facts about 1d


“I’m drawn across the universe to someone I haven’t seen in a decade who I know is probably dead. Love is the one thing that we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust that, even if we can’t understand it.”  Interstellar (2014)


@rosketch look what just arrived in the mail!!!
I have been looking forward to collect this parcel and it finally came!! Thank you so so much, they are so pretty and I almost don’t want to use them for the purpose I got them 🙈🙈
But I want to show the world your amazing art and will proceed to place the stickers on my laptop 🙊 I am still squealing they truly are so so beautiful!!!


1) when my mom finally admits harry is hot

2) when i overhear a conversation about harry

3) when someone tells me ill never meet harry

4) when harry is dating some skinny bitch

5) when harry breaks up with the skinny bitch

6) when harry dresses nicely

7) when harry sings his fucking solos




its one thing to leave the band because you were unhappy i understand that, but to continuously shit talk about the band you were a part of for over FOUR YEARS and got you to where you are today is so selfish and disgusting especially when said band acts professionally and wishes you the best when the topic is brought up 

Facts about One Direction
Niall :“I’m a math genius” Louis :“ Ok, What’s 675 books + 445 books?” Niall :“ A library ! Ask me harder questions Louis !”
“ I drew a cat recently and Louis asked me why I was drawing a giraffe” -Harry Styles
Interviewer :“You’re all teenagers… Louis you’re going to be 20 soon” Louis :“Please, don’t talk about it” :’)
“A short skirt and lots of make-up won’t impress me” -Harry Styles ♥
*Who’s the laziest ?* Niall : “Zayn sleeps a lot” Zayn :“He eats a lot” Louis :“Guys, you didn’t aswer the question.”
Zayn :“Liam and I were messing around and we accidently kissed..”
Zayn :“I saw a video of me and Harry, the background music was… really slow and romantic…” Harry :“ I made that video.”
———————————————————————————————————————– Fan :“ I want Niall to have my babies !!” Liam :“Niall can’t have babies, cause he doesn’t have a… you know… he’s got a… you know…”
“Harry always bites two of the Twix bars at the same time ‘cause he doesn’t want the other Twix to get lonely”
Zayn : “hello ?” Louis : *grily voice* “OH MY GOD ZAYN IM UR BIGGEST FAN !” Zayn :“… Okay Louis ….
"Harry once had an hour conversation with a cat while he was drunk”
——————————————————————————————— Harry Styles says he is afraid of having a girlfriend because he does not want to disappoint the fans. ———————————————————————————————
 Harry Styles defended Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan so they have more solos.
Before, Harry thought Hunger Games talked about food.
 “My favourite one in the group was Zayn until he stole my meal. Now Harry’s my favourite.” —Niall Horan
If Harry could be any piece of furniture he would be a bed, because people could have fun times on him …. Hum :P
« If me and Liam break up one day, I would like that a Directionner takes his heart. - Danielle »
  Zayn’s hands are enormous! And his hand size correspond to the size of his… - Louis »
“During a performance, Liam forgot his words, he taped on his microphone and claimed it didn’t ork anymore. - Niall ”
 « The director of Macdonald receves the 1D and says" I love One Direction!“ Everybody says : "Yeaaaah!” Louis : “And e love french fries!” »
« I think that the next girlfriend of Niall will be special because he waited for her for a long time… - Liam »
“Danielle  wants to give one of her kidnies to Liam. He cried, then took her in his arms and told her she was crazy. ————————–———————————————————————————————
1D Hiatus: Day 375

* Liam is in Wolverhampton

* Liam surprises young patients at New Cross Hospital with Christmas presents

* Louis once again thanks everybody for the support for ‘Just Hold On’ via Twitter

* Harry is in Holmes Chapel, meets fans

It’s Dec 22nd, 2016.

Harry (about FOUR)

When you’ve been working on the album all year it’s all built up to that one moment when you put it out and everyone hears it. You feel vulnerable because you’ve put yourself in to that album all year and it’s just going to come down at that moment. I think we’re a mix of excitement and nervous at the same time to see what everyone thinks.

Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam

Zayn (about FOUR)

As we’ve grown, we’ve aimed for the music to grow up with us, hopefully we’ve done that with this album and hopefully our fans will have come on that journey with us. I really want them to love it and feel as proud of it as much as we do. 

Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam