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I have had such an amazing journey losing weight and getting healthy. There were many ups and there were many downs but boy has it been one of my favorite chapters of my life.
 Weight has always been a problem for me since I was a little girl, it’s one of those strange things where I don’t remember not being concerned for my weight and I have
one of those bodies where if im not working hard at it it’s very easy for me to gain weight, which happens often, I’ll lose 20 pounds and gain back 10 i`ll lose 50 pounds and gain back 20.
 But the key is to not obsess about it. I know that`s one of those things where it`s easier said then done, but i remember obsessing so much that if i ate one bad thing I
would legit cry and feel like i failed myself. The journey can be hard like that, but you`ll enjoy it so much more if you have a better understanding of balance.

I used to be very overweight and I worked really hard and lost a bunch in a short period of time and I have gained some of it back, and people ask me if that upsets me,
and truthfully it doesn`t, not one bit does it bother me because it`s life, it`s going to happen and I enjoyed my journey so much that it`s exciting to be doing it again, and I`m still
happy with myself and you should be to. I have been having a lot of messages of people telling me how they have gone through a weightloss and have gained some of it back.
YOU GUYS, IT`S OKAY believe me, it`s okay because we`re not perfect and we sometimes slip, weather we gained a little weight or we spend too much money or let our
rooms and apartments become a mess, it`s life and we pick ourselfs back up and start all over and by doing this you appreciate your journey so much more.

 I know being on tumblr or pinterest there is a ton of amazing weightloss photos and stories and they are truly inspiring, but we also need to talk about the ugly side to
that sometimes, because the fact that no one talks about weight gain after a weightloss makes people feel discouraged and makes them feel worse about themselves and makes them feel alone because
no one talks about that. I am here to talk about that, coming from someone who has lost a lot and has gained some back I`m honest about it, I`m not ashamed of it, because
I`m working on it now, and so can you! And everyone gaines weight back for various reasons, like if they were pregant and haven`t been able to have the lifestyle back
because they no longer have the time, or maybe you were in school and had a little more time to lose weight and now you`re too busy balancing 2 jobs and can`t seem to
find the time like you had before. It`s a common issue and I`m here to go through it with you guys, because it`s okay and we`re going to work on it together!

I have already started my journey again and I feel great, and i`m not ashamed to have to lose weight again because LIFE HAPPENS sometimes, and we can`t all dedicate 2
hours in the gym and cook a healthy meal 3 times a day and so this post is for you guys, because we will find ways to overcome the challenges that stop us from being the best
we can be for ourselves !
If you have gained weight, or even if you haven`t even begun a journey at all, just know i`m here for you and know that I have exsperienced it all, and i`m here to tell you it`s okay.
If anyone ever needs to talk or wants advice on anything please do not hesitate to message me!

I`ll be sharing a lot of tricks and exercises and food ideas for those of you who just don`t have much time in your day and things that are working for me!


Not Quite Human AU

You’ve heard of half Galra Keith, but consider this: no one on the ship is 100% human but everyone thinks they are the only one. Allura and Coran notice the differences in all the Paladins DNA but don’t say anything because they think it’s normal for Earthlings.

Lance is half Siren, and a very rare male one at that.

  • His parents met when his mom took an interest in the cute human studying marine life and loudly ranting about asshole humans who stupidly pollute the water. They officially met when his backpack filled with his research fell off his boat. She swam down to grab it and brought it back to him. It was love at first sight for Lance’s dad.
  • Lance is the only boy among four sisters and his mom’s family lost their shit. Male sirens are extremely rare and his mother’s side of the family wanted him among his people.
  • It takes forever for Lance to completely shift forms. His mom can form her tail, scales, and gills in seconds when she’s in water and get her legs back and scales shed in fifteen minutes once she’s on land. Lance and his sister’s take about three hours to be in full Siren form and about half an hour to shift back to human. 
    • They think it takes so long because they spent so much time in human form while growing up.
  • Lance’s tale and scales are a beautiful mix of brilliant blues and almost luminous whites and he’s very proud of how lovely his tail and fins are.
  • His singing, oh god his singing. It can’t exactly lure men to their deaths, but he did bring the entire room to tears when he sang a nursery rhyme in kindergarten. 
    • That was the end of his public singing career, but he loves to sing at home and everyone loves to listen. He’s the only one among his siblings to be able to sing like his mom.

Pidge’s grandparent was a shapeshifter who fell in love with their grandmother and had their mother.

  • Mama Holt actually hates shifting her form because to her it feels like a million ants crawling under her skin. She’s willing to use her abilities to avoid a trip to the salon, look ten years younger then she is, and eat what she wants without gaining weight, but that’s about it.
  • Fun Fact: most shapeshifters identify as nonbinary since they can change their sex at will, but some like Mama Holt and Matt stick to the gender they are most comfortable with. Pidge is pretty fluid with their gender, but tends to identify as female because it’s the sex they were born.
  • Pidge and Matt can’t do huge changes to their form like their grandparent can, so no turning into an animal or Hollywood monster. Anything that makes big changes their bone structure is a no go.
  • Pidge shifted their sex to male in order to get back into the Garrison, but kept their facial appearance as it was to fuck with people.
  • Shifting feels like a rush of heat in Pidgey blood and a sudden awareness of every vein in their body for a few minutes until the shift has settled.

Hunk is from a long line of natural witches.

  • If only he knew that since birth.
  • Hunk was adopted by his moms when he was seven months old after his birth parents died in a car accident. It was all but impossible to find any remaining family members (most of the family work hard to remain apart from civilization, Hunks dad was a black sheep) and he was put into foster care until his moms found him a couple months later.
  • Everything was fine and dandy until his powers started maturing in his childhood.
  • His mom has a big garden and a lot of potted plants inside the house. She tells him that talking to plants helps them grow when he’s six and little Hunk chatters away and asks the plants to grow big and strong.
  • Over night the garden turns into a jungle. Fruits and veggies are blooming out of season. The grass in up to their knees. The indoor plants went crazy. A few pots got broken by roots and flowers are everywhere.
  • When he was 11, he got invited to a sleep over, but the horror movie scared him and he accidentally shut down the power for the whole block.
  • He once cursed Lance to have bad luck when the two had a fight in middle school and felt So Bad when he realized what he did.
  • Most of the time hes got good control over his natural powers, but he’s still untrained.
  • When the ship was going haywire, he thought his magic was acting out do to stress.

Shiro’s father is an Incubus.

  • Now you know where his sex appeal comes from.
  • Despite one of his parents being a demon who feeds on sex, Shiro is fine without.
  • He does however, need a lot of touching. Hugs, hair ruffles, hand holding, any kind of possitive touching really. It all keeps him healthy and happy and beautiful.
  • Sex is fun and all, but it’s a bit overwhelming for Shiro. Like eating a full course meal when you aren’t hungry, then having seconds and a third helping.
  • If he goes more then three of four days without touch he starts loosing all his energy and feeling nauseous all the time. A few more days and he’ll start looking sickly, running a fever, and wont be able to hold anything down. At that point he’s gonna need sex and cuddles stat.
  • The gladiator pit and Galra holding cells were not the best place to get cuddles and Shiro honestly has no idea how he survived without starving. He kinda doesn’t want to know.

Keith. Poor Keith.

  • He’s actually the only one of the Paladins who didn’t know he wasn’t fully human. 
  • Almost none of his Galra genes show on him other then the purple eyes (which is pretty normal for mixed species children, taking one parents genes with very little mixing) and his father never knew how to tell him about his mom.
  • Suddenly finding out that your actually part alien is not a fun experience. Finding out that your also related to the enemy is even less so.
  • Keith freaks out a bit.

It was his discovery of his Galra genetics that had everyone else admitting to their own genes. It kinda all just came out. Shiro was demanding no one discriminate Keith for being part Galra and admitted to his own heritage. Lance, never one to be one upped, admitted to being half Siren, then Pidge fessed up, then Hunk.

Allura and Coran are just confused. You mean all Earthings are supposed to have the same genetic code? All of them?

I don’t have the exact date, but this month marks 1 year of me working out (almost consistently). Yes, I did miss a few days because I was lazy or sick, but no one is perfect. I used a workout plan my wonderful boyfriend, Andrew, spent 3 hours making. He did his research on Crohn’s and arthritis and helped develop a plan that would be safe on my body but still push me.

My workout journey wasn’t about weight loss, in fact in was about weight gain. With Crohn’s I lose weight very easily. In the 2016 photos I weight about 100 pounds, in the 2017 photos I weighed 109 which is a big deal for me. It’s important to remember that gaining weight is good and that it doesn’t mean fat, it can mean muscle since muscle is more dense and takes up less space on the body. My journey was about getting healthy and taking care of the body I had. I’ve talked about my body dysmorphia in the past and how I’ve struggled to love my body because of Crohn’s. Working out really helped me connect with my body, feel better physically and mentally, and help me get to a more comfortable place where I felt like my body was mine.

Working out was also a victory for me. I’ve been in a hospital basically my entire life and when I wasn’t, I was essentially bed ridden. When playing sports I was always the last person to finish anything. I thought with my Crohn’s disease and chronic body pain that I’d never be able to be someone who ever really loved fitness (I was incredibly wrong). I’m so blessed I have the energy now, that working out has increased, that I can care for this body that I’m in.

There are contributing factors to my body change such as cutting out meat and processed foods, increasing my water intake, eating healthier foods even though I hated them (looking at you quinoa) but I guess besides sharing this victory I just wanted to remind people of a few things whether you deal with chronic pain like I do or you struggle with body image: you can find that rhythm and a workout that works for you, you can push through the pain and feel better, GAINING WEIGHT IS NOT A BAD THING, your body will change and you can get to a place of peace with it.

I just wanted to celebrate that victory with you guys. Thanks again to everyone who’s supported me with eating right and working out and once again thank you to Andrew for really kickstarting all of this because he knew I wanted to make a change and be happier. Here’s to another year of kicking butt.

The Sound at the Start, Chapter One

This is a modern-day retelling (as opposed to a Modern AU, since it is not an alternate universe, but rather is just the East End in 2014/15) of the Turnadette arc at the end of series two. I found myself wondering what Shelagh would be like in 2014, without the propriety demanded of her in the 1950s, and how one would modernise the medical/historical aspects of CtM, so I sat down to write it. Now, a month and a half later, here we are! There are 22 parts to this, and I cannot promise that the midwifery or medical analysis are correct, because I have not given birth here myself. But I did do a lot of research!

The graphic was made by me from a photo I took of Poplar and a selfie from SMcGanns that was posted to the CtM Facebook, but if anyone wants to make a more beautiful one, please feel welcome!

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America breaking down in front of his crush/friend becase of his weight and them reassuring him and trying to get him to stop crying? (Sorry, I just like this situation ;-;)

(I got carried away.  Love me some angsty America + fluff!)

“Alfred?” You found him staring dejectedly at the numbers that showed up on the scale he stood on, his stare intense, as soon as he heard your voice from the doorway of his bathroom his head snapped up to look over at you and he slapped on a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Hey dude! I was just, uh, checking to make sure..” the fake smile slowly turned into a frown and his head lowered, his hair covering watering eyes.

“Hey, Alfie? You wanna tell me what’s up?” Your eyes widened when his knees buckled beneath him and you caught a glimpse of tears streaming down his cheeks. You slowly moved to sit next to him, arms winding around him in an attempt to comfort the man who always seemed so confident and sure of himself.

“Why cant I just lose weight, (Name) I try so hard to be what everyone wants me to be and then-” He tried to choke back a sob, melting into your embrace.  You tightened your hold, moving one of your hands to brush through his hair when he pressed his face into the crook of his neck.

“That’s what this is about? Alfred F. Jones, you should know better than to listen to them when they call you dumb names.” He nodded and grabbed at the fabric on the back of your shirt, attempting to calm himself. “Besides, you don’t even need to lose weight, my god, have you seen yourself? I never would have guessed you spend your time eating a shit-ton of hamburgers.  It doesn’t even matter anyways, they can’t tell you how to live your life.”

He sniffled, “Sorry, I just-” He broke down again, and you yourself began to tear up, how could you have let him become so broken right under your noes.

“Listen to me, I’m going to tell you something about scientific fact.  The reason you’re not losing weight is because you’re gaining muscle,” You paused you squeeze his bicep and give him a smile,  and to your delight, you where rewarded with a laugh. “The reason you have to eat so much is ‘dem muscles’ make burn through calories faster, so you need more substance to keep your energy up! Bam, science, amazing huh?”

He pulled away from you giving another chuckle while he reached up to lift his glasses for a moment and dry his eyes.  He pulled you into a hug again, pressing his face into your hair in a way that made you smile against his chest, even more so when you heard what he said next. “God, what would I do with out you?”

“What would I do without you, you mean.  Who else is gonna back me up when I try to fight people over stupid shit?”

You felt him smile, and for a little while, everything in the world was okay.


I went out oft coffee with my best friend today. And it made me see things more realistically.
She doesn’t care that I’ve gained weight. In fact, when I told her about how much I’ve gained she was surprised and more important she was really happy about it. She told me how much happier I seem to be and how much more I am myself.
No one applauds you for loosing weight, but people smile if you eat that cookie, they are happy if you go out for ice cream. They don’t care what you look like but they care about the smile on your face and the joy in your eyes.