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I don’t care about losing people who don’t wanna be in my life anymore. I’ve lost people who meant the world to me and I’m still doing just fine
—  Let it go

Like the fact that the person Sirius cared most about in the world was you,“ said Dumbledore quietly. ”Like the fact that you were coming to regard Sirius as a mixture of father and brother. Voldemort knew already, of course, that Sirius was in the Order, that you knew where he was - but Kreacher’s information made him realize that the one person whom you would go to any lengths to rescue was Sirius Black.”

I fuckin hate saying shit like this. I hate it. but if you’re going to say how sad you are that we have lost half of the world’s population of fish since 1970, why do you still eat fish? if you’re worried about the fact that by 2020, 3/4th of the world’s wildlife will be gone, why the fuck are you not vegan? if you are against animal testing, why do you still use makeup brands that test on animals? if you say that you love animals, why do you eat them?
actions mean so much more than words, it’s so important to prove yourself. it isn’t hard. it is not that hard.

I’m so happy for the beautiful and healthy LGBTQ+ representation in YOI episode 7 because:
  1. Beyond some mouths open in shock, no one says a word to Yuuri about the kiss. Not even the reporters afterward. The cheering doesn’t cease or decrease. No one even talked about such a public scene that invites a lot of shaming in our world.
  2. In fact, Victor got to brag about his lover on camera without inviting unnecessary predatory remarks. 
  3. 3 children (Yuko’s triplets) were watching the kiss, uncensored, as they would a kiss between a man and a woman, and none of the adults sitting around them stop them even after they realized what they were seeing. 
  4. In the YOI universe, the idea of being an LGBTQ+ individual is so normal, so acceptable, that literally no one cares who you kiss when you celebrate such a wonderful performance. 
  5. The anime producers are giving us the concept of a world we should aspire to live in.

If last week you were in despair, I hope today you experience the hope I did.

10 “Out of This World" Facts About the James Webb Space Telescope

Wouldn’t it be neat to see a period of the universe’s history that we’ve never seen before? That’s exactly what the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will be able to do…plus more!

Specifically, Webb will see the first objects that formed as the universe cooled down after the Big Bang. We don’t know exactly when the universe made the first stars and galaxies – or how for that matter. That is what we are building Webb to help answer.

Here are 10 awesome facts about this next generation space telescope:

1. The James Webb Space Telescope is the world’s largest and next premier space observatory. It will extend the discoveries of the Hubble Space telescope and observe the birthplaces of stars, galaxies, planets and life over billions of years.

2. It is named after James Webb, NASA’s second administrator and champion of our science.

3. At 3 stories high and the size of a tennis court, it will be 100 times more powerful than Hubble!

4. It is so big that it has to fold origami-style to fit in the rocket, which is only 5.4 meters wide…And then it will unfurl, segment by segment, once in space.

5. The telescope will observe infrared light with unprecedented sensitivity. It will see the first galaxies born after the Big Bang over 13.5 billion years ago.

6. Webb’s infrared cameras are so sensitive they must be shielded from light from the sun, Earth, and moon. The 5-layer sunshield is like having sunblock of SPF 1 million.

7. Webb will orbit the sun 1 million miles from Earth, where the telescope will operate at temperatures below -390 F (-235 C).

8. Webb’s mirrors are coated with a super thin layer of gold only about 1000 atoms thick to optimize their reflectivity in the infrared.

9. Webb will launch from French Guiana in 2018. It is launched near the equator because the faster spin of Earth there gives the rocket an extra push.

10. Webb is an international mission, with contributions from the European Space Agency and Canadian Space Agency. Once operational, scientists from all over the world will be able to use Webb to explore our solar system, planets outside our solar system, stars and galaxies.

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I am going to say this, though: deep down, it’s not even about Trump. It’s about what he represents. It’s about the fact that millions of people subscribe to his views. It’s about the fact that these people truly believe that Trump’s idea of a perfect world is the one worth voting for. It’s about the fact that so many people, all over the world and not only in America, believe that progress and equality are something to be overturned. That the world I want to live in is bad. That’s what’s so upsetting. That’s what I’m afraid of. That’s why I hate what’s happened all over the world this year. 

12 Amazing Facts About Elephants

In honor of World Elephant Day, we present you with 12 little known facts about one of our favorite creatures…in GIFs, of course.

1. Elephants know every member of their herd and are able to recognize up to 30 companions by sight or smell. 

2. They can remember and distinguish particular cues that signal danger and can recall locations long after their last visit.

3. An elephant’s memory is not limited to its herd, nor is it limited to its species. In one instance, two circus elephants that performed together rejoiced when crossing paths 23 years later. Elephants have also recognized humans that they once bonded with after decades apart. 4. 

4. The elephant boasts the largest brain of any land mammal as well as an impressive encephalization quotient (the size of the animal’s brain relative to its body size). The elephant’s EQ is nearly as high as a chimpanzee’s.

5. The elephant brain is remarkably similar to the human brain, with as many neurons and synapses, as well as a highly developed hippocampus and cerebral cortex.

6. Elephants are one of the few non-human animals to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

7. Elephants are creative problem solvers. 

8. Don’t try to outsmart an elephant! They have an understanding of basic arithmetic and can even keep track of relative quantities.

9. Elephants communicate using everything from body signals to infrared rumbles that can be heard from kilometers away. Their understanding of syntax suggests that they have their own language and grammar. 

10. Elephants can recognize 12 distinct tones of music and recreate melodies.

11. Elephants are the only non-human animals to mourn their dead, performing burial rituals and returning to visit graves. 

12. Elephants are one of the few species who can recognize themselves in the mirror.

Given what we now know about elephants, and what they continue to teach us about animal intelligence, it is more important than ever to make sure that these magnificent creatures do not vanish.

Check out some more fun elephant facts here and be sure to watch the TED-Ed Lesson Why elephants never forget - Alex Gendler

Animation by the ever-talented Avi Ofer

Dating the houses
  • Ravenclaw:
  • They breathe deep conversations. They drink coffee at 4am trying to come up with the perfect advice for you. They improvise and tell you stories as you fall asleep. The glimmer of passion as they talk to you about random facts of the world. They yearn to impress you. They want to educate you, to open up your mind. They accept you for who you are. You're their muse. Songs, artwork, everything they create, an aspect of you is their centre. They memorise and study everything about you, your face your hair, you. They're fascinated by you. You're their favourite project.
  • Griffindor:
  • they'll do anything to impress you. They open doors for you, always. They hand you their jacket if it's raining so you don't get cold. They'd give you their jacket in summer so you wouldn't freeze. They're charming, rebellious, it draws you in. They defend you and your honour. Always. They'd fight for you. You're their weakness and their strength. You sit on the roof with them watching the stars. They spend hours watching your chest rise and fall. They push you out of your comfort zone. They encourage you to live. Climb trees, bruised knuckles. You're alive. You're their favourite trophy of honour.
  • Slytherin:
  • Cold to the world, warm to you. They're calm and composed, they squeeze your hand hard underneath the table. They're possessive. They're vulnerable with you. Their laughter is a hidden source of sunlight. You've broken their defences. Their honest, their eyes burn into your soul; they look so youthful. They're articulate, they pull you in extra close in the middle of the night. They count the rises and falls of your chest. They spend months making something for you, and pretend it's no big deal. They admire you from afar. They're confidence attracts you. They encourage you to break the rules. Power is attractive. You're not perfect and they love that. You accept your flaws and learn to use them. You're inseparable. You're their favourite accomplice.
  • Hufflepuff:
  • Laughter, there's so much joy. You walk through fields together. They pick flowers for you. They're so true and honest. They make you smile. You feel valued and equal, they're loyalty is freely given. Cuddles are endless. They brush your hair and tell you you're beautiful. They mouth 'I love you ' across a room. They eyes shine bright when they see you. They show you the beauty in the world and within you. Their kindness heals you. They teach you how to be the better person. You are their favourite reminder that love concours all.

I’M CRYING OF JOY THAT VIKTUURI IS ACTUALLY A CANON GAY AND MULTIRACIAL COUPLE WITH A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP IN A SPORT ANIME But can we talk about the fact that Viktor, a world champion russian athlete that probably is not just idolized in his own country (RUSSIA A EXTEMELY HOMOPHOBIC COUNTRY) but in the world kissed a japanese man in national chinese (other homophobic country) tv and in a world event don’t giving a fuck to the consequences, dgaf to the opinion not just from all the world but his family and friends in his house and risking all his life and dreams because he’s so in love with Yuuri in this point that he don’t need anything more CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT VIKTOR AND YUURI ARE SO BRAVE TO SHOW THEIR LOVE DESPITE ALL DANGERS THAT THEY MAY FACE FROM NOW ON

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some really cool fun facts about fma:b french dub that i wanna share:

- roy has a very, very emotional voice actor which is, to be fair, very apt

- pinako rockbell calls ed frequently “Mon garçon” which can be translated to, “My son” (ep. 20 in particular)

- when havoc and mustang lit lust on fire (just before havoc gets fricking impaled by lust) by throwing havoc’s lighter into the room, havoc yells: ”Bon anniversaire” which means “Happy Birthday” and god i had to pause bc what a sick burn man

- al calls ed “Frérot” which means “Little/Small brother”???!!! this is SO COOL, bc ed goes w it and this fits them so well

- i want to thank lin yao’s voice actor who can go from a sneaky little shit to Intense/Sombre Deluxe, imma post an audio if tumblr lets me

- in ep. 21. roy says to riza: “comme mon séconde, garde la tête froide” which can be translated to “as my second, you have to keep your head cool” which implies that a) roy is super!conscious of being a sentimental hothead in intense situations b) as :))) my :)))) second :)))))))))

Sometimes I think about the fact that Tobin used to travel around the world and go on these little adventures by herself and now she’s found her own little adventure buddy and gets to share these experiences with someone else who loves and cherishes them as much as she does and it makes me so goddAMN EMOTIONAL.

SpockFact #50

Whilst growing up on Vulcan, the one Terran luxury Spock allows himself is learning how to cook. He states it is ‘only logical to attain knowledge in every area one can, particularly in those with practical application, such as the preparation of foodstuffs’ but really he enjoys making up his own recipes based on the chemical reactions between ingredients. When he leaves home his mother gives him the recipe book that’s been in her family for generations, the one he’s added to every time he comes up with a recipe.

After she dies in the battle of Vulcan, he doesn’t cook for five years. Then, on the fifth anniversary of her death, he makes a bowl of plomeek soup using Terran ingredients - her favourite dish.

After that, he cooks every day, and continues to write new recipes for the rest of his life.

(Bonus: On his first birthday on the Enterprise’s first five year mission, every member of the crew gets together and gives him a copy of one or two of their oldest family recipes. Bones says it’s the first and last time he will ever see Spock totally speechless, but it’s because he can’t talk through the lump in his throat.)

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Whoniverse: Class - 32/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x08)