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I think many leftists have a specific eureka moment where they come to realize a crucial fact about a possible post-capitalist world:

While we are trained from childhood on to just assume that more jobs must be good because that means more people are working and therefore eating, we rarely get a point to question WHY we insist on creating systems where we must work any job in order to subsist, regardless of how necessary they are. Like….if workers and communities had democratic management over economic utilities and resources, you could create something where people just get a livable floor regardless, and from there you can focus the economy on literally meeting those needs; from there, why would anyone NEED to work at some desk job in a bureaucratic mess or a Cheetos factory that produces shit food that specifically capitalists can profit from? This doesn’t presuppose a world without entertainment and art and theme parks and passion; it just presupposes that we remove those things from an economic framework that insists we MUST do them for our bread. If our actual JOBS were cut down to just what we NEEDED TO CREATE for a functioning society (essential foods, buildings, transportation, infrastructure, healthcare, education, etc.), then the “side things” that make life interesting can be born from interest rather than necessity. Taking it a step further, automation has the power to liberate us from a plethora of those essential jobs, and with democratic control over the means of production you could actually utilize it for human flourishing rather than capitalist profit. People wouldn’t have to worry about machines taking their jobs – indeed, they’d probably WANT a machine to take their job. That means more time for leisure, family, friends, art, and self-actualization.

12 Amazing Facts About Elephants

In honor of World Elephant Day, we present you with 12 little known facts about one of our favorite creatures…in GIFs, of course.

1. Elephants know every member of their herd and are able to recognize up to 30 companions by sight or smell. 

2. They can remember and distinguish particular cues that signal danger and can recall locations long after their last visit.

3. An elephant’s memory is not limited to its herd, nor is it limited to its species. In one instance, two circus elephants that performed together rejoiced when crossing paths 23 years later. Elephants have also recognized humans that they once bonded with after decades apart. 4. 

4. The elephant boasts the largest brain of any land mammal as well as an impressive encephalization quotient (the size of the animal’s brain relative to its body size). The elephant’s EQ is nearly as high as a chimpanzee’s.

5. The elephant brain is remarkably similar to the human brain, with as many neurons and synapses, as well as a highly developed hippocampus and cerebral cortex.

6. Elephants are one of the few non-human animals to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

7. Elephants are creative problem solvers. 

8. Don’t try to outsmart an elephant! They have an understanding of basic arithmetic and can even keep track of relative quantities.

9. Elephants communicate using everything from body signals to infrared rumbles that can be heard from kilometers away. Their understanding of syntax suggests that they have their own language and grammar. 

10. Elephants can recognize 12 distinct tones of music and recreate melodies.

11. Elephants are the only non-human animals to mourn their dead, performing burial rituals and returning to visit graves. 

12. Elephants are one of the few species who can recognize themselves in the mirror.

Given what we now know about elephants, and what they continue to teach us about animal intelligence, it is more important than ever to make sure that these magnificent creatures do not vanish.

Check out some more fun elephant facts here and be sure to watch the TED-Ed Lesson Why elephants never forget - Alex Gendler

Animation by the ever-talented Avi Ofer

“I’m serious, Yu. You don’t realize how terrifying humans are.”

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would you ever draw camila? like with lil nina?

camila loves her happy lil girl more than anything

20 Out Of This World Facts About The Universe That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

We’ve compiled a list of the 20 most incredible facts about the universe you will ever come across. The infinite expanse of stars and galaxies are riddled with mysteries which leading scientists and experts are yet to explore. In their quest to unearth the hidden secret of the universe, startling facts and information have emerged - 20 of which we’ve featured below.

1. When you look into the night sky, you are looking back in time.

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 When we gaze at stars in the night sky, we are actually looking into the past. This happens because light emitted from a star has to travels many light years ahead to actually become visible to our eyes. For  example, Orion is 640 light-years away, so the light left the star around 1370 is what we are seeing now.

2. The Hubble telescope allows us to look back billions of years into the past

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NASA releases some incredible images of space, from time to time, and it’s made possible with The Hubble Telescope. Here’s an image which is a collection of 10,000 images captured by The Hubble. 

3. You can watch the Big Bang on your television

Cosmic background radiation is an after effect of the Big Bang, the event that allegedly gave birth to the universe. This can actually be seen on television where the old fuzzy noise we saw contains 1% of the same radiation. 

4. There’s a giant cloud of alcohol in Sagittarius B

Sagittarius B, is a huge cloud of vinyl alcohol whizzing in space near the Milky Way. It’s important as it leaves crucial information for scientists about how early life forms originated in space.

5. There’s a planet-sized diamond in Centaurus named after a Beatles song

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A planet , made completely of diamond, which has been called Lucy by scientists after the Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,”  can be found 50 light years away in Centaurus and weighs in a mind boggling 10 billion-trillion-trillion carats. 

6. It takes 225 million years for our Sun to travel around the galaxy

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While our planets in the solar system circumnavigate the Sun, the star itself it on a orbit around the Milky Way. And if we’re counting in humans years, it takes 225 million years to complete the journey. 

7. Our solar system’s biggest mountain is on Mars

The tallest mountain in our solar system is Olympus Mons, located on Mars. It’s calculated  to be three times taller than Everest, spanning 600 kilometers across and 26 kilometers in height. 

8. Uranus spins on its side, with some rather strange results

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Uranus is not just unique because of its strange spinning, but the consequences of that effect results in 42 consecutive years of summer sunlight followed by another 42 consecutive winter darkness.

9. A year on Venus is shorter than its day

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Venus is the slowest rotating planet in our solar system - it takes longer to finish a rotation on its axis than orbit the entire Sun!

10. Neutron stars are the fastest spinning objects known in the universe

The fastest spinning known pulsar, a neutron star which emits a radiation beam as light, cycles on a whopping 70,000 km per hour speed.

11. A spoonful of a neutron star weighs about a billion ton

Neutron stars are unimaginably dense, in fact one spoonful of one such star would weigh around a billion tons!

12. The Voyager 1 spacecraft is the most distant human-made object from Earth

In 1977, the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were released into space as an ambitious project and are still cruising the outskirts of our galaxy and maybe beyond to help us explore space even further.

13. Voyager 1 captured the most distant photograph of Earth

The same spacecraft, Voyager 1, took the most distant photograph of Earth: Voyager 1 took a shot of the Earth from the far reaches of space in 1990, and the small speck at the end of the image that is the world we’re living on right now became known as the Pale Blue Dot. Astronomer Carl Sagan noted,“From this distant vantage point, the Earth might not seem of any particular interest. But for us, it’s different. Consider again that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us.”

14. Scientists are looking for evidence of extraterrestrial life on Earth

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One of the most exciting mysteries of the universe is a quest to find aliens, or as termed by scientists a project called The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), where they are pulling n all data about extraterrestrial life on other planets through evidence they have at their hands.

15. It is estimated there are 400 billion stars in our galaxy

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Our own Sun is one of 400 billion others, some astoundingly larger, some smaller, in the Milky Way alone. 

16. There could be 500 million planets capable of supporting life in our galaxy

“Goldilocks Planets” are  habitable planets which fall into a specific zone around the star to make life sustainable on it. Many factors come into play to get this perfect distance such as temperature, atmospheric content, water, chemical compounds on the surface etc. 

17. There are probably more than 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe

Based on extensive calculations, using data from the Hubble Telescope and as far as it can see into space, there’s a probable 170 billion galaxies besides our own Milky Way.

18. There could be an infinite number of universes

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Speculative theories in advanced branches of science such as mathematics, quantum mechanics and astrophysics have summed up that we could be living in a “multiverse”- a convergence of an infinite number of universes. 

19. The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe

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Our brain is a blueprint for the most complex network in the universe, with over a hundred billion neurons and quadrillion connections- this system isn’t even the tip of the iceberg which we know about what our brains have the potential to achieve.

20. We are all made of stardust

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Carl Sagan beautifully summarises this fact, “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” In fact, every element on Earth transpired from a burning heart of a star.

Asking questions

Aries is naturally curious, almost like a child. They want to know who, what, when, where, and why. They want to always be in the know and to never miss out on anything

Taurus wants to know the logistics of it. Why will it work? Why will this happen? They usually ask why and how more than anything

Gemini wants to know absolutely everything there is to know. They are so excited about learning new ideas and things, especially about people

Cancer wants to know who? Who is that? Who do I need in my life? Who is to blame for this? They like knowledge of people

Leo asks about themselves. How do they come across? How much do you love me? Why am I important? They aren’t ashamed to ask for validation

Virgo learns subtley and quietly, but they ask the necessary questions. They almost always ask for more details, as they are very detail oriented

Libra will ask about people, wanting to know about people’s lives or snoop around. But they also love to learn how things work, usually scientifically

Scorpio wants to know all the deep and intimate facts of life. They ask the deeper questions everyone else is afraid to ask. They are naturally inquisitive

Sagittarius wants to explore life and learn what it’s about. They ask philosophical questions. What is life about? Why am I here? They like to explore and ponder

Capricorn sometimes prefers not to ask questions, but they like to ask why and how. They like to know the logic and reason behind everything

Aquarius is naturally curious and excited to learn. They love to ask if you know little facts about themselves or the world, and they ask any question they can, always wanting to know an answer

Pisces asks about the world, about your experiences and how you view life or view a certain situation. They ask for your input and advice as well




Because I know this was partially what Kamui told him to do, but it’s also the opposite of what Kamui said. He wanted Fai “held down”, but Kurogane is keeping him up. Kurogane isn’t restraining Fai, he’s supporting him, and the difference between the two is 100% goodness. 

Also, let’s recap:

Helpful people: Kurogane, Subaru

Unhelpful people: the room full of people who just casually watched this whole thing happen

Even less helpful people: Kamui, describing the process for everyone watching

I suppose if you wanted to be kinder to Kamui you could say that he’s saying this to Kurogane, as a way of reassuring him, but I am very much less inclined to assume the nice option where Kamui is concerned. 

Thinking about the humans on the surface in Undertale…

I’d rather approach them with the idea that the humans are just as quirky as the monsters are. Not in the sense that they backflip through windows necessarily, but something like in Earthbound. Everyone’s their own brand of weird, and we celebrate that. There are bad people doing evil things, but even they’re still whimsical.

I realized I’m getting fatigued by the idea of monsters arriving in our real, shitty world and not fitting in at all. A lot of the heart of Undertale was recognizing that even imperfect people are memorable and can make good friends. If that’s how Undertale is framing itself, that would extend to the surface as well. This idea that humans are ultra-serious and never silly seems wrong. I mean, one of the main messages of the game is that the monsters aren’t so different from us.

Keeping the core tone of the game, even after the game has ended, would probably have the humans written just as oddball and lovable and flawed as the monsters are.

UT is about accepting people for all their wacky, unique quirks, and I think it’s important not to discard that.

Some cool canon facts about Roman

  • Can give Thomas an idea by snapping his fingers
  • Fantasy worlds are his jam
  • Apparently, he likes Game of Thrones (?)
  • Also likes Crofters
  • Hates getting called out or criticised or blamed for things
  • Has a short temper, gets offended easily, is v salty
  • Wants to be his best and tries v hard
  • Believes in soulmates
  • Cares a lot about his (Thomas’?) look
  • Thinks he can rap
  • Can’t rap
  • Can speak spanish tho
  • And swordfight apparently
  • Draws out his sword immediately when startled
  • Loves singing
  • Loves getting attention and praise
  • Also willing to be kind and learn how to work as a team

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I'm still waiting for Hollywood to make an Octavia Spencer and Chris Evans romcom that the universe desperately needs.


Although to be fair mine is not a romcom but more a fantasy adventure where Esterlynne (played by Octavia Spencer), a divorced mother of two, is ACCOSTED BY RUFFIANS while coming home from work; they start shouting and calling her Hope (and like, trying to super murder her to death). And at first she’s like “??????????” along with “!!!!!!” but the first once comes at her and she

kills him dead.

Which is a MAJOR SURPRISE TO HER because she took some tai chi classes at the Y a few years ago and her daughter is a green belt in karate but like, she does not know how to Fight, much less Kill People Dead. But the dude is at her feet with a broken neck and then ANOTHER one of the ruffians comes at her and she

kills HER dead

So there’s a lot of “??????????” and “!!!!!!” as she continues to fight these ruffians, and in fact after the first two she manages not to kill anyone else  (like this scene features her saying things like “no let’s not break his – well, okay, break his knee that’s fine” because life is about loving what your body is and what it can do, right, that’s what all those magazines say, and if your body can be a Death Machine Of Fightiness then like, maybe you just need to accept that??)

Eventually there’s only one ruffian left standing and she kind of sneers at Esterlynne and says “You thought you could hide forever, Hope. But the stars will always find you.“ And she disappears in a puff of fucking smoke and Esterlynne doesn’t have much energy to do more than mutter, "What the fuuuuuuuuuck, also hi my name isn’t fucking Hope jackass.”

She’s all set to call 911 even though like, she’s got some Reservations about the wisdom of doing that, and in fact she’s debating it when a car comes screeching down the alley, conveniently hitting a ruffian who was trying to get a shot off at Esterlynne. And she promptly runs the fuck away because like, helpfully murderous vehicles aside, she has already had a tough night and she doesn’t need to get involved in a hit and run on top of everything else. Only the car stops and out steps a tall dude who looks like every lantern-jawed nightmare Esterlynne’s ever met. 

And he looks around at the carnage and then at her and he smiles, which is probably the freakiest thing that’s happened so far. “Hello, Hope.”

So there’s a chase scene which should last about 3 seconds only it turns out Esterlynne is running? Really?? Fast??? And like this is also the 8 square blocks she knows best in the world so she can dodge and weave etc (especially humorous since her neighbors are gonna be like “when did you take up jogging — no okay that’s sprinting, what the hell,” as she bolts past) and the thing is that none of her neighbors seem to see Lantern-Jawed Nightmare Dude; like he slips past them and he’s a VERY CONSPICUOUS WHITE MAN IN A TRENCH COAT, OKAY, but they’re all just “Oh Esterlynne, probably forgot to pick up her kids from soccer” while she’s running for her life.

And she gets to her apartment complex and thinks she’s gotten away and she’s seriously out of breath and doing that thing you do (or at least I do) when you fantasize about the sweet release of death after you’ve gone running and she pushes the elevator button because you know what, yes she only lives on the third floor but she has EARNED the elevator today goddammit, and the doors open and

there’s Lantern-Jawed Nightmare, smiling at her.

So she goes, “Okay, you know what, FINE, whatever,” and gets in the elevator and glares at him. “I take it you know what button to push,” she says. “Even if you don’t know that my name isn’t goddamn Hope.”

“I know a lot of things,” LJN says, still smiling as he presses a button - okay, a button that definitely wasn’t there the last time she rode the elevator. “Including the fact that you are, in fact, our last hope.”

And when the elevator doors open - well, it’s definitely not the third floor.

People hold hands a lot in LOTR and it’s really nice? It’s not just Frodo and Sam, but I never noticed before this reread. Pippin just now took Gandalf’s hand, and earlier he’d taken I think Bergil’s, a kid (ten, so old enough to walk around without help) he just met, as they walked around the city. So it’s apparently not weird, it’s just a Normal Thing.

Vaguely of relevance as well is the fact that Frodo says “he is very dear to me” of Aragorn after, what, about a fortnight of knowing him. I’m not saying he doesn’t have cause; it was a very crowded and busy fortnight. I too would probably call someone very dear to me if they had saved me from dying from stabbery and guided my friends safely through the wilderness.

It’s just all those ‘my dear Sam’ and ‘I love him’ that he and Sam do, even though they’re a product of extreme circumstances, aren’t even out of line with the culture they live in. They’re still just as meaningful, and I don’t think their power is decreased by that. I just think it’s notable that this isn’t even beyond the bounds of “propriety” for really close friends in high stress situations.

This isn’t where I meant this post to go, but I think this is why this story resonated with me so hard specifically as an aro and why I still don’t ship anything romantically in the Tolkienverse, because the world of Middle Earth is one where loving your close platonic friends and companions to the point of being physically and verbally affectionate is a normal occurrence. It’s just how things are. There’s a lot to be said about the cultural implications of that vs here and now, but I’m not really in a position to say it. But I think even before I knew How I Was, I knew that friends were much more important to me than romance seemed to be. And I feel, with the preponderance of love interests in most adult fiction, like Lord of the Rings was the first Grown Up Story where I saw that aspect of myself reflected.

hey wanna think about the fact that, just like he himself constructs his own world, shao loves to give identities and titles to those he loves ? and that’s how you can tell he loves them ? “books”, “my alien brother”, “ra ra god of the sun”… those are declarations of love

The fact that sherlock doesn’t say “because you *chose* her” but says “because you chose *her*”

The fact that when John says “oh God yes” it sounds like a goddamn porn movie

The fact that Sherlock always corrects everyone when they are wrong and he never corrected anyone who assumed that he and john were a couple

The fact that when John tells Irene “I am not gay” she responds “well I am. Look at us both” meaning if she is gay and she likes Sherlock then John, who isn’t gay, can also like Sherlock

The fact that John licks his lips when he asks Sherlock if he has a boyfriend

The fact that when Sherlock answers “no” John comments that he is also single

The fact the the most observant man on earth thought that John flirted with him

The fact that when Irene is naked John asks her to cover herself but when Sherlock is just wearing a sheet he leans closer and takes a better look

The fact that when Sherlock says “John doesn’t know where to look” Irene says she thinks he knows exactly where and John is not looking at Irene

The fact that when Irene says somebody loves you, the shot changes and we see John

The fact that even though it is Mary and John’s wedding we mostly see Sherlock through the entire episode and we hear stories about him and John

The fact that in the scene where they discover Mary is pregnant, that is supposed to be a happy moment between husband and wife, we only see Mary in three shots and the rest of the scene is John and Sherlock looking at each other

The fact that Sherlock leaves the wedding early

The fact that when Sherlock thought Irene had died the first time, John and Mycroft thought that Sherlock would go back to doing drugs and after John got married he found Sherlock using

The fact that Sherlock says “I meant to say *always* and I never did” and then he says that Sherlock is a girl’s name while he has *just* found out that the baby is a girl.

The fact that when John is living with Mary he has, once again, nightmares

The fact that Sherlock says that fire exposes our priorities and we see John running towards Sherlock after the explosion and Sherlock trying to save John from a fire

The fact than Sherlock tells John not to write about the unsolved cases but then he explains an unsolved one in front of everyone just to praise John

The fact that in Irene’s living room Sherlock deduces that John has a date tonight but we later see him at home saying he’ll be next door of sherlock needs him

The fact that Sherlock sees Mary in a wedding dress shooting him and Mark Gatiss said they did it in case somebody didn’t understand the first time that John marring Mary is killing him

The fact that when Moriarty says that John is in danger Sherlock’s heart restarts

The fact that Sherlock says you might need to restart my heart looking at John

The fact that john shaves for Sherlock

The fact that when Sherlock’s winking when he meets john for the first time is out of character until you realize that in Many Happy Returns Sherlock says that people seem to like it when he winks

The fact that the relationship that mrs Hudson describes between herself and her husband reflects the relationship between Mary and John

The fact that in front of the least sensual and sentimental kiss between Sherlock and Janine john has the most excessive reaction

The fact that in Sherlock’s speech when he says “you know, he is a romantic” he then turns towards John and winks

The fact that John doesn’t remember that his girlfriend has a dog but he remembers how many messages with “that sound” Sherlock has received and then Sherlock answers “thrilling you’ve been counting”

The fact that Sherlock tells Irene that sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side but he tells John “two people that love you most in this world” and on the same episode John says “the two people that I love and care about most in this world”

The fact that they both have to include Mary when they confess their love for each other

The fact that when they are both drunk John leans forward and touches Sherlock’s knee and then says “I don’t mind.”

The fact that Sherlock never begs for mercy but he begs for John’s life in Irene’s lining room

The fact that when Irene asks “are you jealous” John avoids answering directly and he simply states that they are not a couple. Therefor he shouldn’t be jealous.

The fact that Irene who has an interest in Sherlock she comments on his cheekbones and on the next episode John makes a comment on his cheekbones as well.

I made this list like forever ago and I found it yesterday and I thought “It doesn’t hurt to share”