All of the signs being kidnapped together

Aries: “K guys we’re 12 he’s 1 we can take him”

Taurus: “Everyone shut the fuck up and don’t listen to Aries the guy has a fkn gun”

Gemini: ready to fight this guy with Aries

Cancer: Trying to keep calm but is choking back many sobs

Leo: Is really pissed off because they can’t do anything but they want to

Virgo: Trying to think of a really good escape plan

Libra: Is talking to kidnapper trying to convince him to let everyone go

Scorpio: *is lowkey calling 911 because they hid their phone in their bra*

Sagittarius: “If I kick the gun out of his hand you can take him out”

Capricorn: Thinking about their families and starting to cry

Aquarius: Standing in front of Scorpio so they don’t get caught

Pisces: Realizes how doomed everyone is

Fun Fact 387

Japan has its own traditional version of bullfighting, which differs from the Spanish one in that bulls are not killed and fights end once an animal is gored. In the Japanese version, bulls also fight each other instead of bullfighters and lock horns in an attempt to push each other back. In 2018, in an effort to modernise the sport, a ban on women entering the ring was lifted and the first female bull trainer was allowed to compete.