Recently, I’ve reached the lovely number of 600 followers for this blog. I’m very thankful for that and for the presence of all of you here. I’m glad you like, enjoy and appreciate what I post and that you stay with me through all the good and bad times. Thank you so much!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

I thought it’s a good moment to list some of my favourite blogs and places worth visiting for great content and some lovely people behind it. So here it is… I hope I didn’t forget anyone :3

1, 2, 3… @21st-century-schizoid-meme

A @anarchy-of-thought @artnouveaustyle @alpalaganda @alexlifesonofficial @auroreamethyste @among-all-the-wildflowers

B @beautiful-nature-gifs @boys-say-go @bev-bevans

C @chronical-music-fangirlism @charlies-drumming-on-miss-you @club-america @clearthroughtheclouds @contrabassmellotron @cucumber-castle @cat-noirs-night-blues @classic-coffins

D @dark-side-of-the-division-bell @daltries @doktordyper @dance-from-the-ocean @dottedcactus @damntimcurrywhyyousodistracting

E @elpslife @ellipticalseasons @etherealbowie @eleventh-earl @eternalgothic @emerlake-palmerson

F @forever-elp @flamingstairway @fuckyeahyesband

G @galava @gatesofhel @gloria-gloom

H @hernsen @hadescavedish @hellopoland

I @iluminacje @iknowwhatimike @invisiblytouched @ihaventseenitall @if-i-were-a-swan

J @joyfulminds @jollypiratenicknames @just-other-wallflower

L @lovesongforavampire @letmegorocknroll @lovedukedennington

M @march-for-no-reason @moonclothrobe @mar-from-darktown12 @morimarumori @mysgreen @moogotron @moveslikekeithrichards @more-relics

N @nurserykryme

O @orfeuszz @okkulten

P @prog-violinists @praguehead

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Y @younglusts