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literally everyone expects him to be a pretentious jerk because they don't know him and only know the media side of him but alright sweetie

Did someone one say ‘sweetie’?!

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Hi Anon!  Lissen, you are totally right to call out my very exclusive use of the words “Literally” and “no one” when I earlier proclaimed ‘literally no one expects Harry to be a pretentious jerk’ when first encountering him.

aiiiitteee…I admit I’d be a big ole liar if I claimed to know the feels of the entire entertainment industry. Fine. I’ll amend. Let’s start over, lemme get ready…

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“In my personal experience”…literally no one expects Harry to be a pretentious jerk because…and lissen…I’m saying this for the sake of a laugh because…you know…jokes…but THIS FOOL WALKS AROUND LIKE THIS:

and is also very generally this:

with intermediate this:

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which yeah hoekay, could look all IMMA A ROCK STAR DONT LOOK IN MY EYES…but when followed up by foolery such as this:

it just become facts.
Harry is a mother-loving quirky, lovely-natured fool of a frog-cherub.
I don’t make the rules.
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