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I really like when the generic members of antagonistic groups are portrayed as regular people. Just in case you forget they aren’t all heartless bad guys knowingly backing the destruction of the world.


Webley MkIV pocket revolver

Manufactured by Webley&Scott LTD, Birmingham c.1929-39 - serial number 41910.
.22LR six-round step-down cylinder, double action, top break action, 3″ barrel.

An interesting factory conversion that had a limited run in the 1930′s, with fewer than a hundred of these ever made. You can see the noticeably tapered cylinder made to turn this .38-200 revolver into a .22LR plinker.

Marauders Modern AU + 5 Favourite Things


  • Little colourful cupcakes. He just loves them. He even learned how to Internet so he could post photographs of cupcakes on Instagram
  • Anything spicy. That boy eats chili peppers like one eats candy
  • Quidditch. Like I don’t even need to explain. He practises like every other day and the only reason why he doesn’t do it every day is ‘cause Sirius promised to cast a spell on his broom so it would shove its handle up James’ ass
  • Cat videos
  • Chocolate body wash. He takes to Hogwarts like 20 bottles of it every year and his trunk smells like a chocolate factory 


  • Converse. He has soooo many pairs of sneakers he can’t count them. Sometimes he takes the red shoe from one pair and the green one from the other, puts them on and goes about his day
  • Wristbands with something written on them. He wears them on both his hands and thank god he can’t stretch them to his elbows 
  • Sweaters. I mean he never admits that because he’s too punk rock for it, but sometimes you can see him chillin’ in one of Moony’s sweaters in the common room
  • Moony’s curls. When he’s stressed the only way for him to calm down is to run his hands through this majestic bush of hair
  • Dogs. This boy loves them so much he almost pissed himself when found out his animagi form was a dog 


  • Contrary to popular belief, he hates chocolate, but he is a sucker for banana chips. When he cannot sleep he munches those things all night long. Loudly.
  • Sloths. Actually, he told Sirius that he likes dogs, and he does, but sloths, man, sloths. He watches videos with them on youtube every weekend and his favourite one is that video with i believe i can fly playing in the background
  • Stroking Padfoot’s fur or Sirius’ hair. And these two actions are so different sometimes he wishes he could do both at the same time
  • Postcards. His parents sometimes send him a letter with Casa de Campo or El Oso y el Madroño on a postcard and he loves it. He has like 100 of them already and he forces his friends to bring him some when they go gome or abroad 
  • Scented candles. If he can’t afford one he would just go to the shop and sniff it till he is thrown out of the shop. It did happen. Sirius laughed so hard he was left with no shagging for a month. Also he once found a candle with ‘reindeer poop’ written on it and gave it to James for his birthday

LAR Grizzly Mark I

Original first generation model of what is essentially a 1911 on steroids. It’s dimensions and proportions have been enlarged due to the fact it chambers magnum calibers seen mostly in revolvers. There were factory conversion kits that allowed you to shoot the classic .45 ACP cartridge. Was consider a direct rival to Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle but the Grizzly did not survive a legal battle which caused LAR to abandon production. (GRH)