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i call this one ‘Ritsu has a sweet tooth and makes massive mistakes’

21 Things you learn about tumblr:

1) Tumblr is a place of social justice.

2) Rape, sexual assault, harassment, abuse, self-harm, suicide, bullying, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, etc… Those are to be taken very VERY seriously. It’s not something to joke about.

3) If you are racist/homophobic or close-minded like that, this isn’t a place you wanna be.

4) People here say that you must not EVER speak of tumblr outside of tumblr, and that specifically includes mentioning your url on facebook/twitter or connecting your tumblr to them. And you know what? They’re right. We come here because tumblr is that place where we can express ourselves the way we want, and in a way stay safely anonymous from our own life outside of tumblr. Here (whether by posts, reblogs or tags) we reveal more of our identities, thoughts, secrets, insecurities, moments of insanity etc… than we would ever reveal on other SNS. If you’re interested in revealing yourself so openly to your social circle of family and friends outside of tumblr, if you’re ready for it, then I won’t judge you. Go ahead.

5) There are real people behind their computers/phones on this site. Real people who can have their feelings hurt. People have enough shit to deal with in their lives so don’t be that anon hater/cyber bully and make things worse.

6) Tumblr loves animals.

7) Your “I’ll just check my dash for five minutes” will turn to five hours of scrolling and reblogging.

8) DON’T fuck with superwholock. They will come for you.

9) Supernatural has a gif for everything. Don’t even try to test them, there’s no point.

10) Gifs everywhere.

11) No one really knows how to pronounce ‘gif’

12) I like your shoelace.

13) DON’T try to take credit for something you did not do. Always give credit to the artist/photographer/blog if you repost but still, there’s a reblog option for a reason.

14) There are too many sides of tumblr to count.

15) Science side of tumblr can explain anything.

16) Fandom side of tumblr can hijack any post.


18) No one spells Benedips Cumbercumber’s name right.

19) Harry Potter is a beloved.

20) Kpop fandom are in constant ‘too many feels’ mode and are always unable to can.

21) Once you tumblr… there’s no going back.

yarrayora  asked:

yah but humans saying "Fun fact!" and the non-humans just... KNOWS it's not gonna be fun and more likely a terrifying fact about the wildlife of earth. Like that komodo dragon fact you just received

That is a great idea oh man. Humans are quite fond of saying “fun fact” right before a fact that is very much not fun. This includes myself. 

I can just imagine the aliens groaning and preparing themself for whatever terrifying thing they’re about to hear any time they hear any variation of the phrase “Fun Fact”. Sometimes the human saying the fact might not even realise they’re about to say a horrifying and generally unsettling fact. For example; A ‘fun fact’ about deforestation to a plant-like (and probably tree-like) alien species could be absolutely terrifying.

  • Scout Aesthetics: Fresh laundry. Hot dogs for dinner. Cold pizza for breakfast. A really good haircut. A joke so funny that you cry. New shoes. The CRACK! of a baseball on a wooden bat. FOMO. Peppermint chewing gum. Runner's high. Your first crush.
  • Soldier Aesthetics: Pine trees. Cold dew on a summer morning. MRE's that don't taste like paper pulp. Cornfields as far as the eye can see. Screaming at the sky late at night. Turkey with stuffing. White bread in a plastic sleeve. Getting gum on your shoes.
  • Pyro Aesthetics: Scented candles and burnt popcorn. Fresh-cut daisies. Drawing with charcoal. Sun bleached bones. The smell of gasoline. Gel pens. Your favorite animated movie. The scapegoat. Not caring at all.
  • Demoman Aesthetics: Butterscotch and sulfur. Rolling meadows of grass. Sand in your shoes. Fried fish in a greasy newspaper. Fireworks on a warm summer evening. Wool turtleneck sweaters. Being double-dog-dared to swim in the lake during winter. The best hole-in-the-wall pub in the world.
  • Heavy Aesthetics: Dusty old books. Creaking floorboards. Fresh winter snow. A really good sandwich. Finding a new favorite novel. A handmade scarf. Getting a good grade on an assignment. First editions. Going to the natural history museum. Firmly believing why you were put on this earth.
  • Engineer Aesthetics: Breakfast foods. Campfires. The satisfying clicking of clockwork machinery. Reading bedtime stories aloud. T-shirts with math jokes on them. Tuning a guitar. Petting zoos. Knowing your limits. Learning about something that makes you really happy. A cool looking rock.
  • Medic Aesthetics: Antiseptic. Down comforters. Really round fluffy birds. Bad puns. Doing things because you can. Hot tea. Waking up before the sun does. Whistling. Dry cleaning. Fun facts about animals. Really strange nonfiction books. Windy winter days.
  • Sniper Aesthetics: Dirt and black coffee. Climbing a tree. People watching. Road trips. Going to bed and realizing you haven't spoken to anyone all day. Fairy bread. Getting caught in the rain. Really cool scars. Having a story for everything. Polarized lenses.
  • Spy Aesthetic: Vermouth and tobacco. Minimalist cuff links. Playing cards. Hair pomade. Silk ties. Your first love. A passing feeling of emptiness. Heels clicking on polished floors. Crusty dinner rolls with soft warm bread on the inside.
  • Pauling Aesthetics: Lavender hand soap. Gunpowder. Lilac polo shirts. Worn black denim. Staying up late and watching the home shopping channel because you can't sleep. Beat-up firearms catalogs. Telling your mother to return your birthday gift because your workplace has strict dress codes regarding clothing colors, even though you desperately need that new skirt. Finding drawings from when you were a child. Soft wool cardigans. Shiny silver knives. Yogurt with fruit. Hating and loving your job at the same time.

actually question: WOULD you prefer an animorphs live-action or animorphs cartoon better?




they’re pretending to be in a national geographic special


Why do all Ravenclaw Date Headcanons talk about Ravenclaws wanting to go to a museum? Not all of us are into that, and it’s not ALL we want to do!

If anything, we’re the type of people who want to go out and DO stuff. We want to see the world, observe people, interact with cool things!

With Gryffindors:
• Doing crazy shit all the time like cliff diving because they want to see how adrenaline affects them.
• Laser-tag, because they want to form new strategies and are determined to beat their Gryffindor SO.
• Daring each other to touch the weird animals at petting zoos

With Hufflepuffs:
• Going to the beach on cloudy days and looking for cool rocks and shells. The Hufflepuff finds really cool ones for the Ravenclaw to examine and identify.
• Going on scavenger hunts where the Hufflepuff keeps having to drag the Ravenclaw away from an irrelevant object that piqued their interest.

With Slytherins:
• Going to concerts of the bands that kept them company and kept them awake as they did their Transfiguration homework into the late hours of the night.
• Going bowling. The Slytherin determined to beat the Ravenclaw as they reform their posture with each strike.

With Ravenclaws:
• Going to a coffee shop and analyzing the poems in the poetry slam.
• taking painting/cooking classes for fun.
• Going to the zoo and trying to outdo each other as they spew facts about the animals that aren’t even on the plaques.

Museums are cool and everything, but you can’t expect Ravenclaws to ONLY do that.

jemma autism checklist

[fitz post here]

someone: jemma’s not autistic 

me: *pulls receipts* 

okay here we go! here is a very detailed post explaining why jem is totes autistic 

to sum, she shows a lot of traits of atypical autism (which is more often how autism manifests in girls) and displays a lot of traits necessary for a diagnosis. she is awkward and blunt in her social interaction (needing to be reminded at times how to act “appropriately”), has a deep passion for her specific interests, is literal minded, stims, was probably hyperlexic, has trouble lying and improvising language, and shows signs of alexithymia

(big thank you to @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot for helping with this, as well as the anons who sent in suggestions!) 

this and more under the cut! lots of gifs ahead, image descriptions added for accessibility 

allistics feel free to interact with this! 

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Schnitzel (2008)

I was checking out the new “107 facts” about the animated show Chowder when i noticed that they had used my drawing of Schnitzel when talking about the character at 7:11. They also showed John Dimaggio, Schnitzel’s voice actor holding a print of my drawing. I didn’t see me credited any where, maybe i missed it but im not really upset its always nice to have ones art noticed.

Your child can visit steamy jungles, grassy plains, and the dark depths of the oceans, to meet and learn surprising facts about the magnificent animals that live there, all through the captivating, colorful pages of Zoobooks: the publication especially for young readers. Each monthly issue of Zoobooks is packed with breathtaking full-color photos, and scientifically accurate illustrations. Plus: games and puzzles. Today, through this exclusive TV offer, you can get 12 fascinating issues of Zoobooks for the special price of $19.95!
More dating Jughead headcanons 💛

requested by my lov @lesbianbarnowl, enjoy 💛

• Jughead loves to bring you out into his treehouse for cute dates. It’s a very comforting place for him and it’s meaningful, and he wants to share that with you

• he gets cold rather easily, so you often have to carry around one of his jackets when you go out

• he ends up buying you a beanie that kind of looks like his for your birthday because you steal his so often

• Hot Dog loves you. So much. You’re the only one who can bathe him, and he loves to lay his head in your lap when you’re sitting on Jug’s bed

• Jughead sometimes leaves sticky notes into your textbooks/in your room just to remind you that you’re pretty - and will add weird but interesting facts about animals or food

• his cheeks flushing whenever you kiss them because pda makes his stomach fill with butterflies

anonymous asked:

Can I request how the RFA+V and Saeran react to MC being a world famous scientist? I'm talking on par with Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson in today's world.

This is a really cool request anonny! Bill Nye was the reason why I passed sixth grade science oh my gosh you’re making me all nostalgic! But I was pretty average when I took science classes in school so please forgive me for lacking science knowledge! Anyways, I still hope that you enjoy!!~


  • One of Yoosung’s worst subjects in school is science to he feels like his prayers have been answered when he finds out he’s dating a scientist
  • He’s constantly asking you questions, not just for his science class but because he’s genuinely curious
  • When he finally graduates, Yoosung thinks that the two of you look so cool in your respective lab coats
  • Like Yoosung in his veterinarian coat and you in your science coat has him squealing because the two of you look so cute together!
  • He totally brags to his vet co-workers that he’s dating a scientist and loves seeing them fume green with jealousy
  • Yoosung also goes onto the messenger to tell the rest of the RFA members how you and him are the smartest couple
  • Basically Yoosung adores the fact that he’s dating an awesome scientist like you and showcases you wherever he goes


  • Zen cannot believe that he’s lucky enough to date a world class scientist when he met you
  • You’re beautiful and smart so basically Zen almost fainted when he found out
  • Since he didn’t go to college, he’s quite curious about science and enjoys asking you questions
  • Even though most of the time after you give him an answer Zen’s still confused because science can be confusing
  • His nose bled so much the first time he saw you in a lab coat but with a swift smack on the chest he controlled the beast
  • Zen does take your profession seriously and proves it to you when he recites some science facts that you told him
  • He almost cried when he saw the media call you and Zen a ‘powerful, smart, and gorgeous couple’
  • Zen learns so many new things about science from you and is so thankful to have someone as intelligent and wonderful in his life


  • The fact that Jaehee nabbed you as her girlfriend was already an amazing thing to her
  • But when she finds out that you’re a scientist she’s elated!
  • Jaehee enjoyed science classes when she was in school so she understands some of the things you talk about… emphasis on the word some
  • She gets so proud of herself and mentally pats herself on the back whenever you ask her something and she knows the answer
  • Jaehee loves going to science lectures in which you’re a speaker and will furiously write down everything that you say so she can impress you with her knowledge at a later time
  • She also loves the fact that you represent women in the science field and how you inspire younger girls to be whatever they want to be
  • The first time you wore a lab coat in front of Jaehee, she gushed about how awesome and cool you look
  • Knowing that your dream was to become a scientist makes Jaehee inspired to follow her own dreams, something that she’ll be forever thankful for


  • Jumin already knew that he was dating an awesome person when he met you but finding out that you’re a scientist makes you that much cooler to him
  • He was indifferent when it came to science classes when he was in school but being with you reinvigorates his enjoyment of the subject
  • Going to fancy dinner parties with the two of you means having a lot of other famous and rich people stop to compliment how great of a couple you and Jumin make
  • One of Jumin’s favorite things in the world is whenever someone tries tell you that your theory is wrong but you totally show them up and prove yourself right
  • He’ll request that in your free time you perform any type of experiment to help benefit cats in any way
  • Jumin thinks that you look amazing in a lab coat and will tell you that all of the time
  • Being with a scientist like you has really opened Jumin’s eyes for the better and exposed him more to the vast world of science


  • Never in his life did Seven think he’d ever be able to date an amazing scientist like you
  • You’re basically his soulmate since he’s always been a fan of science plus you’re just plain awesome to add
  • Seven is always asking to help you with experiments, especially the more dangerous ones
  • The two of you have little battles as to see who can name off more science facts then the other which typically ends with you winning and Seven demanding for a re-match
  • He’s surprisingly super helpful when you can’t figure out an equation or theory, usually offering his own opinion and lots of support
  • Seven totally buys a lab coat that replicates yours because he wants to look cute and smart like you
  • He’ll run around the house playing songs like ‘Weird Science’ or ‘She Blinded Me With Science’ which makes you sigh but then laugh because how could you not love this man?
  • Seven’s extremely happy and encouraging with all of your science work, he’s truly proud of you for all that you’ve accomplished


  • V already knew that you were an amazing person when he talked with you over the messenger but he found out that you were even cooler since you were a scientist
  • He’s always had a fascination for science related things so he’s willing to lend an ear when needed
  • V absolutly adores listening to your science lectures since his eyesight isn’t well enough to watch you perform experiments
  • But he’s willing to stand by and give you lots of support and encouragement
  • He’ll become ecstatic when you ask him to help you with a more hands-on type of experiment since his sense of touch is superb
  • So many photos are taken of you in a lab coat because V thinks that you just look so adorable in it!
  • The media calls you and V the ‘Artist and Scientist’ so the two of you start calling each other that
  • V genuinely enjoys the fact that you’re a scientist, he loves hearing facts from you and find your intelligence amazing


  • Saeran’s knowledge on science is fairly low so he’s lowkey hyped to be dating you since you are a scientist
  • He’ll casually ask you questions, trying not to look like he’s trying to, and while you know he’s trying to put on a facade you still happily answer his questions
  • He especially loves it whenever you tell him scientific facts about plants and animals
  • Since Saeran doesn’t want you to think that he’s stupid, he’ll look up some science facts on his own to impress you which you find simply charming
  • His eyes widen in wonder when you perform experiments and once again, Saeran will casually ask if he can help
  • Saeran’s jaw drops the first time he sees you in a lab coat, blurting out how stunning you look then immediately starts blushing
  • He totally brags to the rest of the RFA members about his new science knowledge, smirking at you when they all become impressed
  • Being with a scientist like you makes Saeran feel smarter and helping you with experiments truly makes this boy happy
The signs as Cr1TiKaL livestream memes

♈️Aries > Aaron vs Anthony via donations
♐️Sagittarius > “I emptied my bank account to donate this to you”
♉️Taurus > Blue Apron references
♍️Virgo > “who’s that 12 year old on the stream? / Tiana send us a message if you’ve been kidnapped”
♑️Capricorn > just giving random facts via donations, about animals or how YouTube works or something
♊️Gemini > opening square bracket closing square bracket opening square bracket closing square bracket opening square bracket w boner w boner w boner w boner w boner w boner w boner @@@@@@
♎️Libra > making Tiana try to rap
♒️Aquarius > Charlie peeing every 10 minutes
♋️Cancer > donations from Charlie’s dad
♏️Scorpio > are traps gay?
♓️Pisces > #MicForTiana

anonymous asked:

Could you compare russian culture to western culture for us? I'm very curious about it ❤

honestly theres too much for me to write about you should just watch a movie, one that literally depicts the east eu culture perfectly is “kogel-mogel”, its in polish but watch just a few scenes. When im in west eu i think “why are you people so mean” and when i come home im like “why are you people so mean… but in another way”. A big difference is the elders and that they have great value in the family. Many people live with 3 generations under one roof and many children live with their grandparents instead of parents(like i did). And the wioski, the small villages that are the most part of our countries are so different from the cities. Its a whole new experience. The poverty is traumatising. Theres a plague of child abuse and alcoholism (and these go hand in hand). A not abusive man is so hard to find. We value our gardens and agriculture, gardening is what almost every old woman does all day. Theres lots of poor stray cats and dogs roaming around and animal abuse also happens often, mostly because the old people arent thought about the fact that animals have feelings too. This isnt as common as i make it sound but its still more common than in west eu. The villages and forests are beautiful though, and there is a lot of beauty in the architecture. I post lots of pics from villages in my #mine tag, see it for yourself. The food is sooo good and you can literally get full on delicious food for 10zl (about 2 euro). We dont only have pierogi etc but the baking is so underappreciated. We have so many great sweet baked goods. Life outside of the cities (and even in them sometimes too) is still very much like in the 80’s. It feels like youre time traveling when you get there. East eu is beautiful but you should always hold onto your wallets and donr go out at night. The biggest predators here are the men. The thing i love the most are the forests and the wild animals in them. You can see a boar or a whole heard of deer outside your window when you live next to a forest. We value forest animals and hunting isnt a popular sport… like at all. I think its illegal (we cant have guns either). And the wild fruits you can pick and mushroom picking. Many people still make a living out of selling goods they picked in a forest or from their garden. To women there beauty and makeup is very important. There are so many drugstores and great skincare brands. You often see middle aged ladies wearing blue eyeshadow and a heavy tan. Tv is important, many people spend their whole days in front of the television (mostly middle aged+ people like i said). Theres so many differences and east eu is beautiful but i always leave traumatised of the things i saw there. The poverty is what stands out and what i cant handle because it brings back memories from my childhood. The reason I alwayd go back is my family, the animals, tbe cats and the nature. Forests feel like a whole other universe.

Being my friend includes the following bonuses

1) Receive an array of obscure pictures from the bowels of the internet at any and all hours of the day with very little or no context.
2) Receive random (and uncommonly useless) facts about swords and various animals.