and his childhood best friend, Liam Payne, the teenage star hockey player and captain of their small town team.

soft bodied, warm blooded by  gaysubtext

an accident that occurred when he was younger has left zayn with permanent scarring. liam tries to figure him out.

Children, Wake up by jmcats

Liam feels out of place with his classmates… but Zayn makes him feel alive in ways he’s uncertain about, but only when they’re alone. How does Liam survive school, his friendships, University parties, and a love he’s quite certain will fall apart before he ever discovers it?

Cold Gym Floors (series) by jannika

A High School AU where they are all in competitive Marching Band and out to make their senior year their tenth championship running. Louis wants to lead but not grow up, Zayn hates everything except for all the good things that keep happening to him, Harry is good luck and maybe just a little naïve, Niall only ever has whiskey and is glad he gets a guitar solo, and Liam has only ever done this in theory but he can’t wait to put it into practice. Also featuring Louis crawling into Zayn’s window a lot, which is no one is jealous of at all. Honestly. And a High school Zayn can’t wait to get out of, even though the five of them sort of run it.

Autumn leaves of red and gold & running in the wind by eccentricsimply

“I’m trying not to.” It’s his answer and he thinks it’s enough for Zayn, but nothing is ever enough for him– and maybe that’s why Liam hasn’t pushed him away yet, because Zayn is all colours where Liam is all grey.

Nobody knows you baby (the way I do) by eroticziam

Zayn and Liam accidentally get nominated for cutest couple at school and Louis makes a bet with them that they won’t win.

I heard you on the radio by thatwasahaiku 

Liam hadn’t meant for it to turn into a thing- a big, popular, almost the entire school was talking about it sort of thing. The podcasts started out as a way from him to vent some pent up aggression and actually be himself for once. And what better place to reveal ones true inner being than through the veil of anonymity that is the internet? It also helps being anonymous when you find yourself inexplicably attracted to the new student everyone has their eye on.

Sonnets behind the flame by jmcats

Liam has been anticipating a weekend away at Louis’ family’s cabin for years. It’s nothing but wilderness, bonfires, football, his best mates, alcohol, and an escape from their last year in Sixth Form. Oh, and Niall has invited Harry Styles and Zayn Malik along. The same Zayn who’s a complete prick to Liam’s mates. The same Zayn that Liam has spent so many years hating, he doesn’t know the reasons anymore.

Suddenly, Liam doesn’t think this is such a brilliant idea after all.

My Lungs and your lilac eyes by lavenderforluck

This is a love story. It’s an accident, mostly. Nearly all of them are.

That’s honestly probably not even a chunk of the great hs au’s that are out thre but these are all wonderful. Always make sure you read the tags and warnings and don’t make yourself read anything you’re uncomfortable with. also if you enjoy a fic remembr to leave kudos and comments because i hear authors like that kinda thing :D

((here’s a link to my whole fic rec))

You can’t act like white people didn’t just come to a moral crisis and say “man… I feel bad for using these black people as slaves and killing them all the time, let’s pass some laws and make this shit right!”

Nah, the shit has always about one upping or fucking over others, our freedom wasnt even for our freedom’s sake, it was a preventive measure to make sure the north didn’t have to fight more troops in the civil war

In fact, the only slaves that were free were the ones that belonged to the states that were actively rebelling

america has no conscience, it will never be a pillar of moral superiority. It is a blight on the world since its inception and nothing can save it.

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just to give you and indicator of how useless those tests are, the second one I scored 55% on schizotypal, something I am officially diagnosed with and have been medicated for in the past. that's less than average on something I actually have.

The questions they ask are completely useless. Because I’m quiet and introverted, the test said I’m schizotypal. Reading the symptoms, I’m 99% sure that I do not have it. The fact that you only scored a 55% despite actually having it shows just how reliable the result is. 

This is why you can’t self diagnose with online quizzes, people.

This is how I want the reunion between Sarada and Sasuke to go down:

While Sarada and ChouChou are on their journey–and Sakura doesn’t know about it considering Sarada lied to her–which I first was thinking she must have became Genin and said she was out on her first team mission, when in fact it’s only her and ChouChou. But then again, I came to the conclusion that that would most likely not happen and regardless of what happens anyway, Sakura would talk to Naruto and become suspicious.

When Sakura finds out Sarada left without consulting with Naruto, Naruto’s clone will alert the real Naruto.

Meanwhile in the forest, Sarada and ChouChou get themselves entangled into trouble. It is the two men with the Sharingan doing, and upon trying to escape, Sarada sprains her ankle.

Using his sensory skills, the real Naruto will be able to pinpoint the girls’ location with haste.

But of course Daddy Sasuke will be exactly where they are in a millisecond.

He is fast afterall. This is the same dude who traveled the currents of lightning in order to go rescue Sakura rofl and I bet he’s even faster at his older age.

He will go all out to the extreme–Protective Angry Daddy Sasuke is the best Sasuke.

As expected, we’ll have our tag team with The Legendary Duo as well.

But Sasuke will do most of the work because two of his many specials have been activated: Protective Daddy Sasuke Mode:Angry Daddy and Killing Machine Daddy activated.

Speaking the obvious, Sarada will be caught off guard. She was out searching for her father and yet, he was the one who came for her in a whirlwind in the end.

Then you have your family bonding moment–but imma skip this part because I’m bad when it comes to expressing emotions lol I will say he will be relieved to the multitudes because the daughter he wished to protect is standing right in his presence, breathing, alive–without having to constantly contact Naruto for confirmation of Sarada’s well-being for the numerous of years that have gone by.

Seeing her in the flesh was more than enough.

All of those years spent pestering Naruto and forcing him to spy for him was not enough to complete the voidness in his heart.

(Was that emotional enough but I messed it up in the end tbh because I like to ruin the mood.)

Fast forward a bit–Sakura is preparing on leaving the village in search of Sarada–clone Naruto is no longer there considering he was dismissed because of large uses of chakra consumption as the real Naruto engaged in battle. Shikamaru was left to tend the village.

As she’s leaving the gates, she senses the chakra signatures of you guessed it. Her two precious babies.

An older Sasuke at peace who’s serenity had a brilliant radiance, and a tranquil Sarada riding on his back.

(And ChouChou wanted The Seventh to carry her too because she ain’t about to walk all the way back to Konoha the only reason why she went with Sarada in the first place was because she’s her best friend and the Seventh was not her best friend yo. She’s already dirty from the encounter of those two men. “I’m too cute for all this,” she says.) I live for ChouChou aka Miss. Diva



By Alex Schubert

Published by Koyama Press

Imagine The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as pot-smoking punks.

The Blobby Boys are back and they’ve got acid tongues and acid on their tongues. The salacious and slimy Saturday Morning cast-offs haven’t lost an iota of edge. In fact, the only thing sharper than the comedy in this book just might be the boys’ switchblades.

ALEX SCHUBERT was born in Mascoutah, IL and is based In Los Angeles, CA where he works in illustration and animation. In 2014, the first collection of Blobby Boys was awarded a Silver Medal in the Long Form and Comic Strip category of The Society of Illustrators first Comic and Cartoon Art Annual.

“Alex Schubert’s collection of bold, bizarre comics is short, sharp and shocking — not unlike a quick stabbing.” — Jake Austen, Chicago Tribune

ISBN: 978-1-927668-20-7
5 ½ x 8 ½, 52 pages, color, trade paper
May 2015

» How to buy Blobby Boys 2

i woke up today to a white woman being disgusting with her racism

yes, racism.

yesterday on facebook i posted a status telling white people not to be racist on cinco de mayo and being pretty clearly angry at the thought of it. this woman named mary, came onto my status this morning (may 5th), and said the following things:

- “bitching” about things wouldn’t change them and she was annoyed with seeing my “facebook activism” 
- i put myself in bad situations and do nothing but “bitch” about it (referring to the fact that i only make minimum wage and the fact that i’m pissed that white people use my cultural and history as costumes or reasons to get sloppy drunk)

basically this white woman felt she had the right to barge in on a status in which i was expressing my anger as a person of color in order to tell me that my anger 1) wasn’t justified and 2) was something she viewed as being used separately from any action outside the internet.

white people: it is NOT acceptable to tell people of color how or when to use their anger. that is racism! racism requires people of color to be quiet, to not speak up/defend themselves. what mary did is racist because she assumed that her voice of opposition, as a white woman, was necessary and/or desired.

it wasn’t.

this wasn’t about white people’s feelings.

it wasn’t about mary.

she made it about her, and that’s racist.

Let Her Go


Ewan Gold was, for lack of a better term, hiding. He didn’t know how it happened, but he was getting far to close with Belle French for his own comfort. Belle French and her fleeting touches to his arm, her beaming smile, and her bright eyes.

 Oh God. Her Eyes.

She had the most beautiful, vibrant blue eyes he’d ever seen. Her eyes weren’t the only beautiful things about Belle; he found her entire being to be exquisite. She really seemed to enjoy his company and her kinds words went straight to his heart. Ewan had spent most of his life, thus far, keeping everyone at arms length, lest they find out about his father. It was just easier to be alone, he’d decided. He wasn’t lonely, but everyone he’d ever known had either left him or hurt him in the end. Being alone was safe. In fact, the only two people who knew everything about him were Peg and Martha and in the ten years he’d known them, they really seemed to care about him. They were the only two people he knew he could count on. His carefully constructed walls to keep people out had crumbled when faced with the joy radiating from Belle and before he knew it, he was falling into this blissful, happy friendship waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nothing good happened to Ewan Gold; it was just a fact of the universe, like gravity. So, doing the only thing he was good at, he was hiding. Really, it seemed ridiculous that he was hiding from a little slip of a girl who barely met his shoulders. Ridiculous as it was, however; he found himself skipping lunch and instead sitting under a tree on the far end of campus, hopefully out of sight.  

It started the first day he’d met her. She’d been looking for the cafeteria and they’d ended up talking the entire period about literature. He volunteered information that he always kept closely guarded and when she’d walked away, she’d looked at him with those piercing blue eyes and said, “It’s nice to meet you, Ewan.” Looking back, he should have known he was well and truly fucked.  

Now, four weeks later, he decided avoiding Belle would be the easiest decision. She’d forget about him and it would hurt, but it was safe. He heard the bell ring faintly and began trudging back to the building and the sanctuary of the library. He had a free period anyway.

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SS was planned before NH? LOL stop bullshittin. Naruto is the main character, not Sasuke. Naruto's lover is WAY more important than 2ndary's character Sasuke's lover. Hinata's character was made before both Sakura and Sasuke FACT. Sakura/Sasuke characters were suggested (not by Kishi himself) to create dramas. Kishi said himself once he considered Sakura as Naruto's partner (main choice is Hinata) so it shows that SS is BYPRODUCT of NH bcoz Kishi chose Hinata in the end. Sasuke gets the 2nd girl

Listen…sweety as much as i love Hinata and NH…Everything you’re saying is bullshit… & here is why:

“Naruto is the main character, not Sasuke. Naruto’s lover is WAY more important than 2ndary’s character Sasuke’s lover. Hinata’s character was made before both Sakura and Sasuke FACT. ” 

Hun, the only main character in this show is not only Naruto…Aren’t you forgetting–Sasuke,Sakura,and Kakashi? Cause yeah, they are also main characters and if anything they’re even more “main” than what hinabby actually is…uhh and If your tiny brain thinks that the only important character in this show is Naruto then you ought to never read the manga because- yikes– a bunch of SasuSaku/Team7 moments… everywhere! -yes,even before naruhina moments and before hinata was presented to the manga- And FYI the main couple isn’t always the main-main-charcter+side character! It can also be main charcter+main character! Are you forgetting the main couple in Harry Potter? Hermoine+Ron? Yep main couple! But where’s our main-main charcter? oh right…with a side charcter! And apparently they both are the side couple( a bit like naruhina..dont you think?) .-.                               And Lol really? Hinata made before sasuke and sakura? If i remember correctly Hinabby’s first manga appearance was in chapter 34.

“Sakura/Sasuke characters were suggested (not by Kishi himself) to create dramas. Kishi said himself once he considered Sakura as Naruto’s partner (main choice is Hinata) so it shows that SS is BYPRODUCT of NH bcoz Kishi chose Hinata in the end. Sasuke gets the 2nd girl” 

  • “Sakura’s feelings towards Sasuke has been unrequited since childhood. Despite having to handle tough training and missions, she also gives her all in love - certainly she might be an ideal among the girls. Watching her, I can’t help but root for her!”-massashi kishimoto for ya(1st databook he admittd to root for sakura to where nh still didn’t even exist…sadly :(
  • It was revealed that Masashi Kishimoto had not initially intended to create Sasuke Uchiha. After speaking with his editor about the future of the series, he was advised to create a rival character for the series’ protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki, which resulted in Sasuke’s creation. Kishimoto Masashi created Sasuke by using ideas from an old manga and anime character named Sasuke Sarutobi. Ironically, Sarutobi Sasuke; the character Kishimoto Masashi used, also had a female companion named Sakura. –Wiki (yes you are right… sasuke was created for drama…But this was way before Masashi Kishimoto even published/created the series..not when he had already started it. He got his ideas from Sasuke Sarutobi  to where— oh well… will you look at that–a  female companion named sakura…But wheres hinabby? Oh right… still not born yet :(
  • SASUSAKU WAS CONFIRMED PRETTY MUCH AT THE BEGINNING OF PART ONE! KISHIMOTO HAD ADMITTED IT TO HIS VA’S! TO WHERE HIS VA’S LATER ADMITTED IT TO US! -Again way before naruhina was even born or even before hinabby was born…SasuSaku was admitted to be cannon since the beginning of the series-
  • Honey the only reason naruhina became cannon was becasue Hinabby’s Va wanted for him to make it cannon+ he felt bad for Hinabby because of all the things she did for naruto (that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like her though i mean… not liking her is impossible)
  • Yeah…sasuke gets the second girl… rolls eyes …oh you mean the main heroine that has loved him from the beginning and was chosen by Masashi Kishimoto himself –to be with him from beginning to end...And was decided even way before nh or even hinababy existed…yeah uhhm… that second girl???…

         Pfft Byproduct my ass 

I simply love all the monde stans who are spitting venom on Francis even now, while completely forgetting the fact that the only reason their fuckboy Conde is alive and kicking till now, is because of Francis.. Remember 2x11 anyone? Here’s a recap-

Everybody: Bro don’t do it!
Francis: *blackmails the Cardinal to save fuckboys life*
Cardinal and Everybody: COME ON!

Yeah.. I love how they remember every single word of how Francis was harsh to Mary in 1x01 (cos he was trying to be objective about the alliance) instead of fawning all over her, but very conveniently forget this.. And why? Cos he slept on the same bed as his son and baby mama? OMG hang the bastard!!! Maybe they’d love him if he had blindfolded himself before he fell asleep and imagined that Lola was Mary, idek.

fun fact i’m only just now getting used to the ‘new’ tumblr layout from months ago bc i had an extension that made it normal again but i accidentally deleted it and i cant find it

ps what a bad update


Blow I shot in Houston, Texas.
And I grew up in Funplex which is a skating rink that we went back too and it was so strange because like one of my first dates with my first boyfriend was at Funplex and now I got the whole Funplex that I rented out, I thought I was ballin’
I’m like man this Funplex is just for me, but it was beautiful to be back there.

- Beyoncé