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i call this one ‘Ritsu has a sweet tooth and makes massive mistakes’





there’s so much we don’t know about htbahb yet…

they’re pretending to be in a national geographic special

Interesting Facts - Megatooth, a prehistoric megalodon shark has the most powerful bite

Researches believe that Megatooth, a prehistoric megalodon shark has the most powerful bite. Its bite is strong enough to crush a small automobile.

This prehistoric shark lived about 16 million years ago. It grows over 50 feet or 16 meters long and weighing up to 30 times more than the largest great white shark. The teeth of the “megatooth” shark have been found in North and South America, Europe, Australia, India, Japan, and Africa.

These butterflies are practicing haematophagy - feeding on blood. Blood is easy to consume and it contains a lot of nutrients such as proteins and lipids. 

Although butterflies look elegant and fabulous, they feed on some pretty nasty stuff. Mud-puddling is a behaviour in which butterflies feed on fluid substances such as mud and decaying organic matter (mostly poop). They are also known to consume urine, sweat, and even tears!

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“All too easy.”

Star Wars Rebels S02E01 - The Siege of Lothal

Bonus: Ezra and Sabine don’t fare much better

i know very few things about myself, but i know this: the way laughter feels after crying is the absolute best. 

i know many facts about animals but the most important is that if you take one away, they all suffer.

i know so little about the lives of the people i pass. but if there is one thing i understand about us: it is that no matter how often we are broken, the quiet and genuine kindness of humankind leaks out, in every situation. we give with no hope of being paid back, we defend our family with our own bodies, we act in small gentle ways that will never be noticed and never be thanked. 

i know this: i have met more than my fair share of people who are filled with bottled rage. but each is far outweighed by people who are good, who are filled with hope: it is simply that they are the softer ones. 

so yes, hate speaks loudly. it always does. but a firework is not a volcano, and love is the whole core of Earth. hate cannot hope to conquer us. we are each filled to the brim with love: we remember our nature. we hold on.

—  “Do you think the power of love is more powerful than that of hate?” - Short answer? Absolutely. // r.i.d


How Taehyung Would Propose

[Jin]  [Suga]  [J-Hope]  [Rapmon]  [Jimin]  [Jungkook]

He would be all giggles as he takes you to the zoo. It would be just after winter time, but that wouldn’t be able to stop him from taking your hand and waddling his way into the zoo. He would be running around with you, looking at all the animals. He would take you to each and every single cage, reading off the facts about the animals in an excited, childlike wonder. The children at the zoo would also be staring at him in amazement. They would think he worked there with all the information he was sharing with you. You would laugh though, loving seeing all his excitement. He would show you all the animals that he knew you loved, especially the elephants that you both loved. He would be a mess of smiles, telling you that he wanted to ride an elephant and how he hoped your future child had the same marks on his arm so they could both have elephants. As the sun began to set, he would take you to the otters. “Jagi, did you know that they hold hands while swimming so they don’t get lost. Isn’t that cute?! We should be like otters. Take my hand! Take my hand and don’t let me get lost!” He would say as he took your hand. As he grabbed it, you would be staring at the otters still and feel something slip onto your finger. You would look down in confusion and see a ring resting on your ring finger. “Promise we will never lose each other.”

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Bangtan's tumblr blogs.
  • Jin: A pink blog, full of selfies, cute stuff like rainbows and unicorns, make-up and cooking tutorials, screenshots from Mario or other games and maybe even some posts about anime.
  • Suga: Classy aesthetic blog, full of music, music literally everywhere, even the description rhymes. Sometimes he postst about photography or fashion too (by fashion, I mean his hatred for converse).
  • J-hope: Very bright blog, full of beautiful peisages, pictures of sunshine, pictures of sea, and sometimes really nice and encouraging quotes.
  • Rap Monster: A dark blog, full of phylosophical quotes about life. Sometimes, you can see some *cough*smut*cough* fanarts too.
  • Jimin: An entire God damn blog about Jeon Jeongguk. Might have a side blog where he posts about anime and sometimes even selcas, but we all know that the one about Jeongguk is his main blog.
  • V: Weird, but aesthetic blog, full of anime, weird facts about animals and his convos with aliens sometimes. Also, replies to everything people leave in his askbox, so every day would start with about 20 or more replies.
  • Jeongguk: Really cute blog about BIGBANG *cough*mostly G-Dragon*cough* anime and games, sometimes reblogs V's selfies and, if requested, posts dubmash videos.

Hey, everyone!! I’m Rhea and I’m a new Studyblr! I’ve been on Tumblr for a few years now, but only recently have I joined the studyblr community. I’m really hoping to get more productive in high school and college. Here are a few facts about me,


  • name: Rhea
  • age: 16 (this dec)
  • pronouns: she/her
  • country: singapore
  • grade: year 11 (british)

other facts about me:

  • animals, every single animal imaginable. no joke.
  • theatre, I absolutely love acting and watching productions
  • I’m learning french currently, but I am a multilingual
  • I absolutely hate maths, with a burning passion (but physics is my life)
  • I’m planning to pursue a career in either physics or psychology
  • I love jazz music soo much

my inspiration:

@studyign / @intellectus / @geestudies@study-well@study-honey / @studywithinspo@boystudy@athenastudying@tbhstudying@lazyhermione@geestudies / @grvcsky +many many more

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