facts about fred and george

some random facts about ginny weasley
  1. She doesn’t remember it, but Fred and George always loved to tell this story. Until her 5 years or so, she believed that one day she would wake up as a boy. At least, that’s what she thought that happened to all her seven brothers. 
  2. She can’t see Voldemort and Tom Riddle as being the same person. Voldemort is an evil assassin that wants to kill Harry and purify the wizard bloodline. Tom was her friend, her first real friend. 
  3. Her first spell happened by accident, when she was nine. She exploded a flower vase. (She blamed Ron, and her mom believed it. It was kinda of funny).
  4. She loves Luna, and she will always defend her from anyone that makes fun of her, but she also believes that some part of her wants to compensate the fact she was the one that started Luna’s nickname, Loony Lovegood.
  5. She thinks firewhisky is better than butterbeer (and you can deal with it)

Title: Scars of Rebellion
Word count: 1281
Character: George

“You said that it was liveroot, not mandrake in this one, correct?”

“Yes, dear.”

Madam Pomfrey busied herself with a foul-smelling concoction on the other side of the cozy office, her back turned to you. She was politely answering all of the annoying questions you had about the twenty-four inches worth of Potions parchment you had been assigned during the dreadful double period that afternoon. You sat, slightly slumped and defeated, at a small oak table in a corner.

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1. In the 5th anniversary since Fred's death, George went to the cemetery,

It was the first time he ever visited the place, since he didn’t want to go to the burial because he said it was nonsense and that Fred would be coming back, he wasn’t willing to believe that Fred was already gone.

In the 5th year of his death, George went to the cemetery.

Fred, where are you, you bastard? You promised we’d die together. I thought it was all a prank and that you would be coming back in no time. It took me a year to realize that you weren’t coming back and that this is what’s real and not what I had been seeing in my dreams. I miss you, mate, I miss you so much that it almost kills me. I can’t even pull a prank by myself and everytime I catched myself making a joke I looked around to see where you were to finish them and everytime I tried finishing them I found myself breaking into cries and it took hours for mom to calm me down. I know you must be thinking ‘what a poor old bogey’. But it’s hard not having the one person that I trusted the most, my other part, my mirror, my best friend, my twin. I hope that it’s better up there. I know that one day I’ll finally be up there with you and let the skies be prepared because bloody hell, here come the Weasley twins.

Right then and there George cried even harder than he had in years, he cried till there were no more tears to pour. He cried so hard and loud that the Weasleys heard it all the way to the house. And they understood. They understood that George was finally saying goodbye.

2. I wasn't okay, Freddie.

Remember back when I asked you if you were okay? And then I told you me too?

Well, I lied, I wasn’t alright, not at all, not a single bit. I was scared to death, scared that we would lose, scared that we weren’t gonna make it, scared that you would die and leave me here alone. I guess I was right on being scared on the last one, huh?

I know you were lying too. I know that for a fact, because you were my other half, which would mean I knew every movement, every thing you did when you were nervous or scared, I knew your little quirks, I knew your looks and what your eyes reflected, I knew and still know every little thing about you. Which helped me to know that you were scared out of your mind, just as I was and about the same fucking things.