facts about bugs


As a little, you don’t have to pretend to not know things.
As a little you can draw pictures of art pieces from the Hellenistic or Renaissance eras
As a little you can tell your caregiver facts about bug activity
As a little you can use “big” words
Age regression doesn’t equate loss of intelligence!
If you choose to not do these things it’s perfectly fine
But as a little I felt pressured to act “dumb” in my little space to mimic my age,
But truth is I can still act like a child and retain my intelligence.
I have yet to see a post addressing this and I just wanted to rant 💕.
Age regression doesn’t mean you have to lose your talent


started out as soft babies then went nausicaa? awawawaoaoaowaoao?? 

victorious characters as bloggers


-pretty lilac mobile theme

-aesthetique blogged w a decent amount of followers??

-reblogs photography a lot + pictures of peoples art journals

-still doesn’t 100% have the concept of tumblr down though so she doesn’t use tags. at all

-has a personal tag where she talks about school with the dialect of a middle aged mother

-blocks every porn blog. all of them.

-posts cute videos of her singing. jade heckles her in the tags when she rbs them


-bubble gum pink mobile theme

-everything is in caps???

-has literally no idea how to use tumblr @ all

-half of her posts are reblogs of her friends posts bc she forgets about the messaging tab

-the other half are all cute animals and her own nonsensical personal posts 

-everyone thinks she a crack/parody blog bc of how weird her shit is


-clearly put a lottttt of effort into coding her own theme but won’t admit it

-unironically ironically reblogs stuff like “and one day you’ll realize this was written with my blood”

-makes posts making fun of tori to which tori responds “im being CYBERBULLIED” but it only stays on her blog for like 36 hours at most

-punk aesthetic shit like doc martens + broken glass, edgy oil spill photography that only 13 year olds reblog

-black + green mobile theme

-her title is “welcome to my twisted mind” but it really is ironic she swears

-has one of those music players on her blog

-bio has ‘goth activist’ in it. nobody knows whether or not it’s serious. no one wants to.


-mobile theme is blue + white

-never bothered to get a code theme so it’s just the default and its fuck ugly

-doesn’t have a banner either

-most of it is just audio bits of his own music bc he doesn’t wanna be a soundcloud rapper douche

-rbs clothes he like a lot + expensive instruments he wants to own one day

-some of it is interacting w/ tori & rbing quotes about music, and Funny Tumblr Story shit


-is really really popular??

-black + gray mobile theme

-posts shirtless pictures of himself bc he hasn’t realized it’s douchey yet

-almost all of his posts are black+white aesthetic pictures of shit like well dressed men smoking on balconies + city skylines in monochrome

-reblogs old actors quotes about the craft of acting

-literally no personal posts. just edgy b&w photography aesthetic that’s all of it

-MOST minamalist theme in the world

-gets tons of teen girls asking for dick pics and he’s like “you know northridge”


-reblogs lots of sad, weird facts. usually about bugs

-his icon is a stock photo of some color swirl of electricity he got from google images

-mobile theme is gray and bright red but not in an emo way

-reblogs lots of quotes about intelligence and being in the friend zone

-is part of the puppetry fandom? which consists of 3 people?

-doesn’t quite get the grasp of tumblr tbh

-has 4 followers. 4. 

-posts poorly taken photos of him and rex that were very obviously taken from a computers webcam

-sends anons to advicey blogs asking why girls don’t like him

-anonymously flirts with cat and all of her answers are literally unintelligible.

-his bio is all of the lyrics to the iconic “broken glass”

the boys with an S/O who worries about e v e r y t h i n g

This has probably been one of my favourite asks to write. I hope you like it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • The sight of you stressing over every minor occurrence concerns him greatly
  • He always is wary about the things happening around the two of you, trying to figure out exactly what you’re worrying about
  • He attempts to find any patterns or similarities between the things he constantly finds  you worrying about
  • This is so he’ll have a greater understanding of what is going on with you
  • And so he can help you or find you somebody who can
  • More than anything, he wants to know that you’re happy
  • You are his top priority whenever you both go out together
  • Making sure you aren’t stressing about the 2 seconds you spent fumbling over your purse at the shop counter, things like that
  • His presence is reassuring and gives you a good boost of confidence
  • Although he still finds you worrying over little things every now and then, he still thinks you’re the extremely beautiful s/o he first fell in love with.

Rantarou Amami

  • He’s pretty surprised, to be honest
  • “I’m so sorry I didn’t realise sooner, s/o…”
  • He can’t help but blame himself a little bit
  • Maybe if he had connected the dots earlier he would have been able to help you before it had gotten this bad, he says-
  • You tell him you’ve been like this since you were a lot younger and that it wasn’t because of him, at all
  • He’s really protective of you
  • If he notices you getting stressed out he’s always your voice of reason, telling you not to worry and reassuring you that you’re fine, that everything is fine
  • Whenever you need him, he gives you warm, reassuring hugs
  • He holds your hand a lot
  • Amami takes every opportunity he gets to show you that he loves you!
  • He doesn’t want you worrying that he’ll leave you!! That’ll never happen!
  • You’re his s/o and he’ll do anything to make sure you’re alright.

Ouma Kokichi

  • He feels so guilty
  • “I-Is it because I tease you so much?!”
  • The teasing hadn’t been a part of it - you knew Ouma was just the sort of person who liked to tease others, you were used to it
  • He doesn’t want to make you feel weird or alienated from the others, so he still teases you - he just steers clear of any insecurities or things that are a little too real for you
  • Ouma is a lot more protective when the two of you go out in public, and while it warms your heart that he’s doing this for you, it does give you a good laugh watching him do his best at protecting you from so called “dangers”
  • But there are times when he really comes through for you
  • For example, when you’re worried about screwing up your order at a restaurant
  • “I’ll order the food for us - sit tight, s/o!”
  • He doesn’t mind doing any of this for you - as long as you’re happy, he’s happy
  • When you’re both at home and you find yourself stressing over work, he’ll drag you away from your computer to play video games or watch a movie with him to distract you
  • It’s effective - after an hour or so of time with Ouma, you always feel energised and much better about yourself

Saihara Shuuichi

  • Saihara understands what you’re going through
  • You both know how much he worries over things
  • And how low his self-confidence can get
  • You both are each other’s support system
  • The two of you are always saying how much you love each other
  • You both hold hands a lot
  • After a long day you both just sit on the couch and cuddle and talk about little things that have been on your mind or causing each of you any stress
  • You both agree that vocalising your problems and what worries you helps, so you both do that whenever something comes up
  • It does work really well - Saihara and you worry less and less every day!
  • You’re both incredibly grateful for each other in your lives
  • Without Saihara, you wouldn’t be the person you are now!

Kaito Momota

  • Never fear, Momota is here!!
  • The boy is always there for you, stressing out or not
  • It’s as if he has special s/o senses that activate whenever you’re stressed
  • Seriously, he can always tell when you’re in need of some awesome hugs or reassuring pecks on the cheek
  • And if those don’t work, which is rare, he tries a more serious approach
  • In his serious approach he takes you aside from the group if you’re out, and if you’re at home he’ll just hold you in his warm embrace
  • He somehow always has a mini motivational speech prepared for you if it gets serious
  • The speeches themselves are overall nice when you get them, but what motivates you most from them is the fact that Kaito is sweet enough to even do something like that
  • For you
  • It sometimes saddens Kaito that someone as cool and funny as you worries about so many things so often
  • He feels really bad
  • So along with all those other things he does to stop you from worrying, he showers you with compliments every day!
  • It’s clear that this boy loves you, and you love him too!


  • Kiibo is like your own personal cheer squad!
  • “There is nothing to worry about as long as I am here with you, s/o!”
  • He encourages you to do anything you want, and that there is no use in worrying!
  • It saddens him whenever he finds you stressing over every small thing that happens…
  • He reminds everyone to be mindful of what they say when they’re speaking to you
  • The boy doesn’t want you to get hurt!
  • Whenever he notices you worrying when the two of you are out with friends, he always rubs your shoulder and tells you he loves you!
  • He doesn’t leave your side
  • If you’re in private he’ll give you lots of kisses!
  • He hopes that you will one day overcome this and that you won’t worry so much anymore!
  • But he’s still extremely happy to help you!
  • And to be your boyfriend!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Huh??
  • Someone as beautiful and caring as Gonta’s s/o worries??
  • About everything???
  • At first, Gonta doesn’t understand!
  • But that doesn’t stop him from trying his absolute best to make sure you’re 100% happy and calm whenever you’re both out together, group setting or not
  • His first attempt at making you feel better after finding out was when you were both at an outdoor mall 
  • His strategy was to show you different bugs or creatures
  • “Looking at bugs is the best way to calm Gonta down, s/o! Maybe it will work for you, too!!”
  • When you heard that, you slap a palm to your face - that’s not how it works…
  • But you let him try, and to your surprise, it worked extremely well!
  • He brought you over to some of the plants and in the most gentle and soft voice, told you a few facts about all of the bugs you could see until you felt better
  • You worry a lot less frequently than you used to with Gonta as your boyfriend
  • Even when he isn’t physically with you at the time, his gentle voice still encourages you in your mind!  

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He’s shocked
  • Someone as incredible as you has nothing to worry about…
  • It pains him whenever he catches you in your room with your head in your hands
  • He knows all too well what’s happening
  • He’s been there before
  • You don’t deserve to be there, too
  • He gives you lots of kisses
  • Anything to show you he loves you with all his heart
  • He never hesitates to help you with anything you are struggling with or stressing over
  • He always asks you if you’re alright
  • You’re a priority for him, everything else can wait
  • He’s really good to talk and rant to when there’s something you just have to get off your chest
  • Hoshi is a great listener and boyfriend and you appreciate him so much
  • He appreciates you even more.

steelmagpie  asked:

regresssss! I gotta hear about a tiny Hon!

Eight-year-old Aidan was scowling deeply, his caterpillar eyebrows making a v shape in his still rounded babyface. He was a year younger, and they were carbon copies of each other; the same untamed, charcoal black hair. Same dark eyes that wouldn’t tell much on their own. Unlike his big sister, Aidan wore his feelings all over his face; every wrinkle of his nose or movement of his mouth amplified whatever feelings were driving the words being spoken.

“Who wants to know?” he said. It was immediately clear he was ready to stick up for the sibling in question. The self-same sister was presently slightly behind her brother, one hand clasped in his own grubby palm.

“She does the best voices when we read together,” he boasted, small stature trying to rise higher,”She can climb anythin’, I seen it, Alcide lost a bet tryin’ to prove she couldn’t. He had to eat a toad and he chickened out.” There’s a snort of laughter from behind him, and the thump of a hand on his back to stop. It only seemed to encourage him.

“He dared her to eat a beetle once ‘cause he was feelin’ sore about it, and she did. Even if it did taste like this.” He scrunched his face up into a look of absolute disgust. “She’s good at findin’ things. Mum says if it weren’t for her none of us would have a shirt with a full set of buttons.” 

“Mum likes to tell tall tales and you know it,” Honoura replied, with a hiss, and right before Aidan could open his mouth again, she gave him a rough shove and darted off, the loud declaration of “You’re it!” ringing through the trees.

i still need to find a faster way to distinguish between good, healthy impulses and “reacting to still being awake at 2 am by grabbing your phone, lying back on your bed, and extensively googling facts about bed bug infestations” 

do you know how many different things can feel like bed bugs crawling on your skin if you are paranoid and sleep-deprived enough? 

hint: literally everything, including nothing at all

soutthclub  asked:

hey kat, got any ushiten headcanons?? :')

aaaa hey darien! omg yes… domestic ushiten is my favorite so I hope it’s ok i went that route! ;u; (thank you for asking btw!!)

  • Ushijima does most of the shopping for the two of them. This is mostly because Tendou is so easily sidetracked when he’s shopping, and ends up coming home with a lot of things they don’t need, minus the things they do need.
  • If the two find a bug or spider in their apartment, their first instinct is never to kill it. If it’s harmless, they’ll spend a while just watching it crawl across the floor/wall or flying around the room, while Ushi, who has a decent knowledge of bugs, will let Tendou know random facts about the bug. If the bug does pose some kind of threat, they’ll do their best to catch it and release it outside.
  • Ushijima loves mornings, and has no issues waking up early, however Tendou is the complete opposite and takes ages to fully wake up. Without fail though, once he does wake up, Ushi has breakfast waiting for him on the table.
  • Tendou falls in love with a border terrier at a pet store, and instantly brings it home, claiming that it reminded him of Ushijima. Ushi would probably scold him a little bit, telling him he should have thought about the adoption first, but he wouldn’t make Tendou return the dog. 
  • Similarly, Ushijima sees a crested gecko in a pet store and instantly brings it home because it reminds him of Tendou, who is completely thrilled. They’re both very good with animals, and even though they were impulse adoptions, both are perfect additions to their little home.
  • Tendou does most of the decorating in the apartment, which is really just his vast collection of figures and a bunch of posters from his favorite animes/mangas and video games. Ushijima doesn’t mind this, as long as he has spots to put a couple plants in every single room. Their apartment isn’t exactly cohesive, but it feels personal, like home, and reminds them of each other, and that’s all they really care about.
  • Ushijima is scary good at remembering every single anniversary of every little thing in their relationship, without even having to mark it on a calendar. Tendou isn’t the best at this, but that doesn’t seem to bother Ushijima at all since he himself has no issues.
  • They spend most of their free time together watching TV, which ends up either being documentaries about really random things (Tendou will happily listen to Ushi when he continues to talk about the documentaries’ subjects even after they’ve ended hours before), or binge-watching some anime that Tendou is really excited about (Tendou is thrilled with how much attention Ushi pays to the shows, and how he’ll intently listen to all his excited, fast-paced talking about the anime, without fail). They both just really, really enjoy listening to each other talk about something they’re passionate about.
  • Sometimes, Tendou will suggest a horror film. Ushi isn’t at all bothered or fazed by these movies, but Tendou, who’s jumpy and tense the entire time, likes to find every excuse he can to cuddle up against Ushi (not that he needs an excuse, both love cuddling up on the couch and do it quite often)

As happy as I am that Zero Time Dilemma is finally coming out, I’m a little sad that this June is the last time we’ll see everyone.

I mean, it’s better than doing infinite sequels that constantly decrease in quality. But the end of a beloved series is always a little sad.

The thing that bothers me most about the fake geek girl thing is do you know how many times I have watched a tv show where two men are at a bar and they literally spend so much time fabricating their lives to make themselves more appealing for the sole purpose of getting laid? Like, for some reason men are encouraged to make themselves seem better even if it’s a blatant lie while women are belittled and accused of lying about their interests all the time????


Imagine my disappointment when there were no bees. :(

OK but honestly I am really struggling with reconciling Lexa having black blood with the entire rest of the show’s mythology and we need to discuss this, Tumblr, I have Concerns.

The whole series has been based very strongly in a fairly realistic world with reasonably realistic human physiology (within reason/taking some huge narrative liberties, lol @ Abby’s magical surgeries/cauterizing wounds to prevent infection omg). Like, even the whole Mountain Men/Grounder blood/Sky Person blood thing last season was at least vaguely biologically plausible? But I just - this is my line. This is my line and I need to be really exasperated about it for a hot second IT’S PROBLEMATIC.

So, the Nightbloods bleed black, which means they would have to be born with a non-heme molecule for oxgyen carrying. It would also have to not be fatal to have this genetic variant, and this variant would have to be a molecule that is contained in a normal human diet, oxidizes black (current best candidates: lead??, manganese?) and somehow confers enough of an advantage that it’s more efficient than heme (but not so efficient that it’s fatal), but not so much of a survival advantage that it becomes a universally dominant trait, otherwise it wouldn’t be a rarity.

But then - BUT THEN. Let’s say it developed through ~Powerful Radiation Magic and this is a genetic mutation that’s been conferred over the years since the war. It started with the first Commander, how many generations has that been? I mean, obviously a Commander has a shorter lifespan than the average human, but even so it hasn’t been that long, and it’s improbable that the mutation happened randomly so often in such a small geographic area, especially when nobody is ever pregnant/the fertility rate & newborn survival rate seems fairly low. I just. I JUST, you guys.

I have lot of questions, is what I am saying, and I do not expect the show to actually answer them, but it is bugging the shit out of me and I need to share because THIS IS IMPORTANT. If the show ever chose to include, say, a scene outlining how the fuck this is possible (aside from ~powerful radiation magic~) instead of another scene about how martial law is awesome, I’d super appreciate that.