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fun fact about the next avengers film being filmed in edinburgh: they’ve blocked off certain areas which is disrupting one specific postal van’s delivery route which is in turn leading to an awkward stand-off at the police station because Marvel Studios might be a billion dollar company but this man really wants to do his job and apparently interfering with the course of the Royal Mail technically counts as treason so they’re at a stalemate

As I was re-watching one piece film z I remembered why Brook is one of the most beautiful Strawhat members:

he’s protecting his captain from the rain, but he’s so tall and the umbrella wouldn’t reach Luffy, so he BENDS DOWN IN ORDER TO COVER HIM.



He’s already dead tho… yohoho

And then they just walk off like that, with Brook holding up the umbrella for the future pirate king like nothing, because he’s such a wonderful skeleton and HE CARES FOR HIS CAPTAIN HEALTH, GOSH NO DROP WOULD DARE TOUCH HIS CAPTAIN’S FAIR SKIN FIGHT HIM !!!!



MERLEX || Meredith x Alex || GREY’S ANATOMY || S13E24 -DELETED SCENE || “I don’t wanna be in love again. Not until it feels like family.” (x)

fun fact about casablanca, it was filmed on the same studio as icarly and they often had to pause filming cus some times spencer shay would run in and he would piss like all over the floor. he would just spray and then die and htey had to form a new spencer out of the ancient egyptian sarcoughagus


“A Dogs Purpose” is a movie about a dog and how he has changed multiple people’s lives.
This movie also happens to be pulled from many self-owned theatres, along with cineplex and cities wanting to get rid of any screening.
The video that went viral was two clips edited together to make the assumption the dog was harassed, on top of it the voice we hear so clearly should not be heard clearly. The water in the background should have muffled the voice even beside the camera as it. The voice is actually edited in.
Due to people’s rash thinking, we assume the dog was neglected and thrown in the water. When the director talked about the issue, he said he was with another team at the time of the supposed incident. Many people didn’t believe him at all cause apparently having two teams is not a thing.

1. We have a 1 long video showing what could be animal harassment.
2.From personal experience and knowledge the voice had been added in.
3. There is such a thing about more then one film crew for a movie. Doing so cuts the filming in half and provides more post-production time. Honestly, you would have multiple crews too to finish filming within 6 months instead of a year.
4. If there was any animal harassment or neglect the movie wouldn’t be screened. Why you ask?
There is a agreement all directors, Producers and AP’s must follow, and if there was any animal harassment there jobs will be gone ASAP. If anyone spotted anything, they’re allowed to speak up. Film crew would’ve walked away and this would’ve been publicized in summer of last year if all these allegations where true. Film would’ve been slatted immediately, and we would never hear of the movie going to screen.
5. You think to rationally and quick and don’t look into the parts of the viral video. You never questioned it.
Whoever had the video had it for months! Before they released it to media, which happened to be 2 weeks before.

If you hate me, go ahead. It just shows who looks into things and knows the fact of a movie.


I went from being all alone to being…a fiancee, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister…and a friend. […] You allowed me to be a part of your family, and I haven’t had that in a really long time. And I just didn’t want to let go of that. So even though it was just for a little while, I will love them always.

Pointless Fighting Game Trivia of The Day: Soul Calibur the Movie

In spring 2001, the plans for a Soul Calibur movie were supposedly in development. A more surprising fact about the Soul Calibur film was who the film’s director was going to be: Sammo Hung. Hung is a well known martial arts film star, choreographer, and mentor to many in the Hong Kong Action Film Genre. This film would have been his first major time directing a film. Eventually, Hung stepped away, and in 2004, rights were moved Anthem Pictures for a 2007 release. At this point, the film had teaser site, featuring the image above, and Nostradamus quote. Again, it never got off the ground, with the teaser site remaining active for years before it too was taken down. 


Bonus fact: Sammo Hung, specifically in his role in the film Pedicab Driver, is the inspiration for Bob in Tekken. Thank you @lordmo for that factoid.

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she couldn’t find a scarf small enough but she’s still rockin’ it
(happy fall btw!!)


This or That - Walt Disney Studios or Studio Ghibli - for petcanadian

To My fellow DC/DCEU fans

It’s no secret to anyone who had paid attention that the DCEU and it’s fandom has had to put up with a lot of shit: Bad reviews that got basic facts about the films wrong, vitriolic and disproportionate hatred for the films and Zack Snyder personally displayed seemingly any time he did anything, endless negative comparisons to Marvel and the MCU along with stupid insults from Their smug cast members, backhanded compliments and snide remarks from people who aren’t as clever as They think They are, endless negative rumors without a shred of proof to Their name and calls for a complete reboot or even for the rights to be given away completely to Marvel. Detractors tossed around buzzwords like ‘’gritty’’ and said the films lacked ‘’hope’’ and ‘’optimism’’ and went out of Their way to avoid saying anything nice about Them or anyone involved and acted like complete pricks to fans. Tags got clogged with moronic posts from people barely a step above trolls. Gifsets and positivity posts got hijacked, fans were out right insulted and told They were ‘’stupid’’ and had ‘’bad taste’’ and people couldn’t praise Marvel or another DC property without insulting the current films. I wrote a post around the time of BvS http://comingupforblair.tumblr.com/post/142890316123/to-be-honest-even-though-its-a-film-ill-defend about how hard seeing it get ridiculed and insulted was for us after all the shit we’d been through and those feelings only increased as the year went on.

It seemed as though the films would never get the respect that They deserved, that we would either lose something we cared about deeply or keep it and have to spend all our time defending it from people who tried to make us feel ashamed of what we love, seemingly without consideration or empathy for what They mean to us. We never lost faith in the studio or Their abilities but it seemed hopeless that we would ever see the films get the love that They deserve.

Then Wonder Woman happened.

It’s difficult to overstate just how great it feels to see a DCEU film get this kind of respect and love from people in the mainstream. To see it get held up as equal and even superior to the rest of the genre. To see Gal Gadot who has gotten endless shit from the moment she was announced finally be respected. I don’t know what the future holds. JL will likely get torn to shreds but I have high hopes for Aquaman and every other film doing well. But that doesn’t really matter.

Wonder Woman showed the world that the DCEU can go the distance and that’s all I wanted.

Through it all, throughout all the insults and negative comparisons, throughout every bullshit rumor and half-assed criticism, through every article about Gal Gadot being too skinny or not having armpit hair and generally trying to dull our excitement for this film, through every idiot who suddenly gained a business degree and tried to say how the DCEU was a financial failure and everyone who hyperbolically treated the DCEU as a toxic entity that needed to be erased from existence and memory for the company and humanity as a whole to ever thrive.

Through it all, the fans were there, standing by the company and one another.

We never lost faith. We persevered. We called out bullshit rumors that anyone would half a brain could see were nonsense. We built our own community and supported one another. We fought back against everyone who refused to see a single positive aspect to the films, everyone who said how Marvel were always going to be superior and how They would do a real female led film if/when Captain Marvel comes out, everyone who said how the DCEU was over and done for and should just give up.

We fought back and our faith was rewarded. This is our moment of victory and we have earned the right to feel proud.

Don’t let anyone take that away from us. Not the people who still don’t and never will like anything from the DCEU, not the pricks who can’t praise the film without insulting what came before, not the people trying to rewrite history to make it seem like They were on the right side the whole time, not the seemingly endless stream of morons who will never let go of Their negativity or bitterness and don’t deserve our consideration or thought.

I don’t know what will come in the future but I’m proud to say that I never lost faith in this universe and I have never been happier to be in a fandom.

Super Junior, reacting to his S/O insecure because he’s filming a MV with a girl

Plot: You’re insecure and worried because your boyfriend has to film a MV with a beautiful girl. 

Gifs aren’t mine, credits to the owner!

For Kyu, I hope you like it. - M.


“So.. Fighting for Today! " 

Leeteuk hears from the tone of her voice that there is something wrong, then turns towards her to understand what the problem is. Seeing her expression, the wrinkled forehead for concern, he approaches her and raises her from the couch, ties his arms around her hips. 

"What’s going on?" 


"It’s just a music video." 

He knew for days that that idea worried his s/o, but he didn’t think up to that point. Being the leader of such a large group, he learned to immediately understand what is hiding behind looks and whispers. With sweetness, he touches her lips and whispers again not to worry, because no one will ever take her place. 


He’s on the set and the fact that his phone keeps ringing it annoys him a lot. He explained several times that it’s only a music video, that there is nothing true and that she shouldn’t worry. Her insistence begins to take away that little patience that has left him. With angry he throws his cell phone on the table, moving away and leaving the building to take a breath of air. He can’t understand why she should have so little confidence in him. A hand on his shoulder makes him turn and mentions just a salute to his leader, who looks at him with a kind smile. 

"Try to understand her, she loves you and she’s just afraid of losing you.”

Those simple words are able to make him understand how she must feel at that moment, so as soon as he comes back he takes his phone starting to answer to her texts, trying in every way to reassure her. 

- You’re the only woman I ever want - 


Being the maknae of the group has always allowed him to have won on anything and also in his relationships he manages, in some way, to put his s/o on the “wrong” side.
Yet when he reads, by pure chance, the exchange of text between her and her friend feels a pang of pain in the stomach. Guilt, sheer guilt. He had liquidated his s/o’s worries as if it were pure jealousy, teasing her as he used to do. Without realizing that it was something more, she was really scared to lose him
Quickly he comes out of SM building and starts walking towards the shop where she works, fortunately, close to the building. As soon as he enters and her smile welcomes him, the guilt increases considerably. Without even greeting her approaching and ignoring a customer, who had recognized him, makes the turn of the counter and draws her in his arms by going to hide his face between her hair. 

“I’m a jerk, but I swear that I love you and no one will ever replace you;" 


"I love you, I love you." 

"I love you too, Kyuhyun." 


"So you have to kiss her..?" 

"Yes, but you know it’s all fake!" 

Yesung doesn’t notice the subtle line that the lips of his girlfriend have just assumed, absorbed in her thoughts and above all her worries. She doesn’t want him to shoot that video, she doesn’t want anyone approaching the man she loves, but she doesn’t want to be the classic jealous girl. She’s so lost in her thoughts that when Yesung waving his hand over her face she doesn’t notice it and he realizes that something is wrong.
He gently caresses her forehead, moving some bangs, watching her with love and trying to figure out what she’s worried about. He approaches and begins to leave little kisses on her cheek, then descending on her jawline and at that moment she awakens, looking him with a shocked look. 

"Do you care about the music video?" 


"You can talk to me, why are you always afraid to do it?” He whispers, moving a lock of her hair behind her ear. 

“Because I don’t’ want to be a problem.." 

"You have never been a problem and you will never be." 


His girlfriend’s frowns gaze pierces his back for two hours now, making him oddly silent. Hyunkjae is trying to lighten the atmosphere, but he also feels the tension between them two. And he knows the reason, giggling because the person concerned still doesn’t understand it. Donghae didn’t think about the fact that filming a music video with an incredibly beautiful girl could be a problem for his s/o. But it’s, and now she is sitting in a corner of the set that tries not to look at him badly. Her insecurities are eating her alive and even though she’s always been open to talk about it, he doesn’t seem to have figured it out yet. 

"Do you understand that she doesn’t like this idea or are you too much in your world to get the point, my friend?" 


"Idiot.. You, music video, girl. ”
And finally, the comprehension strikes Donghae, which made a small bow to the director asks two minutes of pause, which are immediately granted. Running he sits next to her and hugs her, making her hide her face against his own chest. 

“You can also kiss me, so she’ll understand that I’m not available” he murmurs with innocence, wanting only to reassure her. And it works, because soon after he receives an “idiot” as a response, making him smile like a happy child. 


He knows. He knows very well what worries her, but at that moment is too stressed to really think about it. After the fight of that morning, he didn’t text and didn’t call her, not because he didn’t want but because he was too busy with the new music video and the upcoming comeback. 

“Your girlfriend really looks down, what’s going on??”
Siwon turns to the Maknae, which keeps the phone in his hands as he continues to slide his fingers on the screen. Frowning his forehead he approaches him, but Kyuhyun hides the phone against his chest shaking his head. 

“No, find out for yourself!” He makes a tongue and leaves him even more perplexed, so by taking his phone from his pocket, his eyes open wide in seeing the absence of texts or calls. It’s not from her, not even when she’s more upset.
He immediately dials the number, who knows by heart, and when her voice reverberates in the phone a sense of tranquility invades him. 

“I’m taking you out to dinner tonight." 


"Because I know it’s not your fault if you’ve fears.. I’m often scared when you have to work with your colleagues for endless hours. ”
Both sigh and at the same time whisper “I love you”, finding themselves to smile more relaxed and happy than that very morning.


It took 5 hours for Doug Jones to get into the full Pan makeup for Guillermo del Toro’s film, Pan Labyrinth. It consisted of :

  • A glued-on latex-foam full facial prosthetic that had mechanics added into the top of the head that operated the eyebrows, eyelids and ears. The prosthetic was glued down around his mouth so the actor was able to speak without the need of animatronics.
  • A glued on neck and chest prosthetic
  • A body suit that came up to cover most of the actor’s skin
  • For the legs, they created giant fawn legs that were very non-human. For this, Doug had to stand on a small stilt-like shoe, with his legs wrapped in green-screen fabric to be edited out of the shot.

I’ve just watched “The Grandmaster” for the third time (the US version for the first time) and I have to say it… It may be my favourite kung fu film of all time. Granted, it’s not without flaws (some of that slow motion jiggly camer work is annoying early on) but it’s 90% perfect.

There is no better homage to martial arts. And it’s done so fucking beautifully. The fight scenes are visual poetry and, I think, some of Yuen Woo Ping’s best modern work. The styles on display are such a breath of fresh air.

And the fact it’s a film about kung fu, love and being in love with kung fu. It’s so deep and meaningful (though the US version does overexplain things). There are fights I prefer and there are plots I prefer but no other film combines those elements to be this good. Not even “Hero”. This film feels even more gorgeous than Zhang Yimou’s efforts. And yes, even “Crouching Tiger…”

Everything about this film is top class film making. It’s the most unique blend or art house beauty and just great action. It’s a beauteous blend of everything I was from a film. Top tier casting too. Zhang Ziyi blows my balls off with her performance. Rightly so, since the film is more a redemption story about Gong Er than an Ip Man biography. Although Tony Leung is fantastic too.

It might not be a film I rewatch every month but it’s with giddy enthusiasm that I’ll revisit it in years to come. It really might be my all-time favourite kung fu film. And that’s saying something.


the chronicles of narnia meme ⇾ [4/5 relationships] the traitor & the white witch: edmund & jadis.
↳ ‘think about whose side you’re on, edmund. mine… or theirs.’

The shading in the My Little Pony movie makes me so... angry....

This was meant to be just a brief comment on the major shading issues in the 2017 movie, having been prompted to speak out after going through recent @rantsaboutponies posts… but after looking at still after still, clip after clip, I started to get more emotional, and this got longer. So bugbear with me, will you?

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Grady and the baby.